When pro-lifers tell me I’d “feel differently about abortion” if I had a child…

Hi, I have a child.

I was pro-life before I had a child.

My child is one of the reasons I became pro-choice almost over night.

I had an awful pregnancy. I was sick and miserable. I gained sixty pounds and was always in pain. Labor was something that I never want to experience again. After my child was born, I was diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis, neither of which I had before my pregnancy. Oh, and STRETCH MARKS GALORE.

Then there were the nonphysical aspects. I was in a relationship with a cheating, abusive dickwad. We lived in a car for three weeks during my pregnancy. We moved six times while I was pregnant. We were broke, on food stamps. I was just out of high school and hadn’t started college, and knew I wasn’t going to be able to any time soon. The father broke up with me after my child was born and I was forced to move in with my abusive mother, who stole what little money I had.

Around this time was when I thought, “HOLY SHIT, no one should be forced to go through this.” I chose to. It was my CHOICE. But after my experience, I realized I could never force a woman to carry a fetus or birth a child she didn’t want or couldn’t have.

I have a child, and I am pro-choice.

Late term abortions happen because the fetus will die shortly after birth because of some fatal defect and people have enough compassion to not want an infant to suffer or because it’s killing the pregnant person and they need to remove it so they can aggressively treat what’s wrong with the pregnant person. 

SO anyone celebrating a 20 week ban is officially not allowed to call themselves prolife. You’re not just stopping necessary abortions. You’re allowing more people to die. Grats to you. Assholes. 

Someone once asked me how many abortions I’ve had because “someone who’s so pro-choice has probably had a few”.

Not one. I haven’t had one abortion.

I simply recognize the number of reasons why people want, need, and deserve to have control over their own bodies and why they are more important than nonviable, non-sentient fetuses.

I will stand for choice until the day I die.

You don’t have to have an abortion to support abortion. You don’t have to be a parent to support parenthood. You don’t have to put a child up for adoption to support adoption.

Little bit of info about McFall vs Shimp (also known as “Why abortion will likely remain legal whether or not you like it.”)

McFall versus Shimp happened in Pennsylvania in 1978. This guy named Bob McFall was dying. He had aplastic anemia and was circling the drain. If he didn’t get a bone marrow transplant, he would surely die. Well, Bob had a cousin named Dave. He was the only viable option for a successful transplant, but he didn’t want to give of his body to save anyone. Even his cousin Bob. They went to court. The judge found in favor of Dave. Because he didn’t think it would uphold the law of the land to force someone to give of their body, even if it meant Bob would die. Bob died. 

Now, since then, that case has been cited every. single. time someone has taken someone to court to try and fight for the right to use their body even though the other person has said no. The United State Supreme Court has upheld that no one has to give of their body to keep another alive. Regardless of circumstances, no one has been forced to give of their body to save another. They’ve used the 4th and 14th amendments to continue to guarantee a person’s right to their body granted to them upon birth. 

When people try to make the decisions for others based on their beliefs, people like Savita Halappanavar, Angela Carder.. in the case In re Klein, a guy had to fight to get his wife the aggressive treatment she needed to survive (she was in a coma) and had to fight against “prolifers” to save HER life over that of the fetus. In Curran v. Bosze, a mother didn’t want her twins to give bone marrow to save their brother. Their father wanted them to, the Illinois court said,”Nope. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.”

Long story short? Even if someone will die as a direct result of your action (even if that action is INACTION) you are not obligated to give of your body for any reason to save the life of another. A fetus is not above the law. If you think it’s equal, then it needs to follow the law as equally as the rest of us. None of us can use someone’s body to keep us healthy and alive without their willing, continued consent. And that’s the law of the land. 

Pro-life Master Post

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of repeating myself when it comes to debates about abortion. I’ve created this master post to provide links that refute the most common pro-choice arguments.

But the fetus isn’t even a life. It’s a clump of cells. It doesn’t matter.

3 reasons why a fetus is a human being

Straight from the embryology textbook:

A zygote [fertilized egg] is the beginning of a new human being. Human development begins at fertilization, the process during which a male gamete … unites with a female gamete or oocyte … to form a single cell called a zygote. This highly specialized, totipotent cell marks the beginning of each of us as a unique individual.

Even more proof that life begins at fertilization

What is the unborn?

Okay, it’s a human, but it’s not a person.

The shockingly bloody history of legal personhood

From Personhood:

A criterion for personhood that depends on certain functions of human activity implies that individuals who perform the chosen function more excellently should have higher human value. Individuals suffering from severe Alzheimer’s disease or under general anesthesia, who may not be self-aware or able to create future expectations, could no longer be considered persons. We know, however, that the human under general anesthesia retains his personal identity despite his temporary lack of self-awareness, so his personhood must cohere in his underlying nature. Legally speaking, “persons” are guaranteed the fundamental rights of individuals, including the right to life. Historically, abuses of personhood have led to the genocide of groups deemed “non-persons” by more powerful political or social groups. For example, up until the 14th Amendment, African-American slaves were legally considered three-fifths of a person. Native Americans were exploited because they were treated as less than full persons. The racial distinctions used to label these groups as “non-persons” were conveniently invented to justify the violation of human rights.

