Imagines I would like to Request

These are just some of the request I thought about and if anyone could write these I would be grateful.

1. (SOA & SUPERNATURAL) the reader is an angel who works along side of tfw, one day the Winchester brothers have a Cas in charming but Cas can’t make it beacuse because he has business to take care of in heaven so reader goes with them. On there way there Dean gets a plate tire and somehow the sons of anarchy help them.
2. (SOA & AVENGERS) Reader is a new teacher at Abel school, but she has a secret she is an ex-avenger and one day she sees a child bullying Abel so he sticks up for him and saves him. Jax can’t pick up his son due to business happening and reader decided to drop Abel off at his home when she comes to bring him in the sons of anarchy are having a fight with the other gang and reader goes all avenger on them, turning into a badass.
3.(SOA & SUPERNATURAL) Reader is Lucifers twin sister and she decides while her father is locked up in the cage to explore the world that’s when she moves to charming and meets the famous biker gang sons of anarchy, and just so happens to meet her true mate their Happy.
4. (SUPERNATURAL & AVENGERS) Reader is a hunter who works for Shield but no one knows about her expect Director Fury and Agent Hill. One day while on a mission the Avengers ends up having to fight demons having been losing the fight so far the reader turns up and saves them which leads to fury having to explain who she is and what she does for Shield.
5. (SHERLOCK X SUPERNATURAL) Reader is the youngest angel in history and befriends Jim Moriarty.

1. Reader is Lucifers twin sister and really wants to meet the boys who Lucifer never shuts up about so Lucifer takes her to meet them and she’s just like him but in girl form.
2. Reader is a goddess who just so happens to be summoned by TFW by accident.
3. Reader is Chuck/God mother and decides to visit her son who just so happens to be at the bunker, which leads her to meeting her sons friend and his children.
4. Reader is Sam’s ex girlfriend. When Sam and Dean has a case in New York, Sam just so happens to see her but shes not alone this time.
5. Sam, Dean, Cas and Reader are in a polyamory relationship and Crowley Readers adopted father doesn’t understand why she likes them.
6. Reader is Crowley’s angel friend.
7. Reader is deaf and befriends Cas who learns sign language for her.
8. Dean finds out he has a daughter from a one night stand named y/n.
9. Soulless Sam gets his soul back to be with reader.
10. Chuck meets his youngest child reader after being gone from heaven so long.
11. Reader is Sam’s old friend from college who became a lawer and saves him and his brother from doing any jail time.

1. Reader is Steve’s wife who the Avengers never met until they follow him to his old home in Brooklyn and meet her.
2. Reader is a mutant who just so happens to be Director Fury’s daughter.
3. Natasha never knew she had a daughter until she finds a file on her daughter reader in a hydra base.
4. Bruce and Reader has a child who is just like Bruce expect instead of turning fully into the hulk he’s just doesn’t have normal skin, he’s green.
5. Reader is adopted by Loki while he is in Asgard.
6. Thor and Vision fights for the readers attention.
7. Reader likes to hug all the Avengers and tell them how important they are to her everyday.
8. When Tony suits goes missing he knows it has to be his daughter, when he goes to her room he sees the reader and her painting it pink and his daughter telling reader she hopes her daddy likes his birthday gift.
9. Reader is Steve, Bucky and Sam’s college roommate who acts like one of the guys.
10. Reader is a siren who saves Tony from drowning at the beach.
11. Director Fury gets a visit from his wife the reader.
12. Maria Hill and Natasha are in a polyamory relationship with Reader.
13. Clint’s oldest daughter reader returns home from college.
14. Wanda and Pietro meet their half sister Reader.

1. Wade meets mutant reader on a mission.
2. Wade asks reader out on a date which gets ruined thanks to a guy trying to mug them afterwards.
3. Reader meets Wade while he is being tested on by Ajax.
4. Ajax fights Wade beause he loves the reader.
5. Weasel and Reader have a lazy date night at the bar while it’s closed.

1. Jim meets Sherlocks psychopath sister.
2. Sherlock meets a female version of himself while on a case.
3. Jim and Sherlock are in a polyamory relationship with Reader.
4. Wilson babysits Reader who is 6.
5. Sherlock helps reader give birth to their son in his apartment.
6. Jim and Reader have a date night and reader brother Sebastian ruins it.

