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;) There is an alternate world out there begging for a Gladiolus in search of a perfect pet. He stumbles upon a stray. Cold, near starved but takes the young blond in despite all of this. Pampers him back to health. Feeds him. Collars him. He might even fall in love with his little stray pet. Then Ardyn the original owner/breeder spots Prompto with Gladio out one day while they are purchasing Prom a new collar.

I am…a little confused.

Is this an animal AU? Or a pet-play AU? Furries? 

Haha sorry, maybe someone else would like to play around with this concept…? I’m gonna leave it here for any interested parties. 

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im bringing a cardboard cutout of kylo ren to my junior prom i already purchased the cutout and my ticket my clutch bag is gonna be a metal lunchbox of a new hope. i hope I become a meme.

YOU ARE FUCKING AMAZING BLESS YOU. Okay you are officially the coolest person ever I bow down to you. Please tell me you are going to post a picture because I will help you become a meme if you want this is so awesome.