prom queen and king

Oh wow it’s prom season again so I thought I’d list a few reminders:
• You can take a disabled person to prom without calling the news
• You can nominate a disabled person as prom king/queen/etc without calling the news
• You can give them a wonderful night by just treating them with respect and having a good time.
• If you’re asking a disabled person to prom, please remember it’s not about you. Do not ask them for “self glory” or “brownie” points.
• Remember to ask them if you genuinely like them as a person and wish to spend prom having fun with them.

Dating Zach Dempsey would include :

- lots of PDA, everywhere. He’s not ashamed to show everyone that you’re his, not a all. It doesn’t have to be too sexual though, he just likes to hold your hand or having you close to him

- Him always trying to make you smile

- He’s honestly the cutest dork

- Zach had to beat Bryce’s ass more than once because of his inappropriate comments about you

- Him secretly sneaking in your bedroom pretty much every night and leaving early in the morning after cuddles, causing him to be tired during the whole day at school

- He often missed his trainings because of that

- Being the reason why he often ditches his plans with the guys

- You’re the first person that comes to his mind when he needs to talk

- You’re basically the mom of the boys group

- Telling Bryce that he’ll end up in jail because of all the bullshits he does

- Hanging out a lot with Justin after school because he always makes you laugh which makes Zach extremely jealous

- Zach and the guys were watching the both of you laugh

- When you go ask him what’s up he gives you the silent treatment

- He avoids your gaze, only answers with Hmm.

- You eventually get that he’s jealous and hug him by behind as tightly as you can, and he tries to shove you away but you literally turned into a giant koala

- “(Y/N) stop.“  ”I won’t move unless you tell me what’s wrong

- He loudly sighed

- ”You’re always with Justin.“  ”Awh. Is my baby jealous ?you asked playfully as you kissed his neck, making him turn his head to the side.No. And don’t call me that.“  ”What ? Baby ?you mocked him.Stop.he tried to sound like he was mad.Baby, baby. You’re my baby.He sighed again and bit his lip to hide his smile.God you’re annoying.You snuggled your face in his neck and circled it as you left kisses on his skin. Zach, you’re the only one I’m in love with. You and only you. I love you. you said before leaving a kiss on his cheek. He sighed, smiled and finally took one of your hands and brought it to his mouth before leaving a kiss on it.I love you too idiot.

- Let’s say that the guys wouldn’t stop mocking you after that

- Wearing his jersey and attending all his games


- Catching all the attention on you doesn’t bother you at all, fuck everyone

- Keeping his little sister with him when his parents are out

- Him watching you in awe as you listen to her sister talking about her friends while she tries to bread your hair

- His sister absolutely loves you and always asks Zach about you

- Zach being pretty sure that you’ll end up married in the future

- You always being there for him, even more when he discovers the tapes

- Receiving drunk texts of him when you can’t be at one of Justin’s party

- You calling Alex and asking him to keep an eye on Zach, just in case he does stupid things

- You’re the one who explains to Justin that Jessica won’t take him back and that you completely agree with her, but that you’ll still be there for him, no matter what

- Justin hugging you really tightly after that and of course, Zach saw it.

- But he quickly calmed down when you tell him why you shared a hug

- Having one of his shirt that you always bring with you on holiday so when you sleep you can smell his scent as if he was with you

- Having tons of adorable, funny, cute, awkward and weird selfies of the other in your phones

- Zach pouted when he discovered the awkward selfie of him as your lock screen but he secretly loved it

- You don’t fight often but when you do it’s like a "let’s see who can hurt the other the most” game

- Which results as you both not talking for a day

- Then he sends you a pic of him with a pouting face with and a “don’t you wanna  talk to your favorite idiot ? :(” text

- “I love you.” *kiss on your lips* “So” *kiss on your nose* “Fucking” *kiss on your cheek* “Much.” *kiss on your forehead*

- Him being a fool for you

- Bear hugs

- Hands holding

- Unexpected gifts from the both of you

- Helping him preparing his biology tests

- You once offered him your pen that just ran out of ink and said “It reminded me of how empty your brain can be sometimes

- Justin died of laughter that day

- He pouted all day

- You’re just the cutest couple of all times

- Everyone ships you

- You’ve been elected the king and queen of the prom

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Fucking goddamn Kings and Queens 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😩👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😩😩💗💗💗💗💗💗

Dating Zach Dempsey would include:

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- Him teaching you how to play basketball, because no girl of his is going to be useless at it, but him never losing faith, even if it took weeks for you to even be able to shoot.

- All the cuddles all the time!! he’s such an affectionate person so whenever he can get a cuddle, he will: seeing you after school; watching a movie, or just spooning you to sleep.

- Forehead kisses! due to him being a literal giant it’s the perfect excuse to kiss your forehead.

- You being his #1 fan about everything, not caring if he wants to do basketball for the rest of his life (which i mean c’mon would not be a bad thing, look at him) or to follow his dreams and become a marine biologist.

- Having intellectual debates, because he’s one of the smartest people you know, like Zach!! what is the probability of us ever having met?? what if god is an illusion? the theory of parallel universes! (because you both believe in those)

- Having the best relationship with his mum and sister, because they’re wonderful people who love Zach as much as you do.

- Him always asking you for permission for anything he does, “babe, is it okay to kiss you?” or “are you sure you want this?” “WE’VE BEEN DATING FOR YEARS DEMPSEY” because if he ever pushed you too far or hurt you in any ways, it would kill him, because you’re the best thing that’d ever happened to him.

- Wearing his letterman jacket everywhere because you know how much he loves it. It comes down way past your bum, but he insists you look to die for in it.

