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Dude, what’s with all these over the top prom invites? Know how I was invited to prom? A guy said “so i’d be cheaper if we went together.” to which I responded “do i have to wear heels? or are my high tops okay?” and that was that. I want a romantic banner!

Marcos Lombardi is a twenty-two year old life guard and Dominos delivery man known for being protective and jovial but sometimes obsessive and insensitive but you know he means well because he’s just that sweet guy. He’s like a harlequin, wanting to please everyone and cracks jokes whenever he can but he’s never rude, just a bit full on. He lives in Naples alone because he doesn’t like to commit fully, knowing he’d find a way to displease a room mate however that doesn’t stop him from visiting people and being as outgoing as he is.

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Says the boy to the girl who wears a short skirt
Says the boy to the girl who has had sex more than once
Says the boy to the girl who shows her cleavage on her Instagram photo
Says the boy to the girl who rejects his prom invite because she isn’t ready for a relationship
Says the boy to the girl who has D cups
The boy finds a girl isn’t any of these
Says the boy.
—  c.a “As A Girl”
something new

read it on the AO3 at

by ElasticElla

“Kara Simmons, swim team champion and reigning prom queen invited us to her birthday party.”

Words: 716, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
something new

read it on the AO3 at

by ElasticElla

“Kara Simmons, swim team champion and reigning prom queen invited us to her birthday party.”

Words: 716, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

painfullybliss asked:

what was your first kiss like? ❤️

Super awkward actually lol but we laugh about it now. It was my junior prom and I invited him to come with me (because he’s a year younger) and when we got back to his house we were sitting in the car talking and he just leaned over, kissed the side of my mouth, bumped my glasses and they fell off. Then he just looked at me for a second and ran haha so yeah. Memorable for sure.

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The Loved Ones were an Australian rock band formed in 1965 in Melbourne following the British Invasion. The line-up of Gavin Anderson on drums, Ian Clyne on organ and piano, Gerry Humphrys on vocals and harmonica, Rob Lovett on guitar, and Kim Lynch on bass guitar recorded their early hits. Their signature song, “The Loved One” reached number two on Australian singles charts, and was later covered by INXS.

The Loved Ones
Sean Byrne
Genre: Drama
Price: $14.99
Rental Price: $2.99
Publish Date: November 4, 2010

Hell hath no fury like a prom queen scorned. When Brent rejects Lola’s invitation to prom, he sets off a chain of events that leave him the victim of her twisted revenge. Now, the only guest at Lola’s terrifying and demented prom, he must fight to survive what could be his final dance. Will Brent withstand this nightmare of drills, nails, glitter and syringes, or become one of Lola’s “loved ones”?

© 2012 by Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

anonymous asked:

1) How much sex did you have in high school? 2) Most public place you and brad fucked or went down on eachother? 3) Did you invite the prom queen for a threesome?

1. Once I lost it, whenever he was horny we fucked so. All the time. 2. We had gone out to a park for a walk and I sat on his lap on the bench and we went to it, it was around midnight when it happened but. Anyone could have walked by. 3. Fuck no – ain’t nobody touchin’ my man. Not that night. 

So when my trans friend was invited to prom, they decided to wear a dress. And after the bible warrior couple heard about it they harassed them all over Twitter. Making transphobic comments and and bashing in anyway they could, and when they were called out on it then referred to script in the bible to back there harassment of one of the sweetest people I’ve ever meet. Not everyone might support it but it’s there opinion, and you don’t need to voice your opinion hurtfully. This is hate and it needs to stop.

Awesome Prom Invitation

At any prom a dinner is prepared, decorated with much pomp and style.We invite you after the dancing salon with shiny mirror into the dining room adorned with traditional decorations, serving accessories refined and elegant and pieces of furniture made in baroque style. Then we are waiting into the lady’s room with comfortable armchairs and side tables rich with cakes.

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I got invited to join an improv troupe, and it’s like the prom invitation I never received (or even wanted, for that matter).

Also, auditions tonight for house troupe. I wanted to level up, but I live so far – it’s a pain in the ass to have to be there 3 nights every week. I’m just trying out for the student troupe again. *Sigh* LA will mean walkable improv – Yay!