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Black Eyes

SPN FanFic

- You never considered yourself to be special or important: you lived an average, boring life. That is until you are taken by something not … natural. Suddenly, you are thrown into a world of unknowns with the Winchesters as your only guides. Will you ever find your way back to that normal life, or will you lose yourself among the supernatural?-

(Eventual) Sam x Reader

928 Words

Warnings: The usual SPN violence, some language, No Winchesters yet (because that should definitely be a warning)

A/N: Okay, so this is the prologue to my Poisonous Soul (Name still in the works; I’m not sure I love it yet) series. I am still currently writing this and it’s probably going to be a long-ass series (I apologize in advance.) This series will deal with some mental health issues, but I will put warnings and tags on each one accordingly! The beginning is a bit rough, but I swear it gets better! As always, Feedback is appreciated! 

*I do not own any supernatural characters and/or any gifs that I may use!

Jesus, it’s fucking cold.

I slam the car door shut behind me and bury my hands deep into my jacket pockets before looking around the empty parking lot. Like usual, it’s just me and the generic, used cars that every college student seems to drive.

Jumping on my toes a bit, I make my way down the hill and past the sports fields toward the shortcut that’ll take me to my dorm.

If I didn’t know Messiah was the safest college on the planet, I most definitely would never take this way after dark.

It’s not a very popular path to take, so it’s never lit up unless there’s a soccer game going on, and even then, it’s only the lights from the stadium that illuminate it. It always takes my eyes a couple minutes to actually adjust because it’s so dark, especially on nights like tonight when the clouds are hiding the moon.

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K: Kingdom of Red Interview with GoRA Pink

Rairaku Rei-san, one of the members of the novelist group that handles the script of “K”, has been in charge of “K: Kingdom of Red”, the novel about the past of the Homura trio (Suou Mikoto, Totsuka Tatara and Kusanagi Izumo). This work, which had been much anticipated by the fans, expanded the worldview of the “K” universe even more by exploring a story through interchanging the light novel’s original characters, while simultaneously gathering the essence of this trio’s tale as imagined by Rairaku-san in their depictions from various forms of media up until now. It could be considered the epitome of the Red Clan and a must-read for the fans. Today, we will have Rairaku-san discuss about this publication. The subjects will vary from her impressions when writing to the contents of the light novel in which she portrayed her feelings for the trio in detail, so we believe this interview should be enjoyed by the ones interested after reading the work in question.

(Raw Version || Kingdom of Red Novel translation)

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anonymous asked:

Are you going to update BSMH soon? Also I like Finding Home, will that be updated soon? Are you working on any other fics?

Working on it all lol. 

The next chapter of BSMH has been a little bitch so far, but I’m making progress and an update should be coming soon. 

As for Finding Home, I have a lot of chapter 3 written, but it’s still in the works. 

I have two new fics that haven’t been posted here or on that I’ve been working on. The prologues are ready, but I might wait until I finish chapter one for both fics, but I also may become impatient lol. 

The other fics that I have that are posted are all slow going but in the works. For those of you that don’t know the other fics, they’re:

Taking That Second Chance: Peggy Sue fic where Emma mentally time travels to season 2 and changes things. WiP with prologue and chapter 1 up. It is one I will definitely get to eventually.

Life Just Got Complicated: A modern AU where Killian and Emma have a one night stand then become roommates thanks to Ruby and Belle. There’s also a baby involved lol. WiP with chapters 1 and 2 posted and I’m working on chapter 3. 

The King’s Thief: An Enchanted Forest AU with orphan and thief Emma and King!Killian. This one I am struggling with. It was an experimental fic and I’m not sure how I feel about it and I might rewrite it. Consider it on Hiatus for now but it has chapters 1 and 2 posted if you’re interested. 

I have a few other dribbles and one shots, and a three part fic on my profile page here that you should definitely check out too. 




[Season 1]

[Season 2] | Prologue | Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 |

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Season 10 Soundtrack Sneak Peek

by Keva Andersen

Last week we shared the news that La-La Land Records will be releasing a 2-CD set of Mark Snow’s music from Season 10 on April 25. You can find the details about the sale here. But if you’re curious about what exactly will be included in this new release, you’re in luck. La-La Land gave us a preview of the track listings! Take a look after the jump to see if tracks from your favorite episode made the cut.

