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SOULMATE!Seventeen (A collection of shorts)


Seungcheol // S.Coups

  • Soulmate!AU: Congratulations  [ I | II | III ]
  • Mafia!AU: LOYAL  [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6i | 6ii | 7 ]


Jisoo // Joshua

Junhui // Jun

Soonyoung // Hoshi


Seokmin // DK (Dokyeom)


Minghao // The8


Hansol // Vernon

Chan // Dino

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Season 10 Soundtrack Sneak Peek

Last week we shared the news that La-La Land Records will be releasing a 2-CD set of Mark Snow’s music from Season 10 on April 25. You can find the details about the sale here. But if you’re curious about what exactly will be included in this new release, you’re in luck. La-La Land gave us a preview of the track listings! Take a look after the jump to see if tracks from your favorite episode made the cut.

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Black Maid Season 1

Black Maid: Prologue
Black Maid: Prologue 2
His Maid, Able: 1
His Maid, Able: 2
His Maid, Able: 3
His Maid, Strongest: 1
His Maid, Strongest: 2
His Maid, Omnipotent: 1
His Maid, Omnipotent: 2
His Maid, Capricious: 1
His Maid, Capricious: 2
His Maid, Chance Encounter: 1
His Maid, Chance Encounter: 2/ At The Funeral: 1
His Maid, At the Funeral: 2
His Maid, Merrymaking: 1
His Maid, Merrymaking: 2/ Training: 1
His Maid, Training: 2
His Maid, Day Off: 1
His Maid, Day Off: 2
His Maid, On Ice: 1
His Maid, On Ice: 2
His Maid, However You Please: 1
His Maid, However You Please: 2/ Forlorn: 1
His Maid, Forlorn: 2
His Maid, Freeloader: 1
His Maid, Freeloader: 2
His Maid, Supremely Talented: 1
His Maid, Supremely Talented: 2
His Maid, Competing
His Maid, Overtime: 1
His Maid, Overtime: 2
His Maid, Offering: 1
His Maid, Offering: 2
His Maid, Transmitting
His Maid, Imprisoned: 1 

His Maid, Imprisoned: 2

His Maid, Escaping
His Maid, Standing By
His Maid, Dealing
His Maid, Dissolution
His Maid, Up In Flames
His Maid, Fluent (End)

Secret Love | pt. 1

Originally posted by sugaglos

Genre: angst, angst, angst and more angst =[

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 2247

You were in a relationship with nobody else than BTS’ Park Jimin. Sounds amazing, right? Well, not if your relationship has to be kept a secret from the rest of the world becaue your boyfriend was an idol loved by many fangirls. Will your relationship with Jimin last long? Or will it crumble down just like dead leaves in the fall season?

Prologue | pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5

You weren’t having it.

Being a college student was hard. You had classes to attend, readings to do that were god knows how many pages long and assignments were thrown at you like brick stones. Ever since you became a college student, the word resting did not exist in your dictionary.

After working a mere two hours on your World History essay, your eyes burned from staring too long at the bright screen of your laptop, so you decided to call it for a day and closed the notebook. After stretching out your stiff limbs, you walked, or actually shuffled, to the kitchen to get some food. You didn’t do any grocery shopping yet, so you desperately prayed to god that you had something edible in house, otherwise it’d be another day of starving mercilessly.

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Pic 1) So Kiss of Revenge Season 2 tab is open and the prologue is out! The MC receive a letter from her father after not hearing about him for 12 years.

Pic 2) new character chart with new characters added

Pic 3) Irie with new character number 1 Fumiaki Daidouji the new director

Pic 4) new character and love interest number 2 Naoya Hasegawa (hehe I can’t wait for this guy’s route to be out!!)

Pic 5) new character 3 (not too sure if he will eventually be a love interest as he does not have a character profile) Takafumi Daidouji who is the son of the new director and college friends with Narumi

Pic 6) Irie introducing Takafumi to the MC but it’s kinda awkward since they already meet over lunch. Also I added this to shown his blushy face 😊😊😊

Secret Love | Pt. 3

Originally posted by sugaglos

Genre: Angst, a little bit of fluff???

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 3100

You were in a relationship with nobody else than BTS’ Park Jimin. Sounds amazing, right? Well, not if your relationship has to be kept a secret from the rest of the world becaue your boyfriend was an idol loved by many fangirls. Will your relationship with Jimin last long? Or will it crumble down just like dead leaves in the fall season?

Prologue | Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5

“Since when, Y/N?”.

Namjoon’s deep, husky voice broke the heavy silence that was lingering in Jimin’s hospital room. Since you told his doctor that you were Jimin’s girlfriend, you had the right to call yourself his guardian. So you gave permission to the boys to see their member, lying all vulnerable in this hospital bed.

