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Dress comparison. Welcome to the Dollhouse vs Game over Charles

Which do you prefer?

Spencer: Charles pick! The Colour, style, make up all looked gorgeous on her.

Hanna: Real prom! The rapunzel inspired dress. More classy than scandalous. White on Hanna is beautiful

Emily: i dont really like either.. I’d choose real prom! The bottom grid colour blocking is beautiful however i dislike the crown. If u didn’t win prom queen, dont go TO prom wearing a crown!

Aria: Charles pick! The dark tones, the edginess. Very classic Aria! I do not like the snow white inspired outfit. Reminds me of a 5 yr old in a halloween costume.. too juvenile!

Taylor Swift Style - Prom Inspiration

With prom season right around the corner, a lot of you have been asking me for some prom inspiration. Rather than a simple ask response, I figured this deserved a post of its own.

Here are some styles exuded by the queen of sparkly and embellished dresses herself:

1. Short & Sweet

Taylor wears: Alice + Olivia / Elie Saab / Jovani / Naeem Khan

If you’re not the type of person to wear a full-length ballgown to prom, or maybe you’re an underclassmen attending prom with an older date and want to save a longer dress for your own senior prom then these short, sweet and sassy styles may be for you.

Short hemlines scream ‘fun’ and - take it from someone who’s been to prom - they’re so much easier to dance in. These styles are definitely for someone who just wants a lighthearted, relaxed night out. Bump up the carefree aspect of these shorter hemlines with quirky heels, bright accessories and an easy updo.

2. Grecian Gorgeous

Taylor wears: Elie Saab / J. Mendel / Maria Lucia Hohan / Emilio Pucci

This is the type of dress I wore to my own prom. Free-flowing, figure-flattering and softly elegant. The Grecian gown generally consists of an empire-waist (cinched near or closer to the bust) and a cascading chiffon skirt that floats over your lower torso. If you’re a pear-shape (like me!) with a smaller bust and a wider hip-thigh area and you want to highlight the smallest part of you and look sweetly feminine at the same time then a Grecian gown like these ones Taylor has worn in the past may be for you.

If soft whites/creams scream too bridal for you, go for a bolder colour like red for something equally as flattering but much vibrant and less saccharine. A simple headband or even a braided hairstyle would perfectly suit the minimalist nature of the Grecian gown.

3. Perfectly Princess

Taylor wears: Reem Acra / Reem Acra / Reem Acra / Marchesa

And for the classic prom look - the princess ballgown. If you want to forego the even more traditional prom look consisting of shiny heavy fabrics, taffeta and pickups then huge skirts and princess embellishments are the way to go.

Go all out with elaborate updos, jewelry and sparkly heels to complete the full princess look.

The girls learn they’ve been banned from attending the Rosewood High prom for “security” reasons, inspiring their moms to throw a DIY dance in Spencer’s barn. They reluctantly agree to make the best out of a bad situation unaware that Charles is secretly planning to make it ‘a night they will never forget.' Not only do the girls’ moms plan the prom in Spencer’s barn, but they also use the night as a chance to 'touch base on everything that has happened to their daughters.’
—  TVLine Scoop on 6x09

ariel donned many dresses through out the movie. fun and tropical prints will make sure that you stand out. you can take color inspiration from her green tail and purple seashells or the ocean itself with various tones of blue. short dresses capture ariel’s youthful and playful nature. keep your accessories fun and colorful and your shoes simple as to not to distract from your dress. you can opt for beachy waves or loose updos.