1. Logan comes back home to find the reader dead.
2. Young charles has a crush on his student the reader.
3. Erik and the reader finds out their son has his father’s powers.
4. Erik and his wife reader meets Erik son Peter.
5. Peter and Scott takes the reader who is a mutant on a date after a person calls her ugly thanks to her grey skin.
6. Reader is a alien who falls to earth which leads her into meeting te X-men.
7. Reader turns invisible in class whenever Scott askes her a question because shes shy.
8. Warren meets reader who has black wings.
9. Young scoot and young Jean helps their best friend reader sleep when she has a nightmare.
10. Warren has a nightmare and goes down stairs in the middle of the night which leads him to meeting Logan and reader.
11. Charles sees mutant reader from his past.
12. Jean helps her daughter reader get ready for prom.
13. Kurt and reader are found cuddling on the couch in the living room.
14. Bobby gets a visit from his half sister Reader.
15. Pyrco and Reader going camping with their group of friends.
16. Warren and Reader sleeps under the stairs.
17. Kurt helps young reader fall back to sleep after a bad dream.

Sons Of Anarchy:
1. Chibs gets a visit from his old lady Reader.
2. Jax falls for his son, Abel new school teacher.
3. Happy and Reader argue and he ends up chocking her making her become scared of him.
4. Juice has sex with the Reader for the first time.
5. Opie gets clingy with the Reader in front of the guys.
6. Tig picks up his daughter from high school.
7. Abel and the young reader becomes best friends.
8. Jax askes Reader to be his old lady.
9. Happy becomes a single father after reader dies giving birth to their daughter.
10. Clay and Gemma adopts young reader who was abounded in front of the clubhouse.
11. Reader is in a long distance relationship with happy and she’s his old lady, one day she decides to surprise him by finally meeting him in person and he’s all clingy and follows her around like a love sick puppy and the sons are weirded out by his behavior since he’s never acted like this before.

1. Jerome meets Bruce’s cousin reader, and kidnapps her but ends up falling kn love with her.
2. Jim helps the reader get over a breakup.
3. Oswald askes the reader to marry him while he is in a meeting.
4. Edward worries about the reader when she catches the flu.
5. Reader solves Edwards riddles which gets his attention.
6. Bruce finds a mentally ill women on the streets and takes care of her after finding out her name is y/n.
7. Selena gets jealous of the relationship her girlfriend has with Edward.
8. Bruce sends the reader to a mental health facility so she can get help.

Suicide Squad:
1. Harley catches Joker cheating on her with someone else and runs to her bestfriend readers house were reader helps her get over him.
2. Capatin Boomerang gives reader fluffy one night to help her sleep.
3. Rick Flag sees his wife on the team and doesn’t know what to think.
4. Amanda tries to protect her daughter from the Joker once she realizes her daughter reader gained his attention.
5. Joker and Harley adopt reader.
6. Reader kills for the first time and hides away in her room for a week and her boyfriend Deadshot starts to worry about her.

Criminal Minds:
1. Spencer meets FBI agent reader.
2. Reader is the unsubs daughter and after the Team puts the unsub in jail they don’t know what to do with her.
3. Reader is dereks neice.
4. Hotch’s son and Readers daughter try setting them up together.
5. Young jack has a crush on his father’s coworker reader.
6. Reader babysits Jack for hotch.

The Hobbit:
1. Fili and Kili have a crush on the reader.
2. Thorin pushes the reader pass her breaking point and she runs off in the middle of the night.
3. Fili and the reader cuddle while it rains outside.
4. Bilbo and his wife joins Thorins company.
5. Dawlin askes to braid the reader hair which shocks the company.
6. The reader is found by the company and even though she’s shy and she is protective of the small group.


Adam Lambert’s speech at Buzzfeed’s Queer Prom, May 13 2017

thelastdragonslayer  asked:

Hey! I was wondering... did nick and charlie ever go to prom???

Yes! Prom isn’t such a huge deal in the UK, but lots of schools still have proms, usually in Year 11 or Year 13. Nick and Charlie definitely went together to each other’s Year 13 prom :) They’re well-known at school as a couple by then so it’d be a bit odd if they didn’t go together.

Until Dawn Timeline

While doing character relationships and trying to get all collectibles i realized there’s a lot of shit that happened pre-prank up to the wait until dawn (mostly stuff regarding Josh’s health and the flamethrower man) so i wanted to make a timeline, plus sources, for reference. Also if anyone else has anything to add feel free to tell me! Posted under the cut for length

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Fic: Live That Fantasy

trufflemores asked for badboy!Blaine and I delivered, with some bonus Cheerio!Kurt just because. ~1900 words, kind of a Prom Queen redux. PG-13.

“C'mon – unh – please, Blaine?”

“You are way too coherent right now,” Blaine said, going back to the sensitive spot on Kurt’s neck. He kissed carefully under Kurt’s ear, knowing Kurt would kill him if he left a hickey but wanting to distract Kurt from their current topic of conversation.

