I was going through some old pictures (old on the left; current on the right), looking for inspiration of where I want to be and “the good ol days” and, in my mind, this (the left) is what I was always aiming for every time I worked out. Looking at this now I realize that this was NOT a healthy me. I was depressed, barely eating and so much less happy then I am right now. And, while I want to be a healthy version of me, I realize now that this is not what I should be looking to as an example of a healthy me. #loveyourself



I couldn’t sleep so i made this! I basically combined anons’ requests asking for 1) jealous Keith, and 2) #PromNight. I couldn’t fit in my response to what i think about sheith, but my answer is always klance. always. klance

Context: It’s prom time! They all decide it would be hilarious if they all wore matching suits but in their respective color, but Shiro is like “nah im not gonna look like i came straight from a funeral” and so he wears a bowtie instead of a tie because its more festive~. Pidge is angry because she looks like a leprechaun and wants to go somewhere else and tries to get Hunk to go with her.

Keith doesn’t want to go. Like at all. “why there are people there and im not wearing an entirely red suit”. “why keith we already got you the suit and you’re wearing all red everyday :(”. 

Lance wants a date and since Keith isn’t going he asks Shiro. as like a friend and Shiro agrees. 

Of course Keith changes his mind in the very last second and arrives later than his group. He’s kinda excited when he walks in only to see Lance and Shiro being a liiiittle to comfortable for being “just friends”-dates (according to keith), and that’s where the comic starts. 

I hope you like it! :)))

In addition to my high school au, PROM NIGHT!!

Short fic under cut!

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