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Secret Love | pt. 1

Originally posted by sugaglos

Genre: angst, angst, angst and more angst =[

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 2247

You were in a relationship with nobody else than BTS’ Park Jimin. Sounds amazing, right? Well, not if your relationship has to be kept a secret from the rest of the world becaue your boyfriend was an idol loved by many fangirls. Will your relationship with Jimin last long? Or will it crumble down just like dead leaves in the fall season?

Prologue | pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5

You weren’t having it.

Being a college student was hard. You had classes to attend, readings to do that were god knows how many pages long and assignments were thrown at you like brick stones. Ever since you became a college student, the word resting did not exist in your dictionary.

After working a mere two hours on your World History essay, your eyes burned from staring too long at the bright screen of your laptop, so you decided to call it for a day and closed the notebook. After stretching out your stiff limbs, you walked, or actually shuffled, to the kitchen to get some food. You didn’t do any grocery shopping yet, so you desperately prayed to god that you had something edible in house, otherwise it’d be another day of starving mercilessly.

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Some Chinese Cartoons

One day I’ll add pics and make this actually formal and stuff. But for now…

我为歌狂/Music Up:

Summary: Two musically talented, insanely popular high school guys - but that’s about all they have in common. In fact, they hate each other’s guts. And yet, through complicated circumstances, they and two others join to form a four-man band, “OPEN.” Both individually and as a band, they face a variety of problems: financial, academic, familial, romantic, and everything in between, in order to pursue their dreams. (52 eps)

Commentary: This is set in modern(ish) day, real world. Made in 2001, so keep that mind when considering the animation quality. They do have a lot of good songs, since this IS a show about singers and pop bands. Overall the tone is pretty light. Some things are a lot more dramatic than they need to be but that’s fantastic. And a lot of the problems are highly relatable. Development of characters and relationships is def one of the selling points. HUGELY nostalgic for me and a lot of Chinese people it seems haha

Links: the second opening.

战龙四驱/Go For Speed:

Summary: Two years ago, the genius high schooler Fei won the minicar (4WD) racing Nationals. But only shortly afterward, he disappeared, with only a short note hinting at why. Now, his younger brother Dragon follows in his footsteps, designing and creating his own minicars to compete in the tournaments and steadily working his way up through the rankings. Along the way, he meets many people, makes friends and enemies, and struggles to find Fei and his reason for leaving. (64 eps)

Commentary: Modern/slightly future-day, real world (Shanghai!!). Okay so this show is based around like the gimmick of “minicar racing” - not sure what to really call it. The races are surprisingly fun to watch actually imo, with the technological abilities of the minicars, interactions between players, and obstacles to pass… but you’d probably have to decide that for yourself. For me, the biggest draw was probably the surprising number of subplots, which explore the complex relationships between all the characters - literally every single side character is well established and developed. Family and familial relationships play a pretty big role. Revenge and forgiveness are there too. I got hooked into this show when it was airing on TV solely because of one character haha. Caveat that it starts slow, I don’t know how much you’d actually like this, there needs to be some suspension of disbelief, and the animation quality isn’t fantastic… rip

Links: (a trailer, in english for some reason even though i’ve never found an english dubbed version of this and don’t want to. It mostly focuses on the racing aspect, but as before, don’t let that fool you, it’s surprisingly deep. Come for the races, stay for the chars) since when was this on youtube?? :o WAIT HOLY SHIT SINCE WHEN DOES THIS HAVE ENGLISH SUBS THIS IS A GAME CHANGER AAAAA NOW LIKE I MIGHT GO REWATCH THIS - just kidding, only the first episode. Man what a letdown

弹珠传说/Danzhu Legend:

Summary: This is a world where people have Danzhu battles: competitions involving channeling your magic energy into Shooters to launch marble-like Danzhu at targets. These objects have great power, but, so far, no one has decided to take advantage of it… until now. One day, a young boy who has always dreamed of becoming a Danzhu battler is chosen by one of the five Legendary Shooters. He journeys into the mountains to seek training from the Danzhu Master, where he meets the other four Legendary wielders and learns that their job is to stop the evil threatening to take over their world. (52 eps)

Commentary: Fantasy world. So this is like your pretty standard “boy discovers power and works to save the world” story, but still enjoyable in its own right. The gimmick of this are the aforementioned Danzhu. The Guardians are also very important; all Shooters are linked to a spiritual animal/creature/something that’s the basis of power. The battles are all very cool! Quick disclaimer: for various reasons I am more familiar with this show than maybe any other of the ones here. This fact made me appreciate how much potential this story had, but also made me realize all of its flaws. There are a lot of things it could have done better - character development jumps to mind, because aside from the MC and one of the antagonists, most of them don’t change all that much. Also there’s lots of recycled animation. Just keep these caveats in mind. However, I still found the adventure/plot/magic very exciting to watch, a healthy dose of idealism and humor as well as tension/smarts/raw courage, so if you’re interested in that aspect more, I’d recommend this!