Ohmyguh – Blaine, why don’t you – Jesus – fine, we can keep making out for now,” Kurt said, pressing a quick kiss to Blaine’s jaw and reaching his hands under Blaine’s leather jacket. “But when we have our not-a-date after school, you’d better tell me why you’re so against going to the prom.”

“It’s not like we could go together, babe,” Blaine said. “I thought you didn’t want the whole school knowing that their esteemed head Cheerio finally gave it up to the ‘obnoxious mouthbreathing James Dean wannabe.'” He moved his hands away from Kurt’s face reluctantly to make air quotes around Kurt’s old insults.

“I never said you were a mouthbreather,” Kurt protested. “And honestly, I don’t care anymore, Blaine. I was kind of worried about the fallout at first, but I realized that combining my social status and your reputation would make people think twice about trying to screw with us.”

“You’ve got a point there,” Blaine said, inclining his head in acknowledgment. “But still, the prom? A stupid school-sponsored event full of boys in bad rental tuxes grinding on their intoxicated girlfriends all night?”

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anonymous asked:

Who the fuck is camilas stylist she is literally looking like she got ready for a prom looks like a 13 yr old honestly they used to dress her better in 5h like wtf girl use ur solo earnings and get a new stylist

I think C chose to look like this, since she spoke up about being sexualized in 5h its smart not to go all “out” just yet, you know?


So it’s been awhile but I don’t go to school anymore, so nothing really happens with my TC.
But I had my final oral exam two weeks ago in Ts subject. I felt well prepared but was still so nervous. I came to school and met a few friends and we talked about their exams and then I went inside and waited for mine to start. Another teacher, who was also supervising my exam, came and brought me into the room where my exam would take place. t greeted me there and another teacher,x who wrote down everything I said. T showed my my exam and asked if I had any questions. He told to get a pen and then I would have 30 minutes to prepare the task and then come back to them. I was really nervous and that was obvious because T said “calm down, you’ve got enough time. No need to worry.” So I took my stuff and went to the preparation room. The task wasn’t what I expected but I managed to write down everything I knew. So back at the other room, T told me to sit down, get my stuff ready and then I could start whenever I’m ready “because they’ve got enough time” (I was the only student, who’s got their final exam in Ts subject).
The first part of the exam was only me talking about the exercises I prepared and I should talk for like 10 minutes. But I was so nervous and my voice was shaking and I was talking way to fast and only talked for like 8 minutes. So T asked one question and then part two of the exam started. He asked more questions about other topics. That part was more relaxed for me. I could answer all the questions and soon it was over. He told me the time when I would get my result and then I waited for that with my friends. I was so relieved that I finally finished all of my final exams!!
I got an A- !!!

A few days later I wrote T an email about my scholarship and he answered, but we haven’t discussed the details yet. So I don’t know whether I should write him another mail or wait and talk to him at prom in person. But I guess prom wouldn’t be a good idea since there will too much going on.

Anyway, yesterday was the big day of getting the results of all of my final exams. And I’m so happy with mine!
I got an A- in Ts advanced class, an B+ in my English advanced class and C- in maths (I wasn’t expecting that, I actually thought I failed this exams) and the A- in Ts other subject, the oral exam I told you about.
I’m so happy!!!

My graduation is in two weeks and that will be the last time I see T. And I really hope that S is coming, because I haven’t seen him buying a ticket yet.. we’ll see!

Counting backwards in your GIF folder, use every other GIF:

1.    You on the day you were born

2.      Your mother

3.        Your father

4.      The doctor who delivered you

5.      You as a child

6.      You on your first day of school

7.      Your childhood best friend

8.      The annoying kid who always beat you up during recess

9.     Your response to the annoying kid who beat you up during recess

10.   The first person you ever kissed

11.   The person you went to prom with

12.   Your parents’ reaction to your prom date

13.   Your prom photo

14.   You on high school graduation day

15.   You the day after the high school graduation party

16.   You after you took your driving test

17.  The person who scored you on your driving test

18.   You when you get accepted into a college

19.   Your dorm mate in college

20.   What you will major in

21.   Your most influential college professor

22.   Your dream career

23.   You during your job interview

24.   Your actual career

25.   Your coworker

26.   Your boss

27.   The coworker who always snubs you for employee of the month

28.   Your reaction to being asked out for the first time

29.   The person who asked you out

30.   You on your date

31.   Your reaction when they break up with you

32.   Your soulmate

33.   Your reaction to meeting your soulmate

34.   Your soulmate proposing

35.   Your reaction when your soulmate proposes

36.   Your wedding outfit

37.  Your wedding planner

38.   Your wedding day

39.   Your pastor for your wedding

40.   Your maid of honour

41.   Your best man

42.   Your spouse’s bachelor party

43.   Your bachelorette party

44.   You when the pastor says “You may kiss the bride”.

45.   You during your first dance as a married couple

46.   Your parents’ reaction to the ceremony’

47.   Your wedding singer

48.   You as you cut the wedding cake

49.   The cake topper used for you

50.   The cake topper used for your spouse

51.   Your spouse as you shove cake in their face

52.   Your reaction as your spouse whisks you off to your secret honeymoon location

53.   Your reaction to discovering where that location is

54.   You on your way to your honeymoon

55.   You on your honeymoon

56.   You returning from your honeymoon

57.   You entering your new home for the first time

58.   Your reaction when opening your wedding gifts

59.   Your new next door neighbour who comes over to introduce themselves

60.   Your landlord

61.   Your new butler

62.   You on your first anniversary

63.   Your spouse on your first anniversary

64.   Your reaction to whatever your spouse has planned for the evening

65.   Your reaction to finding out you are/your spouse is (gender relevant) pregnant

66.   Your spouse’s reaction to the news

67.   How everyone else reacts when you tell them the news

68.   Your best friend’s reaction to the news

69.   You shopping for baby furniture

70.   You and your spouse trying to piece together the new baby cradle

71.   Your/your spouse’s doctor

72.   You at your baby shower

73.   Your guests’ feelings at your baby shower

74.   Your reaction to opening the gifts at your baby shower

75.   You arguing with your spouse over naming the baby

76.   Who you name your child after

77.   You in labour

78.   Your first child on the day they’re born

79.   Your reaction to the child

80.   The child’s reaction to you

81.   Your reaction when it’s your turn to get up and silence the baby at midnight

82.   Your babysitter

83.   Your child on their first birthday

84.   Your child on their first day of school

85.   Your reaction to sending your child off to school for the first time

86.   Your response when your child asks you where babies come from

87.   Your response when your spouse says they want more children

88.   Your second child

89.   Your first child on graduation day

90.   Your first child as they leave for college

91.   Your reaction when your second child tells you they’re joining the military

92.   Your first child’s spouse

93.   You at your second child’s wedding

94.   Your first grandchild

95.   What you’re doing right before you die

96.   Your death

97.   Your spouse’s reaction to your death

98.   Your spouse’s death

99.   You at your funeral

100.   The audience’s feelings at your funeral

101.    How you will be remembered.

What I’ve Learned (A Year Later)

1. Her boyfriend should mind his own business
2. Let go of those who tear you down instead of building you up
3. Trust is easily broken and hard to rebuild
4. When it’s 2 AM and you’re alone and you want to go to him but you don’t, that is when you’re at your strongest
5. He left and never told you why; he isn’t the man you thought he was
6. You’re so fucking ready for college
7. Your true friends are there when you need them close and especially when you don’t want them to be
8. Being a leader comes with sacrifices, but it’s worth it if you know you’re making a difference
9. She may have won him, but she couldn’t hold on to him
10. Boston feels like home
11. Falling for him wasn’t a mistake, it just wasn’t your time
12. Junior prom sucks
13. Your illness is not an excuse
14. This is the time for change, change as much as possible while you still can
15. People say blood is what makes you a family, but it is loyalty
16. Your mother is doing her best and she loves you more than you know
17. Those boys you used to chase after with wide eyes are not the boys for you
18. You’re not sad because you stopped wishing, you’re just tired
19. Life is too short to not say what you want to say
20. You have walked through the rainstorm and now you’re finally clean
21. Looking at it now, he was poison and you were blindly willing to take it
22. Being alone and being happy can be the same
23. Your grades do not define your worth
24. You’ve been at the lowest point, please take care of yourself so you’ll never have to go back there again
25. It’s not a real friendship if you’re putting all the effort into it
26. Be unapologetically true to yourself
27. Scars heal and remind you that time moves on
28. You are beautiful
29. You can only help others to a point, then they must help themselves
30. Sometimes the people you thought cared for you will cause the most pain
31. The fact that lives change will always stay the same


These photos were taken a week before she left for Germany, prom ‘13.

“I loved you the same way that I learned how to ride a bike..scared

but reckless with no training wheels or elbow pads so my scars can tell the story of how I fell for you. You see, I’m not really a love poet

but if I was I’d write about how I see your face in every cloud and your reflection in every window, you see I’ve written like a million poems hoping that somehow maybe someway you’ll jump out of the page and be closer to me.“