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Questions for MBTI Types

- why ya’ll so depressed sometimes?
- I’m not equip to comfort you but somehow you know how to comfort everybody ….how?
- how do you have so many cares?

- how do you know things about myself that I don’t even know?
- can you tell the future? I’ll pay you double what I pay my usual psychic
- why are you so pessimistic sometimes?

- will my isfp kid need art lessons or is being artistically gifted a preprogrammed function? I’m kinda cheap ya know $$$$
- when I say ‘long term’, how far do you think I’m talking about?
- if you had to give up 1 artistic pursuit (but you can reclaim it in your next life), which would u choose?

- do you have a hidden set of antennae for picking up gossip?
- can we switch wardrobes for a day?
- do you have a book of savage AF personalized comebacks ready at your disposal?

- how do you not run out of tears?
- if I have a friend who doesn’t want anymore flower crowns, how should they voice their opinion? I’m asking for a friend obviously
- why don’t I feel emotions the same way you do?

- what are you thinking about right now?
- is there anything you’re not good at?
- Your stare is sexy, it’s like you’re studying me, has anyone told you that?

- would you rather use google calendar or a physical planner?
- Did that question turn you on?
- how do you coexist with Ps?

- do all of you know how to start fires or wut?
- how many times have u been arrested? (I’ve stopped asking ‘have u ever been arrested’)
- what rules do you even follow? If at all

- did you eat? (Most likely no)
- was math created to understand and interpret the laws of the universe or was math always an inherent feature of the universe?
- loop quantum gravity or string theory? Come at me baby … I can physics

- how do you have time to work + volunteer + extra curriculara + socialize + fam time + school?
- how come you’re still awake at 4am whenever I drunk call you?
- how do I run a cult? Oh, you teach weekly training classes? Where/what time?

- where your liver at?
- do all ESFPs dance well or is dancing just another way of communicating that you’re single and ready to mingle? (mating ritual)
- why do we only communicate in emojis now? I’m 🐳ly tired

- how do I turn you off?
- how does your facebook profile have sooooooooooo many photosss? Zuckerberg prolly shaking his head rn trying to store all your pics from the spontaneous trip to iceland u took last week
- why do animals just appear whenever you’re around? Do u radiate weird animal pheromones or smtg?

- what’s it like being a productive member of society?
- at what age do you wanna retire? If at all
- where do you hide all your money? I’m asking for a friend

- is there a way for you to deliver criticism without yelling?
- does it ever bother you that your to-do list will never end and will spontaneously regenerates everyday? *Ps reading this get an anxiety attack*
- is there anyone you don’t raise your voice at?

- would you rather sex everyday for a month or $1000 straight up?
- why do all of you have nice eyes?!?!
- what is the smoothest pickup line you’ve ever used (that was successful)? (All of them were successful I know)

- who would be your ideal debate partner?
- lip sync dance battle or straight up rap battle?
- what do you think about Trump?


unless you want angst so strap in. Alright i talked to my physics teacher today for a while and have found answers. So my last post said that with relativity time is different in space (that’s why the Interstellar thing happened the way it did up until the bookcase thing). I said that it could happen to where team Voltron will be in space for a year or so and when they get back only like 3 days will have passed (my headcanon, wishful thinking). WELL I HAVE FOUND OUT TODAY (let’s see if i can get this down in words) in order for time to have been slower for the people on Earth, Earth would have to accelerate to the same reference frame as all the lions and the castle, which Earth CANT do. SO the only way it CAN work is if they get back to Earth and like a hundred years or so have passed. Which would be freaking amazing in a fan fic (oh my GOD imagine the Langst with his homesickness) but in canon that would suck mega dicks so that prolly won’t happen.