Links: ALL THE EPISODES ARE ON YOUTUBE ONCE MORE PRAISE this is very helpful for me because when i needed them to be on youtube, someone had like taken all of them down, which was very upsetting, but now they are back again, glorious playlist isn’t in order but you should watch the opening theme to get a feel for it - if you want even more of a feel, watch to 4:50, which is kinda like a prologue and a better summary of what I said above lol

开心宝贝/Happy Heroes:

Summary: Just read what’s on tvtropes tbh haha (link below) (Ongoing, 10 seasons, 52 eps each (except season 8 which was 40 eps) )

Commentary: Imo the best seasons were 3, 5, 6, and 8. After 8 the animation style changed a bit and the humor quality kinda went down…well, that might just be me, though. Either way, though, there are so many amazing earlier episodes, and I’ve gotten really attached to all the characters. It being a kids show, there’s no super deep plot or lasting impact of anything (aside from the last arc of season 7, heh. I remember watching when it came out in 2014 and flipping out bc I did NOT expect that, knowing HH) but it’s still thoroughly enjoyable. There are also two movies: the second movie is kinda confusing and meh but the first movie is pretty good and I think you can find it on youtube. In fact I believe all the episodes are on youtube, but I imagine you have those links already

Links: is the channel with everything. Watch the trailer for season 8! It’s v epic and got me hyped when it released.


Movie 1: (there are english subs too! haha)

Movie 2 isn’t worth watching trust me

星游记/Rainbow Sea:

Summary: Years ago, a man dressed in all red made a declaration to the universe: behind the largest black hole was a mysterious place called Rainbow Sea, a place where any dream could be fulfilled. Enchanted by the stories, people from across the universe joined the man in red in his journey. Unfortunately, no one ever returned. Rainbow Sea was scoffed at as a myth and a lie. The man in red was cursed, nicknamed by people as the Red Demon. The sinister organization known as the Galactic Eyes quietly gained control of the Solar System and numerous other star systems, sealing off the planet where the Red Demon had come from, Earth, and forbidding any ships from entering or leaving. Now, ten years later, the Red Demon’s son Maidang has reached adolescence and is determined to fulfill the pinky promise made to his father before he left: to reunite with him at Rainbow Sea.

Commentary: Quality stuff right here. Best part is the backstories of all these characters, there’s some really moving stuff. The characters are p great - Maidang is so inspiring, Gudong is highly relatable, Diya is awesome… The art style (esp for their eyes) is really nice. …Not much else to say off the top of my head, esp since the story is far from over, but even if it starts off slow, this is definitely worth your time!

Links: all the episodes. The opening theme/sequence was what got me hooked, you should def watch it (up to like 1:20 or whatever, then if you want like a prologue watch to like 3:07)

26 eps so far. Season 2 and after are apparently going to be “web movies” instead of episodes, something like 60 minutes each, and will cost money (rip) but I’m sure they’ll show up for free somewhere eventually. Fingers crossed this’ll be soon. Wanna join me in hiatus hell :DD


Summary: Kan is happily chatting with his closest friend on an ordinary school day when, all of a sudden, he finds himself pulled into an alternate fantasy world. This world is filled with Zinba, large and powerful creatures that may form bonds with select humans, called Linkers, for immense battle power. After becoming a Linker with one of the strongest Zinba ever to exist, Kan joins the peacekeeping Dux force of the kingdom of Toria and fights against the various evils threatening the land, all while trying to find his way back to his own world. (52 eps)

