prom night


I stan the princess of Tamaran 💖 Sketches super inspired by picolo’s drawing of Raven also getting ready for prom!! Y’all best believe that Star would doll the heck up!! And that their fearless leader would faint on site because hot dayum 😘😂💙✨


TEXTS FROM DARK AND ANTI: Part 45 (part 1?)

Okay clearly I deviated from the prompt a little bit, but I thought it’d be more fun to have present-day Dark and Anti pose as a teenage prom couple than do an AU where they’re already teenagers. I’ll probably do a part 2 to this where they’re actually at prom if people are interested.

EDIT: I just realized I posted the wrong anon prompt for this one, idk how this happened and I know for a fact I no longer have the actual prompt someone messaged me. It was basically Dark and Anti talking about prom (aka the high school AU nobody asked for :D) and I’m really sorry I fucked this up/don’t have the original prompt but the credit goes to the blogger who sent it to me.

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April 17, 1999

โ€œWhen I heard Dylanโ€™s car arrive home from the prom after 4 a.m., I roused myself to talk with him. Though I was tired, I wanted to reach out. We met at the foot of the stairs. He looked exhausted but happy, a kid whoโ€™d had a big night. As usual, he was reluctant to volunteer information, so I peppered him with questions about what heโ€™d eaten and whom heโ€™d hung out with. I was excited to find out heโ€™d danced. He thanked me for paying for tickets and clothes, and I was pleasantly surprised by his effusiveness when he told me heโ€™d had the best night of his lifeโ€ฆโ€ - โ€œA Motherโ€™s Reckoningโ€ Sue Klebold p.235