prolly not the only way to do it

so theres this (unpaid) internship at the zoo and i worked there for 5 yrs since i was 13, and its one ive been interested in for a while but like they only want ppl who are interested/enrolled in biology/zoology and i am not, but like i fit all the other criteria and they already know me and stuff so i’ll prolly get it but like the thing is idk if i actually wanna do it and also theres ppl who prolly want it way more and idk idk idk 

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Shhhh no if I came off anon you'd prolly not like me, so ima just stay here where it's cozy -📼

EXCUSE YOU?? ?   I’ll like ya either way, my bro.  You do you, boo, and be comfortable.  But trust me bro.  I’d probably only like you more if I knew you because when you know someone, you have more stuff to like!  

I like how Crabbe is rather hefty in the movies and still Draco’s best friend. And Pansy and Blaise may be loyal to him, but no way in hell would they take his shit if they didn’t want to (aren’t they both half-bloods too??)

Draco Malfoy never wanted perfect servants for friends. He just wanted friends. Period.

So it’d make all the sense in the world that he wanted to be Harry, a half-blood’s, friend. And he prolly only disliked Ron because Arthur (despite being right in doing so) gave Lucius a hard time and family is everything to Draco. And he didn’t dislike Hermione before she outshone him in all classes and took the only thing he could use to make his mum and dad proud of him-his intellect. I don’t think he ever genuinely despised people because of their blood status; there was always something else…


“knock ‘em dead, bro.”

my interpretation of sans and papyrus as humans. i won’t lie, i already created back stories for them. papyrus is an aspiring boxer being trained by local boxing champ undyne. sans used to work in several fields of science and was the only apprentice of W D gaster until his death. now he spends most of his time doing odd jobs and supporting his brother any way he can. 

more details needs to be fleshed out but ill prolly draw these two more later.

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Yessss a lot of people sorta dismiss headcanons like ‘cool but it’s not canon’ when they really mean ‘prolly not what creators intended’, which, who cares. if it’s feasible and fills in the gaps, it’s just as valid and way less boring.

yeah the curative/transformative dichotomy kind of misses this fact. “How do Weeping Angels work?” Any answer to that is theory, which is the peon word for a headcanon. Shipping, speculation- it’s the same thing. You’re taking the text, you’re interpreting it. 

Tumblr (and you already said this) does a shitload of ‘curative’ things. Fanfic writers are some of the most studious fans you will ever meet (*frightened yet admiring glance in the direction of anneapocalypse’s rvb meta, which everyone should check out*).

The real difference between the quote unquote curative community and transformative community is that reddit’s interpretative discussions are generally restricted to things like (and I’m linking it just so you know i’m not shitting you) 'what if sarge is an AI’.

We have those kinds of discussions here in transformative communities, but we also have discussions like 'what if kimball is kissing carolina’. Equally untrue to author intent, no less valid, but like you’ve said, way less boring.

But (cue Roland Barthes rolling in his grave) that kind of speculation is considered 'changing’ the text. Why? Because women like it.

hey fellow clique members!

so a couple weeks ago, me and some friends decided to start a new network for the clique where everyone could be accepted! we decided to go this way so that everyone could feel like they are truly part of the clique and no one feels left out, because we know some people do. So here it is: The Skeletøn Clique Netwørk!

how to join

✖︎ mbf me (goclzilla)krystal (kcdak) and auggie (waluiqi)

✖︎ must fill out this form (don’t worry, this form won’t affect your chances to get in in any way!)

✖︎ must reblog the post (likes count as bookmarking only)

✖︎ must like twenty one pilots (obviously)


✖︎ cool clique friends to talk about the boys as much as we want

✖︎ lots of new friends (and followers too wooo)

✖︎ possibly promos

✖︎ reblogs on your posts too prolly

✖︎ our amazing friendship(:

more info

✖︎ we will be letting people in first on July 17, but we will keep adding anyone who wish to enter and follows the instructions after then

✖︎ we will be tracking the tag #skeletoncliquenetwork and we suggest you track it too!

✖︎ that’s all friends, stay street and more importantly, stay alive |-/

Oh dear, just pictured an AU…. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Many of you may remember this or not, I used to play the Genocide version in game but I stopped several months ago because Undyne defeated me too many times and I gave up entirely. XDDDDD

So, based off what I did in game, imagine Undyne or Sans waiting for Frisk/Chara to appear and expect them resume killing further but they didn’t show up anymore like as if they had no enough DETERMINATION to continue. If Sans is truly aware of other timelines, prolly he’d be more terrified only to realize that there won’t be any resets anymore and would fall into the deep depression, still mourning at the loss of his little bro. 

After that the half of population, affected by the recent tragic events, is slowly starting to recover, maybe still having same hopes for next fallen child or high doubts. Either that way. Alphys and Asgore do their best in helping as much as they can…… Welp here I END. XDD (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

*locks herself in the room and continues her Timetale comic*

Do you ever just read something like, “Christians Upset Over New Starbucks Cup” and think, no, this really can’t be real, but then you’re on Facebook and an acquaintance who works at Caribou Coffee shares an update about a person who came into her shop simply to examine the cups and say, “Now THAT’S a holiday cup!” and leave without buying anything? 

 I was raised Methodist. It’s a form of Christianity. I am not a moron. I am not privileged because of my religion. My religious upbringing made me humble, faithful, hopeful, a positive person who tried to do good. I didn’t tell people about my religion. I just wanted to be a better person whose religion helped remind me of that every week when I attended youth group events. Yeah maybe sometimes there were messages about going out into the world and spreading the good word of Jesus, but I wasn’t like that. If people wanted to come to Jesus, they would. If they wanted to ask questions, they could. I kept to myself. My religion was for me. I used it to better myself. I used it to anchor myself.  I didn’t mind that everyone around me was different, and I never will. I don’t mind that Starbucks cups are red this season, and I won’t care what they do for years to come. It feels weird to have to state that fact. It’s just a cup. It’s red. It’s cute. Yay holidays.
  Christmas has a much broader reach that Christianity, which I think is great because I’ve always valued holidays as a family time full of love and thankfulness, regardless of origin. My religious agenda includes no one but myself. I’m not ever going to put someone in a religiously compromising position or anything close to a vague resemblance because it’s none of my business. Religion is not out there for personal gain. Religion is not for attention. Religion is not for political agendas. Religion is not for terrorism. Religion is not something to hid behind. Religion is similar to a crutch. You use it when you’re hurt, when you’re down and out. You might not always need it, but when you do, it’s there. The crutch is self operational. You prop yourself up with it until you can walk on your own. Then you put the crutch away. It’s there though, whenever you need it. (And that’s not to say that religion is also there in good times as well.) But the point of religion as a crutch is that it is for one person. Maybe someone else is walking with the same crutch and you can talk about it together. Maybe multiple people. But if someone doesn’t have that crutch, who are you to tell them they need it? Who are you to tell them they’re hurt when they’re not, that the crutch of YOUR religion is what they need? You use your crutch to better yourself and support yourself. To give you something to lean on and something to remind yourself to do better, be a great person. You don’t use a crutch to trip up other people. So don’t use religion like that.