prolife for life

you are not prolife if you kick your queer child out on the streets

you are not prolife if you want the government to cut welfare systems

you are not prolife if support sentient children getting bombed to bits

you are not prolife if  you abandon your transgender child

you are not prolife if you rely on manipulative bullshit and lie to pregnant people 

you are not prolife if you actively agree with a movement with a history of murdering abortion doctors and bombing clinics

you are only pro-forced birth and should stop deceiving other people by calling yourself prolife 

Overturning Roe v Wade is not the end goal.

Abolishing abortion is not the end goal.

The end goal is that every human being has equal protection under the law.

Truly ending abortion means switching our thinking. We are not out to restrict or ban something. We are fighting to protect vulnerable human beings from the systematic violation of their basic rights, not just to life, but to be treated as a human being under the law.

If the law says you cannot kill someone, the preborn need to count as “someone.”

When we accomplish that, we will end abortion in America.

You are not a bad person for having an abortion. You are not a “baby killer”, you are not going to Hell, you are not a monster.

You are also not a bad person if you don’t feel bad about your abortion. Be happy, be relieved! If that’s how you feel, that’s how you feel and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You made the choice that was best for you. You took care of yourself. Never let anyone give you shit for that.

Pro-choicers have //literally// the worst logic.

Bodily autonomy?

Great – not your body. Sex = consent to the possibility of pregnancy = you literally put that thing there you have no right to revoke it’s being there when you are the one responsible.

(also… bodily autonomy literally doesn’t exist except in very small things like the right to get tattoos or go skydiving. Drugs are illegal. Public indecency is illegal. Driving recklessly is illegal. You can’t even donate an organ to save someone’s life if losing that organ would kill you. Killing a developing human //should// be illegal.)

Which brings me to the second and most ignorant: “it’s not a human/alive/a person”.

Why, because it’s small? Short people have no right to live.

Because it’s not capable of surviving on it’s own? Babies, the very old, and the handicapped have no right to live.

Because it’s not human? You literally have no grasp of how biology works.

Because it’s not alive? …I’ve actually seen morons make this argument and I just laugh until I cry.

How about the rape argument? That a woman shouldn’t be forced to bring to term the result of a horrific attack?

Rape is horrible. No argument there. But… why in the world should a child pay for the crimes of its parent?

How about the “to save the life of the mother” argument?

I’m not even going to go here except for one simple consideration: in a day and age where Caesarean-sections are common, how hard is it to attempt to save both lives? If a child dies in the midst of trying to save them, that’s tragic. If a child dies because someone actively poisoned them and ripped their body to shreds, that’s evil.

How about the “if it’s going to be poor/disabled/etc it’s kinder to abort” argument?

…how… horrifically classist and ablist is that? Someone’s life is worth LESS somehow because they are poor or disabled? What even? I can’t even formulate an argument against that I can only squawk in disbelief.

There is not a single pro-choice argument that holds any water, and not a single argument in the world that will ever justify the deliberate destruction of a human life.

…*sigh* I’m done now.

One of the most horrifying pro-abortion arguments I can think of is that “the baby might have health/mental problems”. That is absolutely grotesque. If your child is unhealthy, you do not have the right to kill it. If your two year old child develops leukemia, do you then get to kill it? If it turns out your toddler has a developmental block, does that warrant the right to kill it? No parent is ever “prepared” to deal with illness or disabilities in their child, it happens and you learn to work with it, you adapt and find solutions, but that solution is never death.

You don’t kill a sick or disabled person, you help them. They may or may not live but that is a gamble you don’t know the answer to and you have not the right to end that life.

We ALL have flaws and imperfections, just because someone’s struggles are more obvious does not make them less worthy of life. The real disability is not being able to see people for more than what you perceive as weaknesses.

Say what you will about the videos of Planned Parenthood saying they don’t provide prenatal care being doctored, but it’s true. Almost all of their clinics do not provide prenatal care. My roommate was unsure if the video was truthful or not, so she called Planned Parenthood today pretending to be a distraught pregnant teen. She asked if they had any vitamins for her pregnancy and they said “no ma'am, you’re going to have to go to your doctor for that.” My roommate responded saying, “my mom and I have the same doctor and I don’t want her finding out that I’m pregnant yet. Do y'all provide prenatal care?” And of course they said “no, we do not provide prenatal care, you’re going to have to go somewhere else for that.” So if you don’t believe what the videos are saying is true, call Planned Parenthood yourself and ask them. Because they’ll probably tell you the same thing.

Yup so, in the last week or so I’ve started noticing ^^ this. This notice literally has ONLY ever showed up for me on Christian and/or pro-life blogs. It hasn’t showed up on porn bots, racist crap, or the gore blog that tried to follow me.

Only Christian and pro-life blogs.

Thanks, @staff, for proving yet again that this site is about as hostile to Christian and conservative values as it gets, and hypocritical about how your system filters perceived problems. Tbh, I like the idea of this filter. I don’t even care if you DO want to filter Christian/pro-life stuff, like – whatever. But you wanna maybe get a little better about defining “sensitive media” maybe? So maybe for once you’d do something that would block porn and gore and actual hate blogs? ‘Cuz that’d be real nice.