Justifications for abortion are inherently ableist

What makes human valuable?

But it’s basically just a parasite!

Why the embryo or fetus is not a parasite

You’re just against it because you’re (religious, Republican, conservative, etc.), but I’m not (religious, Republican, conservative, etc.).

Secular Pro-life

Life Matters Journal

Feminists for Life

Pro-life OBGYNs

Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians

Democrats for Life

Pro-life Humanists

New Wave Feminists

Pro-life Pagans

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Why should non-Christians care about abortion?

But if you make abortion illegal, women will die! Haven’t you heard of back alley abortions?

The truth about back alley abortions

More about the coat hanger myth

Refuting the back alley myth

But what about cases of rape or incest?

Rape and incest victims reject abortion

Hard cases, exceptional choices

An honest look at the rape and incest exceptions

A pro-life answer to the rape question

Answering the rape exception

Inside the world of anti-abortion activists who were conceived in rape or incest

While on the topic, the pro-life community must rally in support of the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act

What if the woman is going to die?

Is abortion ever necessary to save the life of the mother?

What about the health of the mother?

What if the child is going to have a short life anyways?

Hard cases: Jeannie Wallace French

Hard cases: Tracy Haugen

Hard cases: Diane Simoni

Hard cases: Angelica Talavera

Abortion is needed to prevent overpopulation.

Simply stated: no. It’s not.

Women don’t regret their abortions!

Silent No More awareness campaign

Testimonies from post-abortive women

Abortion Recovery

Abortion workers regret their experience in the industry

Well, if you’re against abortion, why aren’t you against [insert other human rights injustice]?

We are against all forms of aggressive violence. That includes, but is not limited to: unjust war, abortion, euthanasia, slavery, torture, rape, embryonic stem cell research, human trafficking, abuse, sexism, racism, police brutality, suicide, etc.

Check out organizations like Life Matters Journal (read the most recent issue here!)and Consistent Life to find out more about this consistent approach to human rights issues.

That being said, not every pro-life organization is against all of the above. Dismissing their arguments against abortion because they happen to not be against some other form of injustice is an ad hominem fallacy.

Why ad hominem fallacies derail conversations

If you’re gonna be against abortion, you better be doing [insert some charitable action].

This is similar to the previous argument. Dismissing someone’s argument because you feel that they aren’t “doing enough” is another ad hominem fallacy. 

That being said, pro-life organizations do a whole lot to support those in need:

Catholic Charities USA (which is obviously against abortion) is #13 on the Forbes list of the 50 largest US charities.

Pregnant on Campus supports pregnant or parenting students and provides them with resources.

Abortion Recovery helps men and women who have been affected by abortion.

Project Rachel also helps post-abortive women.

Option Line provides free counseling for pregnant women.

Pregnancy resource centers provide free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, STI screening, parenting classes, and material assistance.

Pro-life organizations also assist in the adoption process.

You can’t be a feminist if you’re pro-life! Being pro-life is anti-woman.

That’s a straw man argument. Straw men make for poor arguments.

Besides, try to tell that to our feminist foremothers who were anti-abortion.

And finally, the most popular pro-choice argument:

My body, my choice!

Why “It’s my body, I can do what I want!” won’t do

De Facto Guardian and Abortion

Why pregnancy is not comparable to forced organ donation

Again, you can’t compare pregnancy and forced organ donation

Dismantling the “bodily rights” argument without using the responsibility argument

From secularprolifeprofamily:

When you realize why the political pro-life/pro-choice divide truly exists, the whole “bodily autonomy” argument falls apart.At its core, it’s not merely about protecting fetuses or not. It’s about whether abortion should be a legally sanctioned medical procedure.And the right to bodily autonomy doesn’t guarantee any sort of medical procedure no matter what.In most jurisdictions, no practitioner will legally give breast implants to an underage girl. Surgeons refuse to amputate the limbs of BIID sufferers. Are those infringements upon bodily autonomy? Of course not. Nobody is fundamentally entitled to procedures that may be irresponsible or unethical.

The False Strength of the ‘Bodily Autonomy’ Argument for Abortion


The first time I saw my baby it was when I was only 10 weeks along. It wasn’t a weird alien, it looked and sounded like an actual baby. It moved it’s arms and had a heartbeat. I couldn’t believe that abortion was still allowed that far into pregnancy, let alone for another two weeks.

NOW, I’m reading about a bill that was voted on about abortions up to NINE MONTHS OF PREGNANCY!? I am completely pro-choice, it is your human right to decide whether or not, or when/ where you want to be a parent, if you do at all, but what person could carry a child for nine months and then decide that it is okay for the doctors to kill off the very flesh and blood that you felt through your stomach all that time. 


My favorite pro-abortion argument is the “you don’t have the right to live off my body” bit. They’re literally talking to the baby. Telling it that it should move out and get a job.

Every one agrees that not sustaining the life of a baby is wrong. That’s murder. And there’s no magic moment when a baby becomes a baby. It’s a baby the whole time.