prom dress websites

Live Help Chat

INTP *online looking for prom dress* *comes across website that looks borderline sketchy.*
*Live help chat pops up*
Chat: Hello can we help you with anything?
INTP: How does this work
Chat: hi
INTP: *…* hi
INTP: how does this company work
*long pause no response*
INTP: how are the dresses made to look exactly like the pictures?
Chat: all dresses are tailored
INTP: the dresses in the pictures seem to be coming from different people and companies so how is the company able to make the dresses accurately

INTP: are you still there
Chat: yes
Chat: all dresses are made to order

INTP: *continues to debate mostly talking to them self about questions*
Chat: *eventually stops responding*
INTP: *…* thank you for your time. (I mean it that was not sass)

Chat ends: *Please give us feedback*
INTP: *1 star* Is this company even real? Not that I really care, it would just be cool if these dresses were legit.