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Ohai there tumblr!

I’ve been gone for a while doing some irl stuff. But I’m back now atleast! Not that I have anything interesting to share still.
I’ve been to my girlfriends prom and graduation atleast.
I also got to meet her new puppy, which is one of the cutest creatures on this earth!

So yeah, I’m back now. I didn’t take all that much pictures or anything. But here’s how I looked on prom day atleast!

Jam playlist:

  1. All of the People // Panama Wedding
  2. Paris // Magic Man
  3. Riptide // Vance Joy
  4. Kathleen // Catfish and the Bottlemen
  5. Sheila Put the Knife Down // Junior Prom
  6. Changing of the Seasons // Two Door Cinema Club
  7. Elevate // St. Lucia
  8. Haven’t Had Enough // Marianas Trench
  9. Fiona Coyne // Skylar Spence
  10. Anna Sun // Walk the Moon
  11. Dreaming // Smallpools
  12. Geronimo // Sheppard
  13. Such Great Heights // The Postal Service
  14. Shut Up and Dance // Walk the Moon
  15. Beware the Dog // The Griswolds
  16. Tightrope // Walk the Moon
  17. Rollercoaster // Bleachers
  18. I Wanna Get Better // Bleachers
  19. The Business of Emotion (feat. White Sea) // Big Data
  20. 16 Years // The Griswolds
  21. 40 Watt // ELEL
  22. Say My Name (feat. Zyra) // ODESZA
  23. I’m Good // The Mowgli’s
  24. Old White Lincoln // The Gaslight Anthem
  25. Ghost // Mystery Skulls
  26. Paralyzed // Mystery Skulls
  27. Breaking Up My Bones // Vinyl Theater

The LGBTQIA Center will be putting on our Alternative Prom benefit show this coming Saturday, the 15th, from 4-7. Admission is free but donations are encouraged and appreciated. We’ve gotta help a lot of kids get to prom. There will be food, music, a small drag show, and some random art from members of the Center. Should be a good time.

Anyway, this full moon is a doozy, isn’t it? Spring moon always gets me fucked up.

Lesbian Themed Prompts

Anonymous said to alloftheprompts:
can you make a prompt set about being gay? (gay as in a girl who likes girls)

These are leaning towards high school experiences because that’s the feeling I got from the request. I hope that works!

  1. “What do you mean I’m too pretty to be into girls?”
  2. “I’m not coming out in high school. Girls will think I ogle them in the locker room.”
  3. “…do I like her because she is a tomboy or does it make me gay?”
  4. “We can both wear dresses to the prom.” (Alternative: “I’m going to rock this suit.”)
  5. Your character’s parents have an open door role for boy visitors. More fools them.
  6. The advantages of your girlfriend wearing the same clothes/shoe size.
  7. “Will it be too unsubtle if I paint my nails rainbow?”
  8. “Of course I always fall for the straight ones.”
  9. “And by Netflix and chill I mean The L Word boxset and make out.”
  10. “How do I find someone to go to a gay bar/Pride with me?”
  11. “Just because I’m a lesbian and you are a girl doesn’t mean I’m into you…”
  12. “I’m going to quote LGBT movies at her and see what happens.”
  13. “I’m going to bring up every LGBT awareness day on the calendar until you realize I’m trying to come out to you.”
  14. “My crush borrowed my lip gloss and I’m having a meltdown.”
  15. “Yes, there’s a reason you can’t see my played families on The Sims.” 

And more or less all the romance prompts can be applied, too.