prologue to season 2

Secret Love | Pt. 3

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Genre: Angst, a little bit of fluff???

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 3100

You were in a relationship with nobody else than BTS’ Park Jimin. Sounds amazing, right? Well, not if your relationship has to be kept a secret from the rest of the world becaue your boyfriend was an idol loved by many fangirls. Will your relationship with Jimin last long? Or will it crumble down just like dead leaves in the fall season?

Prologue | Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5

“Since when, Y/N?”.

Namjoon’s deep, husky voice broke the heavy silence that was lingering in Jimin’s hospital room. Since you told his doctor that you were Jimin’s girlfriend, you had the right to call yourself his guardian. So you gave permission to the boys to see their member, lying all vulnerable in this hospital bed.

You certainly heard Namjoon’s question, but you remained quiet as you glanced at your ‘sleeping’ boyfriend, his body connected to all kinds of electronic machines as he was technically still in a coma. But you didn’t quite like the idea of Jimin being in a temporary ‘coma’, so you’d rather call it ‘sleeping deeply’, which was actually true in some way.

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Pic 1) So Kiss of Revenge Season 2 tab is open and the prologue is out! The MC receive a letter from her father after not hearing about him for 12 years.

Pic 2) new character chart with new characters added

Pic 3) Irie with new character number 1 Fumiaki Daidouji the new director

Pic 4) new character and love interest number 2 Naoya Hasegawa (hehe I can’t wait for this guy’s route to be out!!)

Pic 5) new character 3 (not too sure if he will eventually be a love interest as he does not have a character profile) Takafumi Daidouji who is the son of the new director and college friends with Narumi

Pic 6) Irie introducing Takafumi to the MC but it’s kinda awkward since they already meet over lunch. Also I added this to shown his blushy face 😊😊😊

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Hi Hi! Have you read the prologue for season 2 of Dangerous Seduction yet??It'S SO GOOD AND SUSPENSEFUL!! AND I /LOVE/ THE DS MC SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS SO GOOD; SHE'S COME SO FAR WITH THESE GUYS!!!!!! I THINK YOU'LL REALLY LIKE A LOT OF THE BEGINNING SCENES BECAUSE THOSE WERE MY FAVORITES WITH HER!!!! She's so cute and sassy and truly a treasure! She's learned so much about them!! :') Sorry if this is random I just thought of you bc of ds mc love! I'm so going to cry when this game is done

yes, i have!! and oh man? it’s so good oh my g o sh
th ank you for messaging me i neede d to talk about this aaaa
i love ds mc so much!!!

like ?? mc’s always had her sassy scenes with the guys but you can tell she’s just a lot more comfortable with them
even people like arimura, someone she didn’t really interact with in other routes

oof and i loved the scene with masaharu lmao,,
she straight up tells him “i know you’re not going to shoot me” and then threatens to tell him on inui?? bless

the friendships are rlly cute…

it’s super sweet that they’re kind of like a family for her?? i love it when unrelated characters call each other family bye

ds mc is super adorable and i love her relationship with the gang so much?

and me too o h boy
i didn’t expect season 2 to come so quickly,, or for it to be the finale ,,
i love ds so much!!


王子様のプロポーズ 2 [Mobage]
Be My Princess 2 Social - Season 2 Prologue Summary

BEST.PROLOGUE.EVER. It was worth the wait. And it’s a dark dark one.

It’s the culmination of your love affair with your prince and your wedding will be soon announced during the 200 year anniversary of Nobel Michel. Throughout the world you are known as the “princess who brings luck”.

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