prom 2012

(Here’s a delayed part 1 from pony prom you guys! Me and Deetherin will be switching back and forth on the posts, so number two will be coming from EB’s blog! I’ll reblog it when we get it posted as these will be spaced out XD)

(Note: Prom is set after EB’s house is blown up and when he is staying over at Sky’s house.)

Sky: The afternoon on the day of prom was pretty hectic considering I was nervously excited. I knew EB was nervous, especially since I could tell he hasn’t adjusted to being up in the air again quite yet. Once the carriage arrived and both me and EB were ready, Cotton waved us off and we were on the way to the prom. I have to say, seeing EB with his hair back like that was pretty different since his eyes weren’t covered or anything. I kinda liked it. But then he caught me looking and I thought my heart was gonna flip out of my chest… sheesh.