You certainly heard Namjoon’s question, but you remained quiet as you glanced at your ‘sleeping’ boyfriend, his body connected to all kinds of electronic machines as he was technically still in a coma. But you didn’t quite like the idea of Jimin being in a temporary ‘coma’, so you’d rather call it ‘sleeping deeply’, which was actually true in some way.

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王子様のプロポーズ 2 [Mobage]
Be My Princess 2 Social - Season 2 Prologue Summary

BEST.PROLOGUE.EVER. It was worth the wait. And it’s a dark dark one.

It’s the culmination of your love affair with your prince and your wedding will be soon announced during the 200 year anniversary of Nobel Michel. Throughout the world you are known as the “princess who brings luck”.

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anonymous asked:

OTBS headcanon where the guy has a long business trip overseas and they tell the MC that it'll be alright if she fell in love with someone else while they're gone because they don't know when they'll be back. In the end the guy finally returns to find out that the MC indeed found a new love with someone else on the Seasonelle team and their heart breaks even though they were the one who let MC go

I will use the same grouping as their Season 2 “Don’t tell him “

Prologue – The guy POV

It has been 3 years since I left Japan. I never expect that I will be able to relocate back. As I stand in front of the Seasonelle office, memories from the past hit me. I broke off with her as there is no way I can bring her along and I know she want to keep her career in Japan as well. I even told her to find someone else. I still remember the way she cries on that day and I know that I have hurt her badly. As I pushed open the door, the usual gangs are all there and my eyes can’t help but landed on her.

Minato POV

I can see her uncomfortable face as she tries to avoid me. I really did hurt her badly. However, I was even more shocked at the next moment. Tsumugu walks over and put his arm around her shoulder. She really did find someone else. Well, I am the one who told her to find someone else but why am I feeling so pain now? I tried to force my usual smiles and joke with everyone else. Everyone is happy to see me. I walk to her hesitantly and manage to say hi to her. She returns a smile back and I realized how much I miss her loving smiles.

“We need to go fetch our girl from yours mum’s place.” Tsumugu said casually.

“Oh yes, if not she will be crying if we are late again.” She replied and hurries packing her bag.

“We are happily married and have a baby girl now.” Tsumugu said to me.

I know what he means. He is telling me to give up. What can I say now? I am the one who said I never give her up but I did. Seeing her finding her happiness, I feel happy for her but the pain in my heart is painful. I wanted to congratulate them but I can’t get the word out as I watched them leave the office. I can only keeps her smiles in my memories.

Kaoru POV

She is still the same, as beautiful as before. There is so much I wanted to tell her but I can’t seem to get it out. She only manage to give me a wryly smiles and there is an urge of me to rush to embrace her. However, I saw Shusei bring a cup of coffee and place it on her table before I can do that. The way she smiles at him is what she uses to do it for me. Are they together now? I can’t help but feeling my world collapse. I know that I am the one who told her to find someone else. However, I never realized that it is really hurting so much to see that happening.

“You are back just in time. Our wedding is this coming Sunday.” Shusei said happily to me and he holds on tight to her hand. Looking at the way she blushes, she must be so in love with him. It hurt me even more.

“Congratulation” I finally manage to get the only word out.

“We got to go and pick up our wedding costume.” Shusei said and lead her out of the door.

I don’t even want to attend their wedding. I really hope it is not happening. However, what can I do now? I am the one who left and give up on her. Suddenly all the colour in the world around me feel so dark. Maybe I should never come back after all. If I never been back, I would not have known the truth.

Shusei POV

I got a shocked when I land my eyes on her. She is pregnant and from the size of the tummy, it seems like she is at her 7th month pregnancy. I feel my world spinning and I do not what I should say. Well, I am the one who give up on her. However, seeing her in the path of motherhood, a lot of memories flash back into my mind. However, I was even shocked when I saw Chiaki being so attentive to her; especially after she gives a sharp gasp and holds her tummy.

“Is the baby kicking you again?” Chiaki asked nervously and you give her a nod on your head and smiles sweetly at him. I immediate know that Chiaki is the father of the child. I never expect that Chiaki is so attentive to her but how I wish I am the one right next to her now.

“Congratulation to both of you on your journey to parenthood!” I tried to force my best smiles to them.

“Thank you.” Chiaki replies happily.

That night, I grab Minato out for a drink. I hope I can drunk myself and forget all the pain inside me. However, I feel even more miserable no matter much I drink. Why am I so stupid to give up on her back then? I really feel myself so stupid for making such a decision but it is too late now.

Chiaki POV

I immediately walk over to her and wanted to embrace her of all sudden. However, before I can throw my arms around her, I saw a wedding photo of her and Kaoru on her table. Are they married? So she did find someone else and the person is someone I admire most as well. I know Kaoru will take care of her well but the feeling in my heart is so sour and painful. For a moment, I am not sure how should I react.

“Are you feeling okay?” Kaoru asked.

“I am fine. I see that you are married to her. You should have told me so that I can bring back a present for both of you.” I force my smiles at them. I know what Kaoru is thinking and I can’t believe that he is concern about my feeling. I can’t let him see through me. I tried my best to act nature in front of them but I know my heart is bleeding. It is too late to regret my decision now. She already belong to someone else wife.

Akiyoshi POV

Everyone is happy to see me back but she gives me a shock look. I wanted to approach her to talk to her but I am not sure what and where should I start. Suddenly, I realized something shining at her ring finger and that is when I spot the same ring on Minato. Of course, Minato had insisted back then he can take better care of her. What can I say now? I am the one who give up on her. I glad that Minato is really taking good care of her. However, the feeling in my heart is terrible. I have failed her as her boss and also her boyfriend back then.

“I see that both of you are married.” I said to Minato as he pulls me up to the rooftop.

“Well, I did say that to you before right? I can make her happier than you.” Minato throw me a happy look.

“Do take care of her.” I said again to Minato.

“Of course, I will. She is my wife now.” Minato declared.

I stay in the rooftop alone after Minato left. The feeling is hard to let go. I know I would not be able to find another woman like her. However, there is nothing I can do now. I can’t be so selfish to break her happy family. Minato will definitely keep his promise and take good care of her. I will be the one that suffer if anyone needs to be.

Free! Voyage of the Magic Six – The Complete Saga Masterpost

I swim…free…for the team…with my precious bonds…together with beauty…because it’s OUR destiny!

Pixiv ID: 47438893
User: Blood-Exorcist


The Completed Sequel of Iwatobi Suiei Gods (Written from June 28 2013 – January 10, 2014). This Saga was written from March 12, 2014 – January 30, 2015 to incorporate elements from Season 2 of Free! along with new OCs, new story arcs as well as bridging to full the plot holes that I left behind previously.

Includes the following stories:

-Book 1: The World of Isolation アイソレーションの世界-

Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

On the planet of Duniya 18 years ago, a tragedy occurred in a small lonely village that triggered a war between several nations. The years of combat and conflict are tiring and there has been no conclusion! However, a mysterious legend about the Six Stars finally awakens when our lovely Free!Boys from the previous saga begin to remember their past and must go on a journey together!

-Book 2: Fellowship of the Magic Six マジックシックスのフェローシップ

Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Epilogue

The Six Stars have reunited but only five of them have regained their memories. With Alex being born as a Chiropteran, he cannot easily remember his past life from Earth and his thirst for vengeance increases rapidly! A long-awaited battle begins all over the world as Rasputin begins to make his move by creating an endless era of revenge! Can the team defeat this sadistic twin?

-Book 3: Eternal Promise 永遠のプロミス-

Prologue, 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, Epilogue

“a” = Present Time on Duniya
“b” = Flashback on Earth

The Chiropteran War has ended and a new beginning dawns on Planet Duniya. Meanwhile, Anastasia learns the origin about the Magic Six and their life on Earth which may have clues to her past! Finally, discover the legend BEYOND the DEFINITIVE FINALE of the Original Suiei Gods Saga with the exclusive interlude chapters! What happened after the thrilling story of “The Last Legend” in Season 1?

-Book 4: Mirrored Voyage ミラーヴォヤージュ-

Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Epilogue

The Magic Six along with their allies finally return to Earth in the year of 2113. However, their home has greatly changed as they discover an endless swamp where people fight to claim their validity of “The Lost Legend of Lynwin”. As people fight in this Relationship War, Princess Anastasia must solve her family mystery which may be the key to stop the war from expanding!

-Book 5: Heroes of the Gods 神々のヒーローズ-

Part 1: Parallel of the Lost - Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

Holiday Specials - OVA 1, OVA 2

Part 2: The Last Voyage - 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Epilogue Finale

JOURNEY’S END: Earth and Duniya are at peace but Pandora will not allow it to last. Now both worlds shake in an ALL-OUT COLLISION when the evil power of Pandora’s Box awakens to destroy all realities! The darkest secrets of the Magic Six and Suiei Gods are finally revealed which may be the keys to unlock a blessed future…or a hell that will be lived and relived for all eternity!

Don’t miss out in the riveting finale of the series!

Divided in 2-Parts with Bonus OVAs!