OH OK UPDATE: So she said today that gravity affects time (makes it go slower the stronger it is) and we know that gravity near black holes is HELLA strong and so JUST FROM WHEN TEAM VOTRON WAS AT THE BLADE OF MARMORA time on earth should have passed a lot quicker than it had for everyone in space. (so say they’ve been in space for a year by the end of the series, it should be like ~100 years have passed on Earth)

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How are the kids from gaf au doing today? Are they good?

oh yah they’re good. it’s what, late summer overthere? are y'all back at school yet? if not, o got one of those ridiculous inflatable swans(?) u know the ones im talking abt & they recline in clarke’s swimming pool for ages. whenever clarke asks lexa to sunscreen her back lexa sucks in a deep breath & then sweetly offers to do her chest too. whenever lexa asks clarke to sunscreen her back clarke either a) is very cool & suave & they make out or b) she trips or she drops the sunscreen container like forty times or she does smth else gay & embarrassing (bi). clarke & wells spend a lot of time at the yacht club, it’s still a bit racist but they get bored/annoyed abt yelling at crusty old white men & usually move from the club proper to recline on a yacht & clarke slips someone a bunch (a Bunch) of money to just keep bringing them drinks & at noon they’re trashed & it’s Hot so wells puts up an umbrella but only manages to like make it halfway unfurl? so they’re like we r prolly too drunk & they make their way back to the club & lexa comes to pick them up & they tell her the whole sorry tale of how the umbrella wouldn’t unfurl & she’s like this seems like a fixable problem but im highly amused do u want to stay or go & clarkes like we cannot Possibly stay. the umbrella, lexa. & lexa has only had like two drinks so she’s like im confident that i can fix it & wells is like wow & clarke is like Wow im so in love with u. o joins them, raven is cross country alas so she does not, but clarke also calls abby who is like sure i will babysit all of u & she comes to the club & her yacht & spends the afternoon w her daughter & her daughters gf & her daughters best friends & it’s just rly cute & warm & there are fireflies when they walk back through the gardens & clarke takes her shoes off bc she’s tired & lexa offers to carry her, which doesn’t happen bc they’re both soft drunk but it’s a sweet offer, & they kiss on the boat & lexas like u make me dizzy& clarkes like mm could be the water & lexas like 😒I have been on a boat before clarke. & the kiss in the gardens & o takes heaps of selfies bc abby took them shopping for more clothes & another haircut over the summer & more binders & they feel good & strong & so happy & wells has been going to the gym w them & he takes like Shots with o like lays on the floor being like “now flex whoa u look so strong from this angle” & abby is just so endeared & overwhelmed bc she’s looking at all these kids & they’re so Good to each other it’s rly nice

ferallight-09 : * Hi!  I made this art of Blublu for you X3.  He’s so cute and adorable!  I drew the line art by hand and used 2 different programs to color it.  I can’t wait to see more comics and watch you stream anytime I can.  Your art is lovely, keep on doing what you do.  I’d buy you coffee but I’m only in 8th grade :-P

Originally posted by blesstale

HE’S SO CUTE! Wow you really go throught a long process to drew him, you’re amazing! OAO I can see the determination throught this artpiece. ∑d(°∀°d) 
You did awesome, I love it!! ♥ *pets the blublu*

- AAAAaaaahh Talking about comic I’m working on something… - cough - and I’ll prolly stream a few about it today. -

Anyway, thank you so much!! And for the coffee, sure I appreciate when people can support me with that but I completly understand that not everyone can to do that! There is many way to support me, and with your sweet words and your awesome art gift, don’t worry I feel hella supported by you! ♥  You’re so nice and kind to me! So really, thank you so much! *hugs & smooches* 

Trauma & Touch Starvation (part 1)

So the struggle is real
And Ima say that this a big deal
Cause the loneliness got messed up
I be talking to people, yet I don’t be letting them know wassup
That feeling when you’ve been through a lot
It’s hard for you to even settle down when you’ve brought
The good and the bad together
You’re lying in bad, you’ve been longing forever
Trauma and Touch Starvation
From the sadness I’d like a vacation
I’m tryna fill up on affection like a gas station
To my lonely foundation
I’m looking for someone to make a donation
It’s like you don’t know what’d you do if you did have a suffering cessation
Like if and when you get your affection, you’d be in a state of pure elation
It’s like you want love and affection
But you still worry and avoid rejection
And you have lots of inner reflection
You’re looking your soul in the eye, call it introspection
So what’s next, dissociation or astral projection
Love and lack of affection
It’s got me messed up and confused, call it misdirection
But some from the right person(s), it’d be near perfection
I was so impassioned
That the only proper response to these feelings to be brash and
Write two raps into one
And handling my feelings in this way is often great fun
But back to the point
I’m tryna get lit and do some shit, preferably with some baddies and a joint
I was only somewhat serious when I said that a large portion of this (touch/affection starvation) was gay culture
But issa thing that off people who aren’t in the community finna vulture
Love and lots of affection
I would like some soon, and of it I’d dare not provide any deflection
Trauma and Touch Starvation
The solutions to these issues prolly require divine creation

