The perpetual pounding in his head reminded him of his own mortality, of their mortality. His blurred vision sought but two weary forms in the haze. A laboured breath escaped his body with a guilty sigh of relief when he came to the realization that they had lived; that they had survived the torturous ordeal. Those whom he cherished the most. Those two living, breathing blessings who unknowingly calmed his restless soul. His better half and his son. In the corner of his eye he saw Michonne fighting to regain composure and Carl, enraged and seeking someone to blame in this one long night, terrifying and prolonged. Deflated, Rick kept his gaze from the carnage, crawled to his feet and sought the solidarity of his family. Though stricken and beaten down, they had to move forward. How could he ask that of them? Now, in the aftermath of such senseless and horrific violence? In one of their darkest hours? Alas, his beloved had made it through, yet his family was forever changed; broken, forevermore. The pained whimpers shook him to his core. Hauntingly melancholy; distraught, yet questioning. Pitiful and angry. Severed and torn from all reasoning; alone and plaintive. What was their next move? Could they even move? The gravity of the moment weighed heavily on them, dragging them ever closer to the blood stained earth to be buried, fighting for the blessed air that hinted at their salvation. His thoughts were scattered and scrambled. His family was looking to him to make the next move. With a heavy, broken heart Rick whispered, “Please. We…we have to go.”

The Most Beautiful Forbidden Fruit

Summary: In a world where witches and humans live side-by-side, a war breaks out after the two species procreate, producing bloodthirsty children. As a result, the government puts laws into place: Witches and humans must never fall in love or bear children. It’s a rule that Dan Howell and his family have lived hand-in-hand with, even going so far as to make sure that Dan never has prolonged contact with the other species. When Dan goes to his favourite magic shop one day, he meets the new employee, Phil Lester. A human who he can’t seem to get rid of.
Warnings: violence, prejudice/discrimination, burning at the stake, mentions of death, blood
A/N: Hey guys! Sorry it’s taken so long to upload this baby! I’ve had a few busy weeks lately. Since we’ve last talked I’ve been to Chicago and Kentucky and I’ve also moved back into my university dorms! I’m hoping to get back onto a schedule with this soon but I finished this before Sunday so I just decided to upload this because I was so excited to have finally written something! Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think <3 Also, thanks to @vivianadichiara for two beautiful pieces of art (x and x), I seriously love them so much!

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Chapter Six

“A love potion?” Dan asked flatly. He almost wanted to grab the nearest bottle of toxic acid and smash it on his head, that way he could wither away before having to face what was currently going on. “Why in the actual hell did Aqua think my life would be better with an ingrediant to a love potion?”

Louise and Phil stared at him, matching smirks on their faces. It was as if they knew something that he didn’t, something that they didn’t bother telling him but that they were totally in on together. Dan hated it, wanted to wipe those stupid smirks from their faces before they could come up with a ridiculous plan. “Maybe she knew that your love life is literally empty and has been for the past ten years,” Louise teased. Phil snickered at the comment and they high-fived each other. Dan tried not to let a pang of jealousy go through him at their closeness. Since when did they get to be better friends than he and Louise?

“My love life has not been empty.”

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Rosetta captures comet outburst
External image

ESA - Rosetta Mission patch.

25 August 2016

In unprecedented observations made earlier this year, Rosetta unexpectedly captured a dramatic comet outburst that may have been triggered by a landslide.

Nine of Rosetta’s instruments, including its cameras, dust collectors, and gas and plasma analysers, were monitoring the comet from about 35 km in a coordinated planned sequence when the outburst happened on 19 February.

External image
Comet outburst
“Over the last year, Rosetta has shown that although activity can be prolonged, when it comes to outbursts, the timing is highly unpredictable, so catching an event like this was pure luck,” says Matt Taylor, ESA’s Rosetta project scientist.

“By happy coincidence, we were pointing the majority of instruments at the comet at this time, and having these simultaneous measurements provides us with the most complete set of data on an outburst ever collected.”

External image
Evolution of a comet outburst
The data were sent to Earth only a few days after the outburst, but subsequent analysis has allowed a clear chain of events to be reconstructed, as described in a paper led by Eberhard Grün of the Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg, accepted for publication in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

A strong brightening of the comet’s dusty coma was seen by the OSIRIS wide-angle camera at 09:40 GMT, developing in a region of the comet that was initially in shadow.

