prom stabbing


Excited about finding a date to take to the 2014 junior prom at Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Connecticut, 16-year-old Christopher Plaskon had decided that he would invite classmate, 16-year-old Maren Sanchez. Clearly unable to cope with rejection, Plaskon told his friends that he hoped that Sanchez would die or get “hit by a bus” when she declined his invite. Regardless of the cruel things he said, he never actually threatened Sanchez and his friends believed his ego had just been bruised and that he would gradually calm down and get over it. However, the complete opposite happened; on the day of the prom, Plaskon brutally stabbed Sanchez to death in the stairwell of the school. His trial is scheduled for spring of 2016.

Edit: Christopher Plaskon received 25 years in prison.