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Hi! Can I get a request for the RFA + V's reaction to if when they finally meet MC, they find out she's been in a wheelchair the whole time? :3

Sorry this one is really short. I was going to make this a normal post but I found a lot of them reacting very similarly.

  • They’d all be surprised at first
  • but they’re not going to treat you any differently
  • If anybody looks down on you, they’re gonna fight them
  • If you’re only temporarily wheelchair-bound, they’ll try their best to make your road to recovery as smooth as possible
  • If this is permanent, they’ll still stay by your side

If you let him, Yoosung is prolly gonna put stickers and tie ribbons on your wheelchair. He’ll also bring games over for you to play and such.

Jaehee is #1 supportive mom. Makes sure your doing well and eating properly.

Zen still thinks you’re absolutely beautiful. He’ll take you shopping and do your makeup.

Jumin would be willing to pay to help you get out of the wheelchair. If there was absolutely no way of you ever getting out, he would still try to make your life comfortable.

Because he’s cool, Seven would rev up your wheelchair to a really high-tech one. You can already imagine what kind of features he installed.

Since he wants to be able to take care of you, V would get the eye surgery done. He’ll be the best he can be to take care of you.

Those things The Phantom Thieves say after Goro’s battle… it feels like they’re just negotiating with the culprit to calm them down,

Similar to a hostage taker demanding things to the police and the police would comply to get the hostage taker to not do anything reckless that would hurt the hostages.

In all honesty, the rest of the PT only wants Goro to join because it’ll be a pain for them if he gets in their way. They said everything he wants to hear. That he is special for them which is either a lie or not. They do treat him differently after he joins, almost prolly sees him annoying unlike how they treat Haru after joining the PT.

I highly doubt they consider him as one of them.

The protag can be cold to him too, just a reminder.

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what if seph found some way to make cloud immortal so that they could become gods together??? (and probably so that cloud could keep giving him children)

Uuh… for some reason I don’t even think that’s unlikely. Sephiroth thrives on his dominance over Cloud, he wouldn’t -just- kill him if it didn’t mean at least keeping his soul in some part of himself as a reminder and to gaze at it in fond amazement like it was a twenty million dollar painting in a museum.

If there was a way to keep him around to hassle and torment, he might just do it.

And well, if Cloud -wanted- children, alright, he would do that too. He would make him not only for the result, but also for the dominance it means over his body (at least Sephiroth would see Cloud’s temporary inability to fight that way).

So… he would prolly do that, anon. He’s fucked up like that.

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Why does this one Virgo is so obsessed with finding love but when I give her it she always says, "you can do better." She wants love but never takes it. Virgos are beautiful esp this one but she takes all the opportunities that comes her way except for the love and romance part

She’s prolly got Virgo Venus in 10th House hun.
Virgo Venuses feel bottom of the barrel and in the 10th they feel like their work is their only true love, or got that saturny vibe goin on

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i love the way you color,mainly hair,you could do a step by step? ^-^

Well, when I color hair it’s never really the same way. Generally it’s the same but I have different ways of going at it, I think. But I’ll show you..this is in my painting style..I guess I can sum it up into 5 steps. (Excuse me if this is too long lol) 

  •  Sketch
  •  Base
  •  Shading
  •  Detailing
  • Overlay

The sketch is simple, just lines but I also like to color the lines to a dark saturated color, then I color it in with the skin & hair bases. Personally I like finishing painting the face and eyes first before I move to the hair. 