- Flirting in class, you always glance over to him, because why wouldn’t you? he’s gorgeooouusss, and every time he catches you, he’ll wink, and it will make your stomach flip every time, because damnnn how does this boy still cause such feelings?

- After class, having to make-out in a store cupboard because Zach freaking Dempsey is irresistible, and insatiable.

- Being the cutest couple in the entire school, and being elected prom king & queen because you two were honestly goals. 


  • I believe I’m a good person.
  • I think there’s good in everyone.
  • I look around at all these people I’ve known all my life and I ask myself… what happened?
  • This ain’t no high school, this is the Thunderdome.
  • Hold your breath and count the days.
  • We’re graduating soon.
  • College will be paradise.
  • I know life can be beautiful.
  • If we/I changed back then, we/I could change again.
  • Hey, are you okay?
  • Things will get better.
  • Fight the urge to strike a match and set this dump ablaze.
  • What did you say to me, skank?
  • We were kind before, we can be kind once more.
  • We on for movie night?
  • What can I say? I’m a sucker for a happy ending.
  • He is the smartest guy on the football team, which is kind of like being the tallest dwarf.
  • I’m sorry, are you actually talking to me?
  • You’re a high school has-been waiting to happen.
  • Why do they/you hate me?
  • Why don’t I/you fight back?
  • Why do I/you act like such a creep? 
  • Why do I cry myself to sleep?
  • Send me a sign, God!
  • She is a mythic bitch.
  • I would give anything to be like that.
  • Maybe you should see a doctor.
  • For a greasy little nobody, you do have good bone structure.
  • You could stand to lose a few pounds.
  • I don’t want any trouble.
  • Don’t you dare touch me!
  • Who could survive this?
  • I think I’m dying.
  • Are we gonna have a problem? You got a bone to pick?
  • I’d normally slap your face off and everyone here could watch, but I’m feeling nice.
  • If you lack the balls, you can go play dolls.
  • You just gotta prove you’re not a pussy anymore.
  • Why when you see boys fight does it look so horrible yet feel so right?
  • I shouldn’t watch this crap, that’s not who I am.
  • Could you be seen with me and still act proud?
  • It’s fine if you don’t agree.
  • I would fight for you if you would fight for me.
  • Happiness comes when everythings numbs.
  • The world doesn’t owe you a cent.
  • You’re planning your future, ____. You’ll go to some college and marry a lawyer.
  • The sky’s gonna hurt when it falls, so you better start building some walls.
  • Drink, smoke, it’s all cool.
  • Let’s get naked in my pool.
  • Let’s rub each other’s backs while watching porn on Cinemax.
  • It’s time for big fun!
  • So wait, it’s lime, then salt, then shot?
  • You’re doing it wrong!
  • You’re looking good tonight!
  • Woah, a hot guy/girl smiled at me without a trace of mockery!
  • Stoned. Zoned. I should quit.
  • Hey, is that weed? I want a hit.
  • I’m not afraid.
  • I feel like Bono at Live Aid!
  • Way to show maturity!
  • Quit it jackass, get off of me!
  • I didn’t need your help.
  • You need a jello shot!
  • I can’t believe you actually came.
  • It’s exciting, right?
  • Showing up here took some guts.
  • Why do you gotta be so weird all the time? People wouldn’t hate you so much if you acted normal.
  • There’s no alcohol in here! Are you trying to poison me?
  • I’m in your yard.
  • I’m a dead girl/man walking.
  • What’re you doing in my room?
  • Sorry, but I really had to wake you.
  • I decided I must ride you till I break you.
  • Tonight I’m yours.
  • Lets go, you know the drill.
  • I’m hot and pissed and on the pill.
  • You say you’re numb inside but I can’t agree.
  • So the world’s unfair, keep it locked out there.
  • How’d you find my address?
  • Let’s break the bed!
  • I think you tore my mattress!
  • Believe it or not, I knew about fear.
  • I hid behind smiles and crazy hot clothes.
  • The world, it held me down, it weighed like a concrete prom queen/king crown.
  • No one thinks a pretty girl/boy has feelings.
  • No one sees the me inside of me.
  • Jesus, you’re making me sound like Air Supply.
  • No one thinks a pretty girl/boy has substance. That’s the curse of popularity.
  • I am more than just a source of handjobs.
  • Call me when the shuttle lands.
  • I weep for all I failed to be.
  • You’re very quiet. What’s on your mind?
  • I’m bigger than John Lennon!
  • You got a left hand? Use it.
  • Don’t talk mean like that.
  • You make my balls so blue.
  • You are the only thing that’s right about this broken world.
  • I was a frozen lake, but then you melted me awake.
  • You’re not alone.
  • Our love is God.
  • We can start and finish wars, We’re what killed the dinosaurs.
  • I worship you.
  • I’d trade my life for yours.
  • I was hoping you’d rip my clothes off me, sport.
  • Ger off the fence! Get off the damn fence!
  • I don’t understand.
  • Stop being a dick!
  • What does that mean?
  • What the fuck have you done?!
  • My teen angst bullshit has a body count.
  • I can’t believe that you still refuse to get a clue, after all that we been through.
  • Fine, we’re damaged, really damaged but that does not make us wise.
  • We’re not special, we’re not different.
  • Don’t you want a life with me?
  • If you could let me in I could be good with you.
  • Don’t stop looking in my eyes.
  • I wanna be with you.
  • Hold me tighter. Even closer.
  • I’ll stay if I’m what you choose.
  • You’re the one I choose.
  • Deep inside of everyone, there’s a hot ball of shame.
  • Everyday’s a battlefield when pride’s on the line.
  • Our love can knock our walls down.
  • Tried to change the world, barely made a dent.
  • I have struggled with despair.
  • I prayed, but God’s not there.
  • There’s nowhere to hide.
  • You don’t deserve to live.
  • You’re pathetic because you whine!
  • You’re gonna die alone.
  • We’re all grown up and we know better.
  • I believe any dream worth having is a dream that should not have to end.
  • Oh my God. Is she/he dead?
  • Keep it together.
  • I’m so sorry.
  • Where have you been?
  • You wouldn’t understand.
  • You don’t know what my world looks like!
  • Sorry to come through the window. Dreadful etiquette, I know.
  • You chucked me out like I was trash!
  • You left me and I fell apart.
  • You changed my heart and set loose all that truthful shit inside.
  • I was meant to be yours.
  • Don’t give up on me now.
  • Society churns out slaves and blanks. No thanks.
  • Open the door, please.’
  • Please, can we not fight anymore?
  • You’re scared, I’ve been there.
  • Don’t make me come in there!
  • No one here deserves to die except for me.
  • I wish your mom/dad had been a little stronger. I wish she/he stayed around a little longer.
  • I wish your dad/mom were good.
  • I wish we met before they convinced you life is war.
  • I am damaged, far too damaged.
  • You’re not beyond repair.
  • You look like hell.
  • Hey! What are you doing?!
  • I miss you.
  • I’d be honored if you’d let me be your friend.
  • If no one loves me now, some day somebody will.
  • One day we’ll change the world, but let’s kick back tonight.
The Signs In High School

aries: the super competitive kid who tries to be valedictorian, but ends up salutatorian. drives a prius. class vice president. recites the honor code every night.

taurus: the tortured artist. always sits in a corner and creepily watches people. actually draws really good sketches but doesn’t let anyone see. keeps a cat in their backpack at all times.

gemini: has relationship drama 24/7. always in love triangles/squares/pentagons/etc. fights with their exes in the halls. tries to be a strong person on the inside. fails.

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Serpent Jughead takes good girl Betty to Prom, like in an old car of a motorcycle. Maybe like he wears his Serpent jacket instead of a tux and maybe they are questioning their fate but Archie and Ronnie rig the votes for them to be prom king and queen

Oof, this was actually a little tricky to write.

“What’s up Arch, I got your text?” Jughead asked as he slid into the booth across from his best friend. The red haired boy staring questioningly at Jughead.

“You either don’t know, or you don’t care.” He said agitated. Causing Jughead to look up at the sudden shift in his tone.

“Don’t know what?”

Archie pulled his backpack onto the table, digging inside of it and pulling out swatches of different colored fabrics
“Do you know what these are?” He asked.

Jughead stared at them for a few seconds, trying to find the answer to this ridiculous riddle Archie seemed to be playing
“They’re.. pieces of.. clothes?” He questioned hopefully.

“Wrong!” Archie slammed his hands on the table, sending Jughead flying backward into the booth in shock
“These are bow tie, fabric samples! I have gone over them thirteen times with Veronica, do you want to know why I have done that?” His eyes shifted crazily and Jughead opened his mouth to speak


“Because Jughead, it is Junior Prom. And every girl wants the perfect Junior Prom, therefore it is up to us as boyfriends to make that Junior Prom Perfect. Imagine my surprise when my good pal Betty tells me she’ll be going alone, now I know you’re caught up with your Serpent stuff and I know you don’t go to Riverdale anymore but Betty being happy is important to me, you should have seen her face when she told me she was going alone.. I mean it was…”

Jughead jumped out of the booth and skidded to his feet, running towards the door and cursing as he gripped his Leather jacket, shitshitshitshit. She had mentioned it, and he had been meaning to ask her, he was still thinking of a plan to do it. She had been completely supportive of his new life on the south side and he knew how hard it was for her, he had wanted to do this for her, makeup for the homecoming dance that had been ruined, but he damn well forgot. He stood in front of her front door, glancing at his phone, she would be coming out any minute now, she had late night cheerleading practice and he usually walked her to the school, lately he had been so busy he hadn’t had the time, she said she understood but he knew how badly he had been hurting her lately. He was such an asshole.

Right on time, Betty walked onto her front porch, her eyes widening when she saw her boyfriend before she broke out in a beaming smile
“Juggie” she said softly, pushing her pompoms into her backpack, the surprise and happiness on her face should have made him feel better but it only cemented the fact that he had been incredibly neglectful to his amazing girlfriend.

“Hey Juliet.” He smiled miserably, dropping a kiss to her cheek and swinging an arm over her shoulder

“To what do I owe the honor.” She teased, looking up at him and snuggling into his leather clad side. Jughead took a deep breathe, inhaling the peaches and vanilla of her shampoo, the soft feel of her silky blonde curls spurring on his confidence
“I’ve come to ask the fair lady to the ever cliche Junior Prom.” He said cornily, wrapping an arm around her waist. Betty stiffened before pulling away and laughing sadly

“That’s okay. It’s totally unnecessary, I’m sure you have better things to do than hang around some school dance with a bunch of your old classmates.” She pulled her backpack over her shoulder and he quickly took it off draping it over his own shoulder, he looked down at her, his eyebrows furrowed, did she really think he didn’t want to go with her? That she wasn’t important enough for him?

“I want to go Betty, I want to go with you.” He reassured her, stopping her in her tracks, and moving a hand to cup her cheek. Betty melted into his embrace before sighing

“You don’t have to do this Jug, I know how busy you are with the serpents, it’s just a silly dance.” She shrugged, standing on the steps of Riverdale

“Bets, we’re going and it’s going to be the perfect night okay? It’s our chance to forget about the serpents and everything in between, it’ll be just us. got it?“he said sternly, a goofy smile playing on his face as she leaned towards him, brushing her lips against his

"Okay Romeo, whatever you say.” With that she headed into the gym and left Jughead alone with his thoughts, it had to be perfect, she deserved it.

Unfortunately nothing ever goes as planned when it comes to either Betty Cooper or Jughead Jones, the night of the dance Jugheads truck broke down leaving him without any vehicle to pick up his girlfriend for their perfect night. To make it even better when he was trying to fix the engine, oil splattered all over his tuxedo leaving him in his suit pants and his leather Serpents Jacket, the only way he was going to get Betty to the Dance would be with his fathers motorcycle, the entire bike filled with Southside serpent bumper stickers and emblems. He pulled up to the Cooper Residence and took a deep breath, she was going to leave him, there wasn’t a doubt in his mind. Standing by the bike, leaning against the offending object his jaw nearly dropped to the floor when Betty exited her house.

She was wearing a long light yellow dress, it was strapless and showed off her toned arms, the top was folded pieces of soft fabric and the bottom billowed when she walked giving her the appearance that she was flying, his gaze skimmed the tan skin the dress left bare before landing on her face, her long dark lashes were thicker and framing her gorgeous light green eyes,her lips were shiny and her cheeks were rosy. He admired the way her long blonde curls were pushed out of her face but still left to fall down her back, clipped together by some sparkly contraption. She was going to be the most beautiful girl in the room and he couldn’t wait to take a picture and show the guys at Southside High.

Betty skeptically eyed the motorcycle and he instantly remembered what an asshole he was.

“The truck broke down, and I got oil on my tux its the best I could do.. Betty I’m so sorry, I..”

She cut him off with a simple peck and mounted the motorcycle

“There’s a first time for everything right, maybe I should have worn my ponytail, I’m not sure how well my hair will hold up on this thing” she giggled slightly as he slid in front of her, still feeling absolutely horrible but the feel of her tiny hands around his waist made him feel slightly better as she held on tight.

When they arrived at the dance, he immediately heard the murmurs from his classmates

“He’s a serpent!”
“Look at his jacket”
“Did you see what he showed up in?”
“Poor Betty, he doesn’t even care”

Betty sensed the tension in her boyfriends shoulders and gently tugged him towards the dance floor, wrapping herself in his arms.

“Thankyou for taking me tonight Juggie.”

The dark haired boy let out a sigh as he pushed a strand of hair out of her face
“You shouldn’t be thanking me for this Betty, I should have asked you sooner, I should have been more prepared. I ruined this night. I know that you have a lot on the line dating a Serpent and I haven’t made it any easier on you, I’ve been horrible to you. I’m so sorry, I love you so much and I just…” Betty cut him off, pressing her lips to his.

“I love you too, tonight was perfect because I was with you. I don’t need all the flashy business , I just want you. Gang member and all.” She teased, running her fingers over the logo on his back.

“You really are something else Betty Cooper.” He whispered dreamily, wrapping his arms tighter around Betty and sending up a silent prayer to whoever was up there for giving him the absolute best girlfriend in the world.

Maybe the town would try and divide them but together? They were stronger than all of the white noise.

Monty de la Cruz: prom

*warning…no sex scenes but still talk about so idk*

song: pony by ginuwine…the gif goes to this song like 😩 just watch the gif while the song plays and you’ll see what I’m talking about

It was now senior prom I had been waiting for this since freshmen year. I was running for prom queen and I was determined to win. Monty had been helping me run, for some weird reason he hadn’t complained for one second even though he found running from prom king and Queen dumb. Monty had been acting weird all night he started since he picked me up. Typical Monty made sexual jokes every few minutes. But recently it just stopped. I half expected him to say something sexual as I walked down the steps…yes Monty wouldn’t have held back in front of my parents. But to my surprise “you look beautiful princess” came out of his mouth as he handed me roses. My parents stared in surprise to, they didn’t approve of Monty until recently when they finally excepted that he wasn’t just after sex, it was our 3 year anniversary and my parents realized he was a good guy.

We where now at the dance, I walked around my arm linked with monty’s as we went around talking with people. I noticed him staring at my butt a few times but not once did something dirty come out of his mouth, it was staring to worry me. We danced around for a while until I noticed they where starting to play more music that we could grind to. As soon as the song started Monty grabbed my hand so we could sit down. It took me by surprise once more. I quickly pulled his hand back so he was facing me I watched as he stared in confusion.

“What’s wrong babe?” I tried talking over the music. He motioned that he couldn’t hear so we headed towards the hallways.

“What’s wrong?” He frowned.

“That’s what I was asking you, Monty you’re acting strange.”

“Strange how?” He looked at me confused.

“Why haven’t you said one sexual thing to me in like…months.” I sighed. I watched as a grin spread across his face.

“You miss my sexual comments?” He grinned. I rolled my eyes playfully and laughed.

“I miss my Monty…sexual comments and all not this.” I motioned towards him. He gulped before looking up at me with a serious face.

“I-I thought it was bothering you…i don’t know I felt like maybe…you thought I was pressuring you into sex…which I’m not by the way. I heard you talking with Hannah last time about how I’m always so sexual while she talked about all the sweet things clay does for her…and I thought..I thought you looked a little sad like that’s the kind of thing you wanted.” He blushed as he confessed why he was acting this way. I stood there shocked at what he had just told me. I laughed and shook my head I was about to speak up when Hannah came in.

“Y/n they’re looking for you something came up.” Hannah quickly walked over to me. I motioned to Monty to wait as I left to help the prom committee. After I helped them fix the problem I looked around for Monty but couldn’t find him. Suddenly the principal stopped the music and walked up to the stage. I walked out into the hallway. I could hear that he was already announcing prom king and Queen but I cared more about Monty. Suddenly as I was turning a corner I bumped into something hard.

“What are you doing out here I thought you really wanted this.” Monty frowned.

“I want you…sexual jokes and all…that’s who we are Monty. Hannah and clay, they’re cute…they’re romantic but that’s there relationship…and this,” I said motioning at him and I, “this is our relationship and I love it the way it is, I don’t need roses to know you love me…plus I love you’re sexual comments.” I whispered the last part but he caught it because I watched him smirk. I leaned in and kissed him as he wrapped his arms around me his hands slowly trailed down to my butt. I smiled mid-kiss, my Monty was back. Suddenly the music was cut off. We stared at each other confused as we walked back to the gym.

“What’s going on?” I asked Hannah. Suddenly pony by ginuwine started playing.

“Someone messed with the music.” Hannah laughed as everyone started cheering and dancing. We laughed as the principal and the DJ panicked trying to take it off. I grabbed Monty by the shoulders and leaned into his ear.

“Now it’s my turn to make the sexual comments.” I whispered. I watched him gulp.

“Go for it.” He gave me a daring look.“ I leaned into his ear as an interested look took over his face as I started whispering.

Monty’s POV

I don’t know where this was coming from but I loved it. She teasingly bit my earlobe as she finished. I connected our lips as the music was finally cut off. The principal had been so angry the prom ended early.

"I’m sorry you didn’t win prom queen.” I spoke up as we headed out of the school.

“I’m winning something better tonight.” Y/n smirked.

“And what is that?” I smiled.

“You.” She winked as she got into the car leaving me dumbfounded. I suddenly ran over to the drivers side and got in.

“Wait does this mean..” she grinned as she nodded.

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Success - Stuart Twombly

warnings: none i think
word count: 3043

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Your whole life, you just wanted to be successful.  Ever since you were four, and begged your Mom to begin practicing riding your bike without training wheels.  It was a long fight between the two of you, her thinking you should wait, and you crying and pleading to try.

You met Stuart Twombly on a Tuesday in the second grade.  The day before you had gotten sick, and missed your first day of school.  You were making up work while doing the current work sheets.  It was nearing time for recess and your little hand had barely scribbled down half of one math sheet.  Your eyes began to water as you knew there was only a few more ticks on the clock before you would miss playing outside for a day spent in the class, practicing your times tables.  But a little boy with thick glasses came up and plopped next to you.  You’d quickly attempted to wipe away your tears, but he hadn’t said a word, just took a paper from your pile of ‘work to be done’ and began doing it himself.  It wasn’t until the end of the day that you spoke to him.

“I’m y/n” You said as you sat next to him on the reading rug.  He looked to you from the book his nose was stuck in, a look of confusion on his face.

“St-Stuart” He stuttered, and you smiled big.

“Thank you for helping me on my homework” You said, sitting criss cross and fixing your skirt in your lap.

“Yeah, you looked upset and I felt bad and I don’t have friends so I thought I’d help but I didn’t wanna make you feel worse by saying anything so-”

“I’ll be your friend” You said, cutting off his quick rambling.


“You said you didn’t have friends.  I wanna be your friend” He grinned ecstatically.


You and Stuart were best friends through all of your school years.  In fact, you were all the friends the other had.  Just the two of you.  Elementary school was easy, the rest of the years you had every teacher together.  But it was when sixth grade started that things changed.  Classes changed.  You couldn’t be together twenty four seven like you had grown so used to.  Although Stuart seemed to accept the challenge, and it seemed like he never left your side.  He was there for you when you had your first period in eighth grade, having no idea what he was supposed to do and bringing you a bag full of chocolate.  You were there for him when some kids were making fun of him for being a nerd.  Sure, you solved it by getting detention for beating people up, but that was besides the point.  And when your junior year of high school rolled around, you really seemed to grasp that you and Stuart could not be together like that forever.

It was late, not that it mattered.  You were sitting in your living room recliner, Stuart sprawled on the couch on his stomach.  You’d both been studying, but of course as the night when on, he gravitated more towards his phone than his textbooks.  Your need for success never died, so you were in chapter 24 on an AP Biology textbook that you’d begun this morning.

“Stew” You said quietly, closing the book and setting it onto the ground.  He looked up, adjusting his glasses and clicking off his phone.

“You okay?” He could tell by the tone of your voice that you clearly weren’t.  You thought for a moment.

“It’s junior year” You said, and he chuckled.

“Wonderful observation my dear” He said sarcastically.

“Yeah but like, then we’re gonna be seniors, and then it’s college and-”

“Okay, okay alright come here” Stuart sat up now, putting his things on your coffee table and sitting up.  “Come sit with me” He said again, and you got up just to collapse onto the sofa next to him.  “Alright, what is it that’s eating at you?” He asked as you laid your head in his lap.  It was almost routine, how he’d ask you to open up, and you’d just lay here against him, his fingers running through your hair.

“I’m scared”

“Scared of what dear?”

“Getting split up” You didn’t see his confused look.

“What makes you think we’re gonna get split up?” Stuart asked you, still petting your hair.  “College? Come on you know I’ll just trail you wherever you choose to go”

“Oh come on, and what if I pick somewhere you hate?” You said miserably and sat up, turning to bury your face in his jacket.

“y/n, y/n you’re sleep deprived that’s why you’re all wonked”

“No seriously” You whined.  “I don’t want to do that you know how bad my life’s gonna suck without you in it?” Your hands grabbed the sides of his blue hoodie, still hiding yourself.

“I’m sure you’re going to do amazing, you’re gonna make so many friends, and get- get um… get…”

“Please don’t say pregnant” Stuart choked.

“Actually I um I was gonna say a boyfriend” He mumbled reluctantly.  It was quiet for a while, and he watched as you let go of his shirt, and you laid back into his lap.  You stared up at the ceiling, hands folded over your stomach.

“A boyfriend” You repeated, your tone unreadable.

“Yeah, uh, you know, to go to Prom with maybe or something”

“I’m not going to Prom”

“And why the hell not?” Stuart sighed.  “That is the one thing that like.. Every teenage high school girl feels the primal need to do.  Sorry dear, but you y/n, are a teenage, high school, girl” You attempted a small laugh, but he just felt bad.

“Yeah, yeah I know but see then there’s society’s standards and I’d have to go with a guy and go dress shopping with all my girlfriends and be perfect and win prom queen and king and have that stereotypical slow dance where I realize I’ve been in love with him all along, we kiss, and the rest of it is how my life goes” You say with a sarcastic dismissive tone, and making Stuart chuckle.

“And how’s your life go?”

“College.  Marriage.  Job.  Kids.  Repeat” You grumble, and he smiles a little at you while you’re looking away.

“You have to go to Prom y/n”

“Oh well” You shut your eyes.  Your whole body curled up and a few minutes later, you passed out.

Stuart had shown up at your house the night of Prom.  He’d brought you a newly bought and beautiful gown, a corsage, and his own tux with a tie that matched your dress.  You’d grinned and jumped into his arms when he’d told you he was there to help you get your future the right way.

But here you were today, your mind reviewing the past nineteen years of your life.  You watched as everyone filed onto the bleachers, and you subconsciously scooted yourself closer to Stuart.  He looked at you from his phone, and easily noticed you were nervous.  Your lips was snagged in your teeth, your hands were wrung in your lap, and your foot was slightly tapping, leg bouncing a little.

“You’re fine” He said, hesitantly reaching over and setting one of his hands over both of yours.  You looked at him now too.

“What if he calls on me while I’m here? I don’t want to get called on, I hate getting called on” You told him just as someone slid into the seat next to you.

“I’d like to call you sometime” You heard an english accent say.  Stuart glared at the boy who’d spoken to you, and you flustered.  The boy flashed you a charming smile, and held out his hand.  “I’m Gharam” He said with a wink, and you shakily shook his hand.

“y/n” You responded.

“Great talking to you” Stuart spoke up, eyes still narrowed.  “Bye” He ended monotone, but the boy, Gharam, just chuckled.

“You’re new?” He asked you.

“Actually no, I’ve been here two weeks” You told him.  “Are you new?”

“I am indeed” He said.  “Internship” You nod.

“CEO’s assistant” You replied.  “Assistants actually, Stuart here works with me” You said, holding his hand now.  Stuart would’ve smiled, if this English douche bag wasn’t ruining a perfectly fine moment.

“Wow, impressive”

“Yeah, worked forever to get somewhere, and he got me here” You said, leaning onto Stuart now.  The boy with beanie knew exactly what you were doing, you were being touchy with him because you wanted Gharam gone.  But he didn’t mind.  This has happened quite a few times actually, and Stuart never cared once when you used him as a fake boyfriend.  “Isn’t that great?” You said, and Stuart wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pulling your body closer to his, until you were touching completely.  Stuart smirked at Gharam.

“Yeah, that’s wonderful” He said, his accent thick and monotone, as he grabbed his bag, and left.  You grinned and sighed in relief at Stuart when it was just the two of you again.  He moved to take his arm away, but your hand snatched his wrist and kept him where he was.

“Movie night?” You asked.

“No, the apartment’s still messy” He responded, and you rolled your eyes.

“It was your night to clean it, I did it last time” You whined.

“I’m sorry! We can do something else, we can… go see the Golden Gate Bridge?” A smile crept onto your face.

“Really? I haven’t seen it yet”

“Yes I know dear”

Backtrack again.  In the two weeks you’ve lived here, you’ve shared an apartment with Stuart.  No, you weren’t dating, but everyday you got ready for work together, went to work together, and came home from work together.  So your dreams together of staying with one another always, really had worked out.

“So we can go get food somewhere and bring it there… or-or something” He stumbled, and you nodded, putting your head on his shoulder.

“Sounds amazing.  You’re the best Stew” You said happily, stealing his beanie and pulling it over your own head.  Yeah, yeah that’s me, he thought to himself as he looked down at you.  The best.  Even his thoughts were snarky towards himself.

But he couldn’t help it.  He’d been practically in love with you, or so he thought, for the past six years.  Six years of you falling asleep on him, grabbing his hand, stealing his hat, using him as your boyfriend to get away from guys at the bar.  Hell he even tried to tell you about his feelings at Prom… but the time just never seemed right. You’d danced with him, and he thought that surely, that was the best thing that could ever happen to him.  But, when he found an opening in Google for an assistant, he’d gotten it for you immediately.  At first you were furious, yelling at him because the job was in California, and you lived hours away.  But then he told you he was going, so he could live with you and help you out, and you started crying.

“Oh my God, Stuart Twombly you are the single greatest person in the world!” You screamed running and throwing yourself into his arms.  Yours linked around his neck tightly as tears rolled down your cheeks.  Stuart held you tighter, swinging you around.  When you pulled back, you grinned at him and kissed his cheek sloppily, but making him blush.  “You’re amazing” You said for the fourth time since hugging.

You giggled adorably as you sipped your diet soda.  You and Stuart were sitting at an overview park by the Golden Gate Bridge.  The both of you sitting in the grass and eating while talking about anything, and everything.  When the food was long gone, you just sat side by side in the quiet.

“LA’s pretty when the sun sets” You said softly, leaning back on your hands.  Stuart nodded and hummed in agreement.  He looked over at you as you stared at the city before you.  Your features looked beautiful in the darkening light.  He smiled at this, and you glanced to him.  “Lay down with me” You said, leaning all the way back to lie on your back, and he did as told.  Again, it was silent as you lid there, waiting for the stars to appear, as Stuart continued his stare towards you.  “What’re you thinking about?” You whispered, turning your head to look at him.  Stuart smiled a small smile.

“I’m really glad I did your homework for you in the second grade” He responded, and you blushed a little, reaching to hold onto his hand, which he gladly allowed.

“Yeah, yeah me too” You replied.  “Stew I think-” You looked down, not knowing how to properly finish your sentence.  “I think that…” He raised a brow, not sure what you were trying to say.  Eventually, you sighed, and smiled at him.  “I’m really glad that you get to work with me too” His hopes fell a little, but he smiled nonetheless.  

“Me too my dear” He said, squeezing your hand.  He rolled onto his side and you stared at him, your eyes were slightly wide, full of questions and thoughts.  “You want to know something embarrassing?” Stuart asked you, taking a short leap of faith, and you smiled, an airy laugh brushing past your lips.

“Yeah of course”

“So when that loser sat next to you today-” You were already laughing at his uncaring tone.  “I was actually kinda pissed off”

“I know.  I could tell. You get those douche senses you know, where you can tell if someone’s a jerk or not” He laughed a little too, and nervously scratched at his eyebrow.

“Yeah I guess but like… he was smart” You shrugged and shook your head, giving Stuart a confused look.  He was getting all frustrated.  “And.. to most people’s standards he was like… attractive” He mumbled this time.

“Stew, are you trying to tell me you’re gay?” You giggle.

“No I’m trying to tell you that I don’t want you to get a freaking boyfriend!” You froze momentarily, unsure of what to say to that.  It was silent for a good minute, before you slowly sat up.  “Ok-okay that came out wrong” Stuart stumbled standing up, and you swayed a little nervously.

“No, no it’s okay” You assured.  “It’s fine” He gave you a weird look, and you turned away, staring at where the sun seemed to touch the water as it set.  You wrapped your arms around yourself, keeping your body warm as you thought.

“I’m sorry-”

“Really, it’s fine, you didn’t do anything wrong.  Not your fault no one’s ever wanted to go out with me” You muttered the last part towards the ground.  But he heard it anyways.

“y/n that’s not true”

“Yeah well say that to my single virgin ass” You mumbled, trying to make a joke but you sounded depressed.  Stuart sighed, and walked over to you, wrapping both arms around you.  You kept your own arms around yourself as well, but leaned into him, pressed your forehead into the crook of his neck.

“I’m unlikeable”

“Not true” He responded firmly.

“Well I am” You mumbled into his shirt.

“y/n! What’s it gonna take for you to realize how amazing you are!” He yelled, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder.  You shrieked and hit your hands on his back.

“Stew! Stew put me down!”

“No way! You’re too blind!”

“Stuart you’re not making any sense!”

“y/n you’re so smart! You’re working at Google for crying out loud! Harvard and Stanford would be fighting to have you on a full blown scholarship!”

“I have a job to maintain, I don’t have time for college right now” You replied, giving up on fighting him.  But he didn’t put you down.

“You take care of me, like all the time, you’re always busy but we still hang out all the time, just like you said we would” You smiled now, a hot blush creeping on your cheeks as he spoke.  “And no, I don’t know how you haven’t had a boyfriend, you’re so amazingly beautiful, you’re stunning, really, it just blows my mind that people can actually believe we’re dating- I mean like when you don’t like someone that’s hitting on you- cause that does not look right I mean you’d definitely be way out of my league-” You wiggled in his arms, sliding down to stand again, and he let you.  “What? I’m serious” He said when he saw the look on your face.  Your eyes were wide as you stared at him, your thoughts from earlier flooding back into your mind.

“Really?” You asked in a hushed tone, and Stuart swallowed thickly, accessing the situation.  You were a head shorter than him, both your hands on either of his shoulders, as though steadying yourself.  But he nodded.

“Yeah, yeah really” You smiled softly, eyes flickering between his, and you leaned up quickly, but paused, on the tips of your toes, your eyes staring at his lips, his at yours.  And in a second, you both filled the gap between you.  His lips were warm, and soft on yours.  Gentle, but moving quickly in sync with yours.  His hands came up to cup your cheeks, yours linking behind his neck.  And when you parted, both breathless, you smiled.  “Stuart I think I’m in love with you” You whispered, and you brushed back strands of your hair, smiling victoriously.

“Yeah well I know I’m in love with you” You felt yourself blush deeply, and your smile was so big you were almost embarrassed by it.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You asked quietly.

“I dunno I didn’t wanna ruin anything?” You shook your head with a laugh, and reached up to kiss him again.

“You’re such a cliche dummy” you said, kissing him once more.

“Sorry” He hugged you tight and you buried against him.

“I forgive you” You chuckled slightly.  “But it’s still your turn to clean up the apartment”

“Damn.  To think you almost ruined the moment”

and they lived happily ever after :)
thought you guys could use something since part 13 of Like She’s Mine won’t be up till tomorrow or monday… i’m so sorry i thought posting an old draft would soften the blow.  big hearts for y’all tho

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Requests: Can you do a Tim x Reader where they go stargazing?

Tim hanging out with the reader and falls asleep sitting next to her and is cuddling her and she’s like oh my god.