Over the next two hours, Rosetta recorded outburst signatures that exceeded background levels in some instruments by factors of up to a hundred. For example, between about 10:00–11:00 GMT, ALICE saw the ultraviolet brightness of the sunlight reflected by the nucleus and the emitted dust increase by a factor of six, while ROSINA and RPC detected a significant increase in gas and plasma, respectively, around the spacecraft, by a factor of 1.5–2.5.

In addition, MIRO recorded a 30ºC rise in temperature of the surrounding gas.

Shortly after, Rosetta was blasted by dust: GIADA recorded a maximum hit count at around 11:15 GMT. Almost 200 particles were detected in the following three hours, compared with a typical rate of 3–10 collected on other days in the same month.

External image
Which instruments detected the outburst?
At the same time, OSIRIS narrow-angle camera images began registering dust grains emitted during the blast. Between 11:10 GMT and 11:40 GMT, a transition occurred from grains that were distant or slow enough to appear as points in the images, to those either close or fast enough to be captured as trails during the exposures.

In addition, the startrackers, which are used to navigate and help control Rosetta’s attitude, measured an increase in light scattered from dust particles as a result of the outburst.

The startrackers are mounted at 90º to the side of the spacecraft that hosts the majority of science instruments, so they offered a unique insight into the 3D structure and evolution of the outburst.

Astronomers on Earth also noted an increase in coma density in the days after the outburst.

External image
Location of the outburst
By examining all of the available data, scientists believe they have identified the source of the outburst.

“From Rosetta’s observations, we believe the outburst originated from a steep slope on the comet’s large lobe, in the Atum region,” says Eberhard.

The fact that the outburst started when this area just emerged from shadow suggests that thermal stresses in the surface material may have triggered a landslide that exposed fresh water ice to direct solar illumination. The ice then immediately turned to gas, dragging surrounding dust with it to produce the debris cloud seen by OSIRIS.

“Combining the evidence from the OSIRIS images with the long duration of the GIADA dust impact phase leads us to believe that the dust cone was very broad,” says Eberhard.

“As a result, we think the outburst must have been triggered by a landslide at the surface, rather than a more focused jet bringing fresh material up from within the interior, for example.”

“We’ll continue to analyse the data not only to dig into the details of this particular event, but also to see if it can help us better understand the many other outbursts witnessed over the course of the mission,” adds Matt.

“It’s great to see the instrument teams working together on the important question of how cometary outbursts are triggered.”

Notes for Editors:

“The 19 Feb. 2016 outburst of comet 67P/CG: A Rosetta multi-instrument study,” by E. Grün et al is published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. doi: 10.1093/mnras/stw2088

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Images, Animation, Text, Credits: ESA/Rosetta/NavCam – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0/MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS/UPD/LAM/IAA/SSO/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA; all data from Grün et al (2016)/ATG medialab/ESA Rosetta project scientist, Matt Taylor/Markus Bauer.

Best regards,
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I feel so bad when my girlfriend has to listen to me draw because I say things like

“Are you absolutely fondling my ballsack right now”

“[caveman noise]”

“I can think of like 20 things I’d rather be doing than shading and one involves eating toothpicks”

“I have to pee” x20

“I just I can’t - what the fuck [obnoxiously loud, prolonged whining noise]”

“GOD WOULD YOU JUST - fucking SQUART I don’t know why I said that I’m so sorry”

anonymous asked:

I wonder how often Vader bathes. I wonder what that process must be like.

It’s actually a pretty good question– like I was wondering a lot about who polishes Vader’s armor/dusts him off/hoses him down for meetings with the Emperor 

(I mean, someone has to keep him looking nice and shiny like a good weapon should, right? lol imagine the Moff who throws a fit and kicks Vader out of a meeting until he has like Piett or someone scrape all the crusted blood and gore off his chest plate) 

But I mean– I know Star Wars has ‘sonic showers’, which I always assumed was somehow removed dirt with– vibrations?? idk, but as a water-saving device for prolonged space travel. (how does it take care of like body oils? idk space) hypothetically Vader could be getting something like that, or a quick wipe-down with like an antiseptic gel or something equally gross during maintenance.