For the shading I use a lighter color of the hair base color, in this case a light blue, but it shouldn’t be too bright, yeah? Just enough that there’s more to the hair. I use an airbrush to put where the light source is coming from and also a darker color than the hair base for the majority of the shadows. Then I go with a brush tool and blob in the lightest & darkest areas. After all that jazz I add details to the hair, like hair strands and make it look like hair lol I put strands all around her face to make it look realistic - also I love the effect haha. At this point all I’m doing is blending.

After I’m done blending and it looks like hair I’m usually not fond of the colors so I make a new layer, clip the layer to the drawing and use a peachy-pink with an airbrush and go over the face to give it warmth. Oh right, set the new layer to Overlay. It gives a REALLY nice effect that I use ALL THE TIME. Then I add a few other layers to give the hair more life and color. You can choose any color u want as long as it’s clipped to the painted layer. 

I should prolly add that I only draw on one layer ^^ With one layer it’s really easy to do these steps!! And that’s really all I do. I have another tutorial for how I draw hair on my DeviantArt :) It’s way more informative than what I’ve just given you lol 

porn, probls

i was going to write this fic where Will sort of nihilistically pursues sex with Hannibal post-fall, because he’s like WELP LET’S GET ON WITH IT, and hannibal is like, woah, what about cuddle times, but i find i’m probably not going to have the energy to throw myself into that clusterfuck mind game so just,  here *flings on tumblr*

Will wakes up, days later, and he is famished. The exhaustion he expected to feel after the collision between life and the ocean, between his past and his future, has drifted from him like the boat that’s carrying them further out to sea, and he aches for Hannibal like a fledgling whose parent has been away from the nest too long.

He stumbles out of bed and makes himself shower, wraps a towel around his waist and goes to meet his maker. Hannibal is sitting in the lounge of the yacht reading a book and drinking, sherry, probably. He’s wearing a burgundy dress robe and looks for all the world like a guest host on Masterpiece Theatre instead of a man who’s recently been nearly beaten to death and battered by the sea.

He looks up and smiles when Will walks in. “You’re awake. How do you feel?”

“Hungry,” Will says, going to him. He takes the book out of Hannibal’s hand. Sidles himself beside Hannibal in the plush armchair Hannibal is resting in. The hollows of Hannibal’s cheeks flare as he reacts to their closeness, to Will’s naked body against him. Now that the blinders have come off Will can see how obvious it is, how obvious it’s always been.

“I’ve made soup,” Hannibal says, voice steady even though his breathing isn’t. “Just tomato,  we were out of poultry. Would you like some?”

Will shakes his head and cups Hannibal’s chin ìn his hand. His cheekbone is ivory beneath Will’s fingertips. Hannibal’s eyes đart over his own, flit away, then return to hold his gaze, almost as if he can’t bear to look at Will like this but can’t bear not looking at him even worse.

“I want you to take me to bed,” Will says, and Hannibal draws in a sharp, audible breath. “I want you to hold me down and fuck me. I want your mouth on me. I want you to have me for dinner.”

“Those are highly uncautious words, Will,” Hannibal says, and the sound of his voice is a gravel husk of desire, as though the words are being dragged out of him. “You’ve been through severe trauma. I’d want to examine you thoroughly first to make sure you’re capable of thinking rationally under the circumstances.”

Will snorts, leans in, and kisses him on the mouth, brief and deep. Hannibal doesn’t respond, but his hand comes up to grip Will’s forearm tightly.

“You advanced my life-threatening brain fever without my knowledge and then tried to saw my head open,” Will says, baring his teeth a little before just going for it and biting Hannibal’s lower lip. “You don’t get to start worrying about my ability to consent now just because you’re nervous.”

“Are we still keeping score, then?” Hannibal arches an eyebrow, but his eyes are darkening rapidly. It’s a good look for him. He leans into the next kiss Will gives him, parting his lips slightly. Will gets greedy and slips him his tongue, sinks into it until Hannibal can’t help but respond. His mouth is plush and hot and Will has fucking waited for this long enough.