You shouldn’t have let yourself feel so special. Not in front of Tim Drake’s eyes.

To be honest you never set your hopes too high so you would get failed. You still had no idea how it all changed once Tim started sharing classes with you. He’d sit close to you and sometimes make small talk but that was it. He was always encouraging you to be more confident about your self, because of course he had noticed you were way too shy and your self esteem levels weren’t that high.

He was kind and caring. You loved being around him and even if you had to admit that you felt strong attraction towards him a good and loyal friendship was all you wanted.

You still hadn’t realised what had made you feel so special with time. One night your group of friends had made plans with his though, which -unbeknownst to you- would finally give you your answer. Tim ended up taking you home because all your friends were supposed to be home earlier. The two of you bought ice cream and sat on a bench, stargazing. It was so funny trying to show Tim all the asterisms you knew about amd how he wouldn’t see them.

“All it takes is a little faith, you know” you could remember saying, with a caring smile that made Tim sigh.

“I guess… I… after Stephanie, after what happened to her I… you know what I mean right” Tim had been looking as if he was about to have an anxiety attack and of you couldn’t have been the one to actually cause him to have one.

“Its okay Tim. It’s really fine”

“I want to invite Courtney to the prom with me though. She’s cute isn’t she?”

You could also remember your heart actually sounding as if it had broke in two. Of course it should be Courtney. With her blonde hair and her blue eyes -Tim never really dated anyone who wasn’t blonde - you couldn’t even outdo her toenail, or as you thought. Tim had feel asleep on your shoulder way before you could answer and for you it had seemed right to leave him alone on the bench.

The following days you noticed as Tim started being mote chatty with Courtney than you. She was enjoying the company to the maximum, always having the brightest smile on his face. Your friends, the kept reminding you that Tim would have never liked you even if he was showing you different signs.

Soon he stopped sitting close to you, he stopped smiling and winking at you in class. He’d still say hey and maybe sometimes grab you by your arm just to greet you. He was spending time with his new friend and as you were soon to learn, girlfriend.

Somehow it didn’t hurt as much as you thought. Sure, you haven’t had a boyfriend in some years, and sure you cried a little but it wasn’t worth it. And your friends were there to remind you.

The prom was another really bad experience you had to go through. Tim and Courtney were announced to be the king and queen of the prom, making you shiver with the perfect image. They looked so good together it hurt. Of course they did silly, Courtney wouldn’t have broken up with her boyfriend to get with Tim if they wouldn’t.

But your friends were always the best company and even the drinks you had at the after party were even better. You wanted to be wild for a while. Even if you’d love to be stargazing with Tim any moment of the night, there were better things to do, so why let someone like Tim make you feel special.


there is a possible world where i don’t go on tumblr that day and we never meet, and i drop out of college with no motivation and join the army. i die in combat. you decide living really isn’t for you. there is a possible world where i am married with two children and we bump into each other at a coffee shop and i know it’s too late for us but somehow i still need you. there is a possible world where we have healthy childhoods and we’re the trophy couple, prom king and queen, perfect. there is even a possible world where we are safe in our love. but this is the alpha world, we are who we are and we are here together. we only have each other and i am content with that. i don’t want any other world but this one.

anonymous asked:


  • who takes longer showers? 

Allura, since she has so much hair it takes longer than normal to wash it. Shiro doesn’t mind and will sometimes help her with it and comb it out when she shampoos and conditions it. (True fact, it take me hella long and I don’t have near as much hair as she does thank the fucking universe)

  • how do they make up after a fight? 

It usually doesn’t escalate to actual “fights“, if they have a disagreement they talk it out and communicate. But honestly their spats don’t really go any farther than one chasing the other around the house because they ate the last Christmas cookies that Hunk made.

  • who prefers rain and who prefers sun? 

Allura loves the sun, Shiro loves counting her freckles that appear after she’s had a day at the beach with the others.

Shiro loves the rain, or at least the sound of the rain. It calms him considerably and whenever Allura can’t find Shiro in the house if it’s raining she’ll just look on the porch and see him curled up with a blanket on so his prosthetic doesn’t get wet hearing the rain fall.

Thunder makes him nervous sometimes due to his PTSD so Allura will sit out there with him holding him to her chest when he still wants to watch the rain.

  • what’s their favorite place to go together? 

Outside or at gatherings with everyone else, usually the beach or maybe some time at the arcade.

  • who’s more likely to be voted prom king/queen? 

Both of them, every year. They are unstoppable. Instead of being the power couple they are The Power Couple™

  • do they celebrate anniversaries, etc.? 

Yes but sometimes they forget.

“What are you guys doing for your anniversary today? Dinner? A movie?”

Shiro and Allura looking at each other, “That was today?????”

  • who’d pressure the other into singing karaoke?

Allura would pressure Shiro and then get all flustered when he actually sounds great and she can’t handle this right now someone help the poor woman she’s so in love.

  • what’s their nightly routine?

Allura just…lands, no waking her up, she’s out, may the universe have mercy on the poor soul that wakes her and blesses them with a quick death because ho boy don’t do it.

Shiro take’s his time going to bed, brushing his teeth, fluffing the pillow, taking off his prostethic all that good stuff. Then he just burrows himself under Allura’s hair, there’s so much of it it covers down to his shoulder blades and a little more. It’s soft, warm, and smells really ncie so he falls asleep pretty quick,

  • who’s more likely to burn dinner? 

Allura actually, usually around dinner time is when Shiro does something a little quirky or silly like accidentally pouring a batter in a colander and freaking out about and she’s just watching like “I actually fell in love with this man…you will have to pry him from my cold dead hands no one is taking him he’s mine, get your own Shiro.”