Commentary: Okay, so you know, I wouldn’t recommend this as much as some of the others on this list, esp since it’s the most recent Chinese show I actually watched, but it made enough of an impact on me to have it worth talking about. I started watching bc a) it showed up as recommended for me on youtube, b) the opening is SICK as HECK, and c) the protag of this is voiced by the same person as the protag of DZL, and generally looks/acts kinda similar haha. Anyway, overall thoughts: basically, it had a lot of unrealized potential. The world and the character designs are AMAZING. I liked the animation. The plot is interesting, with a surprising number of plot twists as to who’s the real ultimate villain. But there could have been So Much More development – we could’ve gotten more thorough backstories for the main crew, for example, or seen more of the world/magic/tech, but instead a lot of the people as well as Zinba just… exist, as static and boring entities. There were like two interesting characters total (Kan’s aforementioned “normal” friend being one of them heh). Kan himself was suuuuper annoying, esp at the beginning. (can you tell I really appreciate/prioritize the characters of a show?) However, some moments were quite well done and epic, and I wrote some fanfiction and commentary on basically every episode, so it holds a place in my heart. Also, there is a full English dub lmaooo (the voices suck but the translations for names/places/etc are interesting) (episode 1 has 318k views??? That’s a TON for a chinese cartoon)

Links: the opening which is good and worth watching, full playlist, lol


Pic 1) So Kiss of Revenge Season 2 tab is open and the prologue is out! The MC receive a letter from her father after not hearing about him for 12 years.

Pic 2) new character chart with new characters added

Pic 3) Irie with new character number 1 Fumiaki Daidouji the new director

Pic 4) new character and love interest number 2 Naoya Hasegawa (hehe I can’t wait for this guy’s route to be out!!)

Pic 5) new character 3 (not too sure if he will eventually be a love interest as he does not have a character profile) Takafumi Daidouji who is the son of the new director and college friends with Narumi

Pic 6) Irie introducing Takafumi to the MC but it’s kinda awkward since they already meet over lunch. Also I added this to shown his blushy face 😊😊😊

Eros - Bar AU [Season 2] Chapter 2



[Season 1]

[Season 2] | Prologue | Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3

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王子様のプロポーズ 2 [Mobage]
Be My Princess 2 Social - Season 2 Prologue Summary

BEST.PROLOGUE.EVER. It was worth the wait. And it’s a dark dark one.

It’s the culmination of your love affair with your prince and your wedding will be soon announced during the 200 year anniversary of Nobel Michel. Throughout the world you are known as the “princess who brings luck”.

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Secret Love | Pt. 3

Originally posted by sugaglos

Genre: Angst, a little bit of fluff???

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 3100

You were in a relationship with nobody else than BTS’ Park Jimin. Sounds amazing, right? Well, not if your relationship has to be kept a secret from the rest of the world becaue your boyfriend was an idol loved by many fangirls. Will your relationship with Jimin last long? Or will it crumble down just like dead leaves in the fall season?

Prologue | Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5

“Since when, Y/N?”.

Namjoon’s deep, husky voice broke the heavy silence that was lingering in Jimin’s hospital room. Since you told his doctor that you were Jimin’s girlfriend, you had the right to call yourself his guardian. So you gave permission to the boys to see their member, lying all vulnerable in this hospital bed.

You certainly heard Namjoon’s question, but you remained quiet as you glanced at your ‘sleeping’ boyfriend, his body connected to all kinds of electronic machines as he was technically still in a coma. But you didn’t quite like the idea of Jimin being in a temporary ‘coma’, so you’d rather call it ‘sleeping deeply’, which was actually true in some way.

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anonymous asked:

OTBS headcanon where the guy has a long business trip overseas and they tell the MC that it'll be alright if she fell in love with someone else while they're gone because they don't know when they'll be back. In the end the guy finally returns to find out that the MC indeed found a new love with someone else on the Seasonelle team and their heart breaks even though they were the one who let MC go

I will use the same grouping as their Season 2 “Don’t tell him “

Prologue – The guy POV

It has been 3 years since I left Japan. I never expect that I will be able to relocate back. As I stand in front of the Seasonelle office, memories from the past hit me. I broke off with her as there is no way I can bring her along and I know she want to keep her career in Japan as well. I even told her to find someone else. I still remember the way she cries on that day and I know that I have hurt her badly. As I pushed open the door, the usual gangs are all there and my eyes can’t help but landed on her.

Minato POV

I can see her uncomfortable face as she tries to avoid me. I really did hurt her badly. However, I was even more shocked at the next moment. Tsumugu walks over and put his arm around her shoulder. She really did find someone else. Well, I am the one who told her to find someone else but why am I feeling so pain now? I tried to force my usual smiles and joke with everyone else. Everyone is happy to see me. I walk to her hesitantly and manage to say hi to her. She returns a smile back and I realized how much I miss her loving smiles.