“No, we’re not keeping score,” he says when he finally lets Hannibal up for air. “Because I would win. They would have to invent new numbers just to count all the ways in which you have fucked me figuratively, so put your cock in me and finish what you started.”

Hannibal does.

(and then will is prolly like, my calculations say you owe me approximately 861 orgasms for that time you fed me an ear, and hannibal is like, what do you owe for the time you almost shot me, and will is like, not shooting you again, and hannibal is like, that seems unfair, and will is like, this conversation can only end with me learning how to deep-throat, so let’s just get to it, since you’re better at teaching than you are at friendship, and then they have the most loving hatesex ever bc they are horrible people)

I like how Crabbe is rather hefty in the movies and still Draco’s best friend. And Pansy and Blaise may be loyal to him, but no way in hell would they take his shit if they didn’t want to (aren’t they both half-bloods too??)

Draco Malfoy never wanted perfect servants for friends. He just wanted friends. Period.

So it’d make all the sense in the world that he wanted to be Harry, a half-blood’s, friend. And he prolly only disliked Ron because Arthur (despite being right in doing so) gave Lucius a hard time and family is everything to Draco. And he didn’t dislike Hermione before she outshone him in all classes and took the only thing he could use to make his mum and dad proud of him-his intellect. I don’t think he ever genuinely despised people because of their blood status; there was always something else…


“knock ‘em dead, bro.”

my interpretation of sans and papyrus as humans. i won’t lie, i already created back stories for them. papyrus is an aspiring boxer being trained by local boxing champ undyne. sans used to work in several fields of science and was the only apprentice of W D gaster until his death. now he spends most of his time doing odd jobs and supporting his brother any way he can. 

more details needs to be fleshed out but ill prolly draw these two more later.

Oh dear, just pictured an AU…. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Many of you may remember this or not, I used to play the Genocide version in game but I stopped several months ago because Undyne defeated me too many times and I gave up entirely. XDDDDD

So, based off what I did in game, imagine Undyne or Sans waiting for Frisk/Chara to appear and expect them resume killing further but they didn’t show up anymore like as if they had no enough DETERMINATION to continue. If Sans is truly aware of other timelines, prolly he’d be more terrified only to realize that there won’t be any resets anymore and would fall into the deep depression, still mourning at the loss of his little bro. 

After that the half of population, affected by the recent tragic events, is slowly starting to recover, maybe still having same hopes for next fallen child or high doubts. Either that way. Alphys and Asgore do their best in helping as much as they can…… Welp here I END. XDD (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

*locks herself in the room and continues her Timetale comic*

hey fellow clique members!

so a couple weeks ago, me and some friends decided to start a new network for the clique where everyone could be accepted! we decided to go this way so that everyone could feel like they are truly part of the clique and no one feels left out, because we know some people do. So here it is: The Skeletøn Clique Netwørk!

how to join

✖︎ mbf me (goclzilla)krystal (kcdak) and auggie (waluiqi)

✖︎ must fill out this form (don’t worry, this form won’t affect your chances to get in in any way!)

✖︎ must reblog the post (likes count as bookmarking only)

✖︎ must like twenty one pilots (obviously)


✖︎ cool clique friends to talk about the boys as much as we want

✖︎ lots of new friends (and followers too wooo)

✖︎ possibly promos

✖︎ reblogs on your posts too prolly

✖︎ our amazing friendship(:

more info

✖︎ we will be letting people in first on July 17, but we will keep adding anyone who wish to enter and follows the instructions after then

✖︎ we will be tracking the tag #skeletoncliquenetwork and we suggest you track it too!

✖︎ that’s all friends, stay street and more importantly, stay alive |-/

Meta: because meta is fun, ok?

My mind? Blown into happy pieces of prolly-going-to-be-jossed-next-week-but-so-don’t-care meta happy.  In fact, this is probably in no way accurate but it would make for one hell of a story ( athenadark - this picks up a bit of what you mentioned in one comment thread, only flips it on its head a little…).

So. Let’s start with what we do know from Ms Wikipedia on this epi.