But I mean– there has to be chafing, if he’s wearing that suit all the time. There has to be blisters and sores and wounds and other gross things. If he’s not being cleaned he’s setting himself up for infection. I can only imagine that Vader smells absolutely ripe in there, but– and this is where I’m weak– if he’s burned that badly over something like 99% of his body, would that have affected his ability to sweat? That just raises a ton of other problems, right?

Mod Avalie, Mod Lyon and Mod Zarad’s MCs swapped clothes (; 3;) This lovely art was commissioned by Mod Avalie.

Just a small update. The mods are terribly sorry about our prolonged period of inactiveness - real life has caught on so much for all of us. Almost all of our new information and content revolves around the alpha and we are unable to disclose any part of it. *looks at all 23 posts in the draft and sighs*

To make up for the lack of updates, the mods will still continue to be reblogging fanart, fanfics and whatnot. We are also discussing about holding another 7KPP Week, or a similar event, this year to commemorate 7KPP coming such a long way from when it was first in development :’)

Are there still fans, old or new, around and keen to participate in an event like this? Let us know!

- Mod Lyon (running off to download the new alpha build)

tauruskink  asked:

what are the different specialty stereotypes (for example, the jock orthopedist etc)?

  • Family Medicine - touchy feely save-the-world types who focus on the big picture instead of minutiae.
  • Ortho - dumb jocks / carpenters
  • Internal Medicine - super nerds, very inquisitive, thrive on minor details
  • Radiology - pale hunchbacks hyped up on coffee so they can stay awake in dark rooms in front of screens all day. Always either super quirky or boring as watching paint dry.
  • Neuro - the nerdiest of all the super nerds
  • Anesthesiology - the guys who smoked a lot of weed in undergrad…and probably still do. Super chill folks. 
  • ER - adrenaline junkies who function better OFF their ADHD meds. They all drive X-Terras or Jeeps or bike to work.
  • Psych - A little on the crazy side themselves. 
  • Pathology - Foodies and food obsessed (srsly lots of things in pathology books are named after food). All wear glasses due to prolonged exposure to microscopes
  • Derm - Perfect skin, manicured nails, always offers Botox or steroids
  • Pediatrics - Colorful socks, bowties, no white coats, and superhero costumes on Halloween. Girl/Guy next door types. Most likely to be seen at ComicCon in cosplay.
  • Urology - Usually fun loving guys who are everybody’s buddies. And they have so. Many. Weiner Jokes.
  • PM&R and Sports Medicine - very nice ex-jocks who got a shoulder injury and couldn’t do ortho but who still have active lifestyles. Had difficulty deciding between PT, ortho, and neuro for the rehab components.
  • OB/GYN - Amazons. Fiercely protective of their patients, and not afraid to chew you out in a heartbeat. But they won’t mess up their makeup while they do it. You’ve seen Mean Girls, right?
  • General surgery - Workaholics. A chance to cut is a chance to heal. 

NPR alumnus Bilal Qureshi sent these photos from his prolonged adventure in India. I’ll let him tell the backstory:

The Mahmudabad Palace in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, belongs to one of the erstwhile royal families of India. As the government determines the building’s future in a pending Supreme Court decision, its rooms sit abandoned and unused. Those rooms include a sprawling library filled with shelves of books in various stages of disrepair. The books date back centuries, from British colonial records to literary first editions, and Persian poetry collections to withering maps and lithographs of India before Independence.

That’s one haunting library time capsule.



Upcycling in Progress.

Having fun this week working on another bag and for the first time I’m adding something special to it. 

When I go into a charity store, I don’t know what I am looking for, I never have anything in particular in mind. My main search criteria is that the item is in good condition. I found a tartan skirt a few weeks ago and I was recently out searching for something to pair with it to create my next bag. I found these green pants that I thought would be a fabric that would match well with the tartan. 

I didn’t notice until I was taking the pants apart that there was a label with army credentials and a name; “Norman 879”. This really made me think about the story that could be in these pants and what history they might have. I am really excited to create my next bag with these pants and continue their story. Who knows what hands they have been in and where they will go next? I am going to include the name tag with the bag so where ever the bag will go, Norman will continue to go too.

I have so much fabric that I am able to make a new product alongside the bag. I am going to make a scarf that matches with the bag and will be part of the package. :)

Photo by: Jess Connor