“We need to go fetch our girl from yours mum’s place.” Tsumugu said casually.

“Oh yes, if not she will be crying if we are late again.” She replied and hurries packing her bag.

“We are happily married and have a baby girl now.” Tsumugu said to me.

I know what he means. He is telling me to give up. What can I say now? I am the one who said I never give her up but I did. Seeing her finding her happiness, I feel happy for her but the pain in my heart is painful. I wanted to congratulate them but I can’t get the word out as I watched them leave the office. I can only keeps her smiles in my memories.

Kaoru POV

She is still the same, as beautiful as before. There is so much I wanted to tell her but I can’t seem to get it out. She only manage to give me a wryly smiles and there is an urge of me to rush to embrace her. However, I saw Shusei bring a cup of coffee and place it on her table before I can do that. The way she smiles at him is what she uses to do it for me. Are they together now? I can’t help but feeling my world collapse. I know that I am the one who told her to find someone else. However, I never realized that it is really hurting so much to see that happening.

“You are back just in time. Our wedding is this coming Sunday.” Shusei said happily to me and he holds on tight to her hand. Looking at the way she blushes, she must be so in love with him. It hurt me even more.

“Congratulation” I finally manage to get the only word out.

“We got to go and pick up our wedding costume.” Shusei said and lead her out of the door.

I don’t even want to attend their wedding. I really hope it is not happening. However, what can I do now? I am the one who left and give up on her. Suddenly all the colour in the world around me feel so dark. Maybe I should never come back after all. If I never been back, I would not have known the truth.

Shusei POV

I got a shocked when I land my eyes on her. She is pregnant and from the size of the tummy, it seems like she is at her 7th month pregnancy. I feel my world spinning and I do not what I should say. Well, I am the one who give up on her. However, seeing her in the path of motherhood, a lot of memories flash back into my mind. However, I was even shocked when I saw Chiaki being so attentive to her; especially after she gives a sharp gasp and holds her tummy.

“Is the baby kicking you again?” Chiaki asked nervously and you give her a nod on your head and smiles sweetly at him. I immediate know that Chiaki is the father of the child. I never expect that Chiaki is so attentive to her but how I wish I am the one right next to her now.

“Congratulation to both of you on your journey to parenthood!” I tried to force my best smiles to them.

“Thank you.” Chiaki replies happily.

That night, I grab Minato out for a drink. I hope I can drunk myself and forget all the pain inside me. However, I feel even more miserable no matter much I drink. Why am I so stupid to give up on her back then? I really feel myself so stupid for making such a decision but it is too late now.

Chiaki POV

I immediately walk over to her and wanted to embrace her of all sudden. However, before I can throw my arms around her, I saw a wedding photo of her and Kaoru on her table. Are they married? So she did find someone else and the person is someone I admire most as well. I know Kaoru will take care of her well but the feeling in my heart is so sour and painful. For a moment, I am not sure how should I react.

“Are you feeling okay?” Kaoru asked.

“I am fine. I see that you are married to her. You should have told me so that I can bring back a present for both of you.” I force my smiles at them. I know what Kaoru is thinking and I can’t believe that he is concern about my feeling. I can’t let him see through me. I tried my best to act nature in front of them but I know my heart is bleeding. It is too late to regret my decision now. She already belong to someone else wife.

Akiyoshi POV

Everyone is happy to see me back but she gives me a shock look. I wanted to approach her to talk to her but I am not sure what and where should I start. Suddenly, I realized something shining at her ring finger and that is when I spot the same ring on Minato. Of course, Minato had insisted back then he can take better care of her. What can I say now? I am the one who give up on her. I glad that Minato is really taking good care of her. However, the feeling in my heart is terrible. I have failed her as her boss and also her boyfriend back then.

“I see that both of you are married.” I said to Minato as he pulls me up to the rooftop.

“Well, I did say that to you before right? I can make her happier than you.” Minato throw me a happy look.

“Do take care of her.” I said again to Minato.

“Of course, I will. She is my wife now.” Minato declared.

I stay in the rooftop alone after Minato left. The feeling is hard to let go. I know I would not be able to find another woman like her. However, there is nothing I can do now. I can’t be so selfish to break her happy family. Minato will definitely keep his promise and take good care of her. I will be the one that suffer if anyone needs to be.