Kira: The thing is, in all of the stories, kitsune are tricksters. They’re mischievous. They don’t really get caught up in right or wrong or even understand it…If you somehow offend a nogitsune, it can react pretty badly…But if it’s doing something this bad, then someone really, really offended it.

So. Someone seriously offended the nogitsune. Because the nogitsune is not normally flat out go-for-broke bad.

D'awww … poor nogitsune.

Notice how the nogitsune is pulling a Jennifer/darach. He’s totally plying folk with lots of pain!juice, and then siphons it off like a creepy spider. It’s building up to something. It’s getting stronger. It needs power to fight whatever it is that offended it so it can take it down. So … it’s gotta be bad. It’s gotta be a huge offense. It’s gotta mean something.

Hold that thought. We’ll come back to that.

It’s not Mrs Yukimura, she’s trying to stop the nogitsune but the nogitsune is not after her. It’s not any of the pack. It’s not Chris because setting up for murder/death by murder/whatever is not taking down a big bad that offended it. Plus, Chris just showed up in Japan when he was a wee!hunter, he hadn’t had the time to seriously offend a dark spirit yet. It could be the Sheriff, for reasons I’ll get to later. But he’s all smooshy Sheriff and he’s dealing with his son being possessed. It could be Peter, because well, sassy!Peter. But I’m thinking not.

I’m actually thinking …

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flizzy honestly u gotta admit Floyd always cheating his fans by not putting in work during the entirety of his fight and Pac was chasin him most of the time

aiight lets break down the facts

this fight was never a good matchup in boxing styles

pacquio was on steriods knocking everybody the fuck out so people wanted to see if he could do that to floyd

manny is a fighter who likes to chase his opponents down and throw like 100 punches a round

manny came in tried that bullshit in the 1st round floyd hit that boy 1 time he aint try that shit again

manny didnt come forward the whole fight like all his other fights

manny was paralyzed in the middle of the ring the whole fight the only time he threw a punch was when floyd laid on the ropes and let him hit him so he could try and counter him but manny cleaned up his counter defense so floyd couldnt catch him there

if floyd would have fought manny before marquez knocked him out he woulda countered him all night and manny woulda prolly got knocked out but pacs trainer fixed that reckless jump in jump out style

manny has knockout power floyd cant just run up in there and try to knock him out he’ll get hit and dropped 

the fight wasnt that entertaining because floyd just textbook boxed him and manny wasnt aggressive throwing a bunch of punches

floyd fight the same way every fight  freddie roach said he had the gameplan to get through floyds defense and knock him out… he couldnt do it

mayweather is a defensive fighter we all know that the only way the fights are entertaining is when someone throws a lot of punches manny was scared of getting countered again

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What happened? Are you okay?

Well first of all this dumb kid in my school stole chloroform from the chemistry lab to get high (and maybe cus of the thrill of doing something stupid) but he got caught. So teachers in school did this fucked up thing about drugs where they called a lot of kids from my grade and interrogated them about doing drugs and they even forced them to confess. Even though I wasn’t directly involved, I was literally dying cus i got so scared about getting into trouble. I had weed that time and I was running around trying to hide it (I didn’t smoke it of course but like it was there cus I can’t keep at home cus of my parents but having it is bad enough) A kid got suspended cus he smoked CIGARETTES outside the fkn school! it doesn’t fkn make sense. I only do weed (rarely) nowadays but this entire incident made me think about college and made me realize I’m still prolly not gonna get into a good college at the rate at which I’m studying. Also I’m literally sick of my friends cus they’re selfish and even ignorant towards how others (I) feel about the comments they keep making. They just don’t care and I feel so out of it.
And then when I was on my way back home these guys in a car literally started following me and I felt so afraid cus it’s so fkn bad to even be subjected to things like that because u know it shows that you’re not safe no matter what u fucking do. I was in my ugly school uniform btw so no one can fkn say I was “asking for it” (which itself is very ignorant even if I was wearing revealing clothes). Thankfully my grandparents met me on my way back home and those guys left. I just felt like crying so hard after that cus of all these dumb things that are happening.
Life just doesn’t fucking make sense.