prom tux

Your Prom Rights (same-gender couples or lgbtq+ students)

Girls are allowed to wear tuxes to prom.

Boys are allowed to wear dresses.

You are allowed to wear whatever formal wear you want to prom, schools are not allowed to gender it.

You are allowed to go with your same-gender date. Stopping you would be a violation of your rights.

Fricke vs. Lynch is a federal court case decision that ruled that any policy excluding same-sex couples from school dances violates the right to free expression guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Other decisions have found that enforcing notions that only boys can wear tuxedos and only girls can wear dresses to formal school dances is illegal.

It is additionally 100% legal to present the following letter(s) to your superintendent, principal, or other authority:

If you want to wear a dress, present this:

If you want to wear a tux, present this: