prologue iii

aria in the snow

summary: If you asked most people of Daniel J. Howell’s lot in life, they’d tell you it was pretty good. A small career writing for a fashionable magazine, the heir to one of New York’s most prestigious hotels, the convenience of youth and an ailing millionaire father… what more could an 18-year-old ask for?

So when a night at the symphony turns into the start of a whole new double life in the city’s queer underworld, the heir to New York’s most fashionable hotel will have to learn what is what when you’re dating a cabaret singer, and who is who when that singer becomes a troubled star.

So it’s nothing but fate when things start to fall apart. The catch? It’s the last half of the 1920s–

And this romance is illegal.

word count: 85k+ to be updated weekly

warnings: war violence, angst like woah, period homophobia, thoughts of suicide, alcohol, etc

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prologue | i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix | x | xi | xii | xiii | xiv | xv | xvi | xvii | xvii | xviii | xix | xx | xi 

excerpt: Dan had heard Phil’s voice down at his piano, but next to him it was something else entirely. The man has a good tone, he wrote. He sings Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair for me. Though antiquated, the charms of the past have obviously not been lost to our young veteran.

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I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts 2.8 this week and I’ve missed Ven so much. 

I love all the characters in this game but Ven is my favorite.

Mari's Writing Masterpost

Sinister Kid
(N)SFW | Mukami Ruki/Komori Yui
Introduction & Prologue | I | II | III | IV | Epilogue

Yours | NSFW | Mukami Ruki
The Office | NSFW | Mukami Ruki
Nightmare | SFW | Mukami Ruki
Ready, Steady… | SFW | Mukami Ruki
Possessed | NSFW | Mukami Ruki, Sakamaki Shuu
Cheer Me Up | NSFW | Mukami Yuma
Phone Sex | NSFW | Mukami Yuma

Babygirl | NSFW | Sakamaki Laito
Stressed Out | SFW | Sakamaki Laito
Confession | NSFW | Sakamaki Laito (GENDERBENT)
Discourteous Girl | NSFW | Sakamaki Reiji
Wrapped Around Your Finger | NSFW | Sakamaki Ayato 

(Coming soon)

Casual Date | SFW
Upon Discovering their Lover is a Singer of their Favourite Musical Genre | SFW
Trying to Win Back their Lover after Cheating | SFW 
Blind Significant Other | (N)SFW 
Sexting | NSFW | Ruki
Lipstick Stains | NSFW
Stuck in an Elevator | NSFW | Ruki
Daddy Kink | NSFW | Ruki
Wanting to be Held | SFW
Woken up by their Lover Pleasuring them | Ruki
Witnessing their Lover Commit Murder | SFW | Ruki, Kou, Azusa
Lover Drinking their Blood | NSFW | Ruki, Yuma

Trying to Win Back their Lover after Cheating | SFW 
How they Cheat | SFW 
Upon Discovering their Lover is a Mermaid | SFW
Sexting | NSFW | Reiji, Laito
Stuck in an Elevator | NSFW | Laito
Stuck in an Elevator | NSFW | Shuu, Subaru
Daddy Kink | NSFW | Shuu, Laito, Reiji
Woken up by their Lover Pleasuring them | NSFW | Laito
Lover Sitting on their Lap during a Car Ride | SFW | Reiji, Shuu, Laito
Witnessing their Lover Commit Murder | SFW | Kanato

Sexting | NSFW | Carla
Stuck in an Elevator | NSFW 
Woken up by their Lover Pleasuring them | NSFW | Carla
Lover Drinking their Blood | NSFW | Carla

Sexual Interests | NSFW | Ruki, Yuma
Sexual Interests & Personality Traits | (N)SFW | Azusa
Fatherhood | SFW 
Fatherhood (Extended) | SFW | Ruki
Sexual Interests | NSFW | Kou
Relationship & Boyfriend | SFW | Kou
Relationship & Boyfriend | SFW | Ruki, Yuma, Azusa
Yandere | (N)SFW | Ruki
Yandere | (N)SFW | Yuma
Yandere | (N)SFW | Azusa
Yandere | (N)SFW | Kou
Ideal Date | SFW | Azusa
Romance | SFW | Ruki
What they Look for in a Significant Other | SFW
Secret Kinks | NSFW | Azusa
Detailed Personality Traits | 1 / 2 | SFW | Ruki
Detailed Personality Traits | 1 / 2 / 3 | SFW | Yuma
Detailed Personality Traits | 1 / 2 | SFW | Azusa
Detailed Personality Traits | SFW | Kou
Detailed NSFW | Yuma
Detailed NSFW | Ruki, Yuma, Kou

Sexual Interests | NSFW | Ayato, Laito, Shuu
Sexual Interests | NSFW | Subaru
Sexual Interests & Personality Traits | (N)SFW | Kanato
Sexual Interests | NSFW | Reiji
Relationship & Boyfriend | SFW | Laito
Yandere | (N)SFW | Reiji, Shuu
Yandere | (N)SFW | Laito
Yandere | (N)SFW | Kanato
Yandere | (N)SFW | Subaru
Yandere | (N)SFW | Ayato
Relationship w/ Vampire Lover | (N)SFW | Shuu, Laito, Ayato
Ideal Date | SFW | Laito
Texting | SFW | Ayato
What they Look for in a Significant Other | SFW
Detailed Personality Traits | SFW | Kanato
Detailed Personality Traits | SFW | Laito
Detailed Personality Traits | 1 / 2 / 3 | SFW | Shuu
Detailed Personality Traits | SFW | Subaru
Detailed NSFW | Reiji
Detailed NSFW | Kanato, Laito
Detailed NSFW | Subaru

Relationship & Boyfriend | SFW | Carla
Detailed NSFW | Carla
Detailed NSFW | Shin
Yandere | (N)SFW | Carla
Sexual Interests | NSFW

DiaLovers Theory: Abuse & Discrimination
DiaLovers Theory: Age Difference

Beauty and the Beast Masterlist

x  x (the collage was made by @hillywooddestiel)

Summary: Dean Winchester is the biggest mob boss in New York City. He replaced his father as the leader of The Hunters when his father was sent to jail for twenty years. Now, ten years later, your father owes Dean a good sum of money. Your father cannot pay it, and takes him hostage, letting him work off the money he owes. You find out and selflessly take your father’s place. At first, Dean is coarse and unrefined, and you are apprehensive and stubborn to show affection towards him. Over time, both of your feelings change, and you start to fall in love with Dean. But then tragedy strikes and you are unsure about your future with Dean. Will your relationship last? Will Dean find the apple pie life he’s always wanted?
Drug use, alcohol use, stalking, gambling, domestic violence, violence in general, assault, mentions of nudity

Family — Wonho AU | FINAL

A/N: After 45969374 years I have finally posted the next part! I also want to apologize for making you all read this with your own eyes because I know it’s bad….

Genre: angst & fluff

Characters: Wonho x Reader

Length: 3442 words

Parts: prologue | I | II | III | IV | V | VI

Weeks go by and you fall into a sort of routine. It’s the usual alternation of dropping off Mari or picking her up, except every few days you now meet up with Ahreum or she’ll pick up Mari from school instead. The two of you still wouldn’t consider each other friends but after the talk you had the air between you two was clearer.

Even Wonho, who is starting to once again go on these outings is starting to warm up to Ahreum again. Years ago that would’ve worried you, but you knew for certain they were over. The relationship they had completely in the past.

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♔= recommended
☼= personal favorite
☁= angst
❀= fluff
♤= mature

College Fraternity 
Dragon Companions
╚ BTS as Movie Characters: Castle in the Sky

I Want To Stop ☁
Never Forget ☼|☁
Feel Alright ❀

It’s Us ☼|❀
 Wishing Stars ♔|☁
There She Goes ☼|☁
I Know, You Know ❀

╚ Detective AU: I | II
He Almost Runs You Over At Prom ❀
Beauty in the Breeze ❀

He Accidentally Casts A Spell On You 
Leave Me Behind ☼|☁

╚ He Realizes He Likes You ♔|❀
╚ Idiots Everywhere ☼|❀
╚ Aftermath ☁

╚ Trust Fall: Prologue | I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X |  ♔

On Tour Boyfriend ❀
╚ History: Prologue | I | II | III
My Job ☼|❀
Come Back ☼|☁|
Come Here Baby ❀

╚ Secrets: Part 1 | Part 2 
╚ Unsteady: 1 | 2 | 3 ♔|☁|

╚ Still working

My Prince 

Study Buddy ☼|❀

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 |


KH Appreciation Week Day 7: Favorite Game

Dream Drop Distance :) Plot twists, time travel, new yet old characters, the dream eaters, lots of epic moments…all of it :) I wasn’t thrilled with the side games, except for BBS…and then DDD which pushed its way to the top slot :D

I’ve been with the series since about 2003, and it hasn’t been a wasted 12 years :) Can’t wait for 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and then…III…FINALLY I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR IT SINCE MIDDLE SCHOOL AND I’M A GAINFULLY EMPLOYED COLLEGE GRADUATE BIG GIRL NOW IT’S ABOUT TIME

Born To Die - Chapter III

Prologue / Part I / Part II

Pairing: Reader x ???
Summary: Arrogant. Selfish. A bitch. That’s how Dean would describe the reader in this story. She refuses to work with anyone but herself and trusts no one except her own gun. But can the Winchesters crack her? Will they figure out what she’s running away from? Where did she get those scars and who is this Brandon guy?
Warning: Mention of Sex and Alcohol

Noah ft. Christina Grimmie - Somebody That I Used To Know (by Gotye Feat. Kimbra)

Now you know which Winchester the reader is paired with ;) For now… ^^

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texts & as/at masterlist



bts —

exo —


bts —

exo —

seventeen —

got7 —


Non-existent Omelia moments (in chronological order)

Drunken Memories I

Drunken Memories II

Missing Scene 7x03 

Missing Scene 8x15 

Missing Scene 10x21 

Never have I ever

Just a Simple Night

Missing Scene 11x11

Missing Scene 11x22

The Blessing


What if

What’s in a name?


Dance It Out


9 Crimes 

9 Crimes (sequel)

Pregnant Omelia

Food Lover 

The Breaking Point

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

6 Months II

Food Cravings

7 Months

8 Months

9 Months

Multi-chapter fics.

Life has a funny way 

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11

Red Thread 

Prologue  - I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII - IX - X - XI

Thread, Gone (Sequel to Red Thread)

I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII

Red Thread VI

Prologue  - I - II - III - IV - V

“Tell me what happened.” Owen demanded while soaking a piece of cotton in some hydrogen peroxide and cleaning the now dried blood tenderly.

“Stop asking.” She simply said, not wanting to talk about it.

“Amelia, this is serious. Who did this to you?”

Shaking her head, she looked down at her hands, trying to swallow the lump that was forming in her throat. With one finger down her chin, he lifted her face so he could look into her eyes. “Amelia…”

“It was a mistake. It wasn’t on purpose, he didn’t mean to.” Her voice sounded so sad and worried, it broke his heart a little more –that’s it, until he processed her words.

He? Who the hell are you talking about?” His concern turned into anger, and dropping what he was doing, he looked intently at her. “Tell me who did this.”

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Red Thread IV

Prologue  - I - II - III

“Amelia? Who’s that guy?” She rolled her eyes at probably the thirtieth person asking her that question so far. It wasn’t even 1 am and at least half the girls from the party had already asked about Owen.

Putting on her best fake smile, she turned to the girl. “My brother’s best friend. Too old to be here, but he wanted to see what a good party looks like.” Then, an idea popped into her head. “Hey, why don’t you go over there and offer him a drink? Maybe dance with him?”

The blonde girl –Amelia couldn’t even remember her name-, smiled mischievously at her. “I sure will.” She said while walking away.

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