Education of the Proletariat

“How do you think scientific research and the advancement of science will take place in a world ruled by the proletariat? Right now funding for most scientific research comes from government agencies such as the National Science Foundation. Being a recent convert to Marxism and an aspiring biologist, I believe wholeheartedly in Communism, but I occasionally have a hard time imagining how certain functions would..well, remain functioning.”

This is an excellent question and one that often comes up. It was certainly an issue during the old Soviet republic and remained an issue where ever traditional Marxist-Leninism was practiced. It is certainly one of the inherent failings of the Marxist-Leninist approach to the transitional period towards Communism. As a Marxist who takes the approach that central planning and thus the foundation of the USSR and her emulators were fundamentally flawed, I have a very different approach to the subject of education.

First off, we have to remember that the way humans interact in modern society is not a traditional sense. Humanity has a long history of scientific development for the sake of scientific development. Did the great doctor Hippocrates develop the foundations for modern medicine because he would be given large sums of gold? Did Galileo Galilei challenge the established answers of the Catholic church because he thought the Pope would grant him great riches? Did the 17 y/o Angela Zhang invent a nanoparticle to destroy cancer because she wanted money or because she had several family members who had died and were suffering from it? Humanity will always advance scientifically without the prompt of the State.

It would be both naive and foolhardy to not create the foundation of institutions which would promote this, of course. We can solve this problem through solving another: the education issue. Education is the cornerstone of civilization and modern history has many good examples of how proper education can over time ensure the well-being of a civilization or promote its downfall. The modern education system is, unfortunately, built for another time.

The current system of education is very passive and authoritarian. The teacher sits at the front of the class and the pupils before them. The students sit and listen while the teacher rambles off facts and tries to show how those facts are applied to conventional models. Participation in class is summed up as asking questions if you do not understand. Collaborating with your class mates is called cheating and will get you expelled. Questioning the “why” of things is never acceptable and children need merely understand the facts as they are. The world inside a classroom is very black and white.

Today’s world is not a black and white world where passive, factual information can be absorbed. Today is built upon interactivity. It is a world where factual information is no longer the center-piece of learning, but instead the capacity to think critically. The new system must foster this instead of destroy it as our current system does.

Imagine if you will a new system of education. The “years” have been abolished in standard learning and the class room has been destroyed in an attempt to create open auditoriums for groups to interact. Students are themselves teachers as those who have advances further along their studies teach those who are further behind thus reinforcing ideas that the student-teacher learned so they do not forget it through lack of use. The “class” is now a small group of only five students with a teacher several steps advanced then the pupils. Groups of teachers are overseen by a teacher even further along who in turn teaches those even more advanced knowledge. In this way the movement of students through academia is not the start and stop rigidity of the current system that cares little for whether you have truly grasped a subject, but instead a system which fosters cooperation and inter-connective learning between those both above and below.

When a student reaches a certain age (let us say 14) they will begin teaching the younger students who are further behind them. At this time they will also begin gaining a stipend from the State (assuming here that we are in the transitional phase) so that their work for society may be reflected in their rewards. This stipend will continue through out their educational career and for so long as they choose to remain in education. Should they choose they could remain within it for the entirety of their lives. As they gather enough proficiency in subjects they will simply take part in larger scale projects and eventually in clinical trials or development programs that will push the boundaries of their fields of study. 

Science is intertwined with education. More so, education is the thing which guarantees a healthy society. A society which learns to create a strong foundation for education will not only create a populace able to tackle ideas such as democracy, but also extend the length and breadth of the human condition. This is the promise given to us by the proletariat’s education.

It’s so disheartening when subversive movements lose steam. 

Marx said that after decades of abuse from the bourgeoisie the proletariat would have an awakening and seize control of the government to begin the process of reallocation before disbanding the bourgeois government model altogether in favor of communism.

What he did not foresee was the bourgeoisie being able to placate the proletariate just enough for them to lose sight of their longterm goals. 

The immediate results of surveillance on Ferguson police via cameras on their uniforms and the pending investigation of their actions will probably be enough for the majority of the nation to forget that an 18-year-old black man was one of a sickeningly high number shot in recent memory. 

The majority of America will pretend to have “solved” police brutality without acknowledging the false criminalization of black lives. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic that our police will hopefully be held accountable to those they are meant to protect and serve. The practice of wearing a camera at all times is one I think should be adopted nation wide. 

But let’s be clear: police brutality is only half of the problem. 

It is not just police brutality. That would mean the police using their power to endanger everyone indiscriminately. A violent police force without prejudice.

What happened in Ferguson, what has happened in America since and long before the LA riots, is police brutality against primarily black people. 

It’s like being stabbed and stitched up by a doctor who never asks who stabbed you or why, and being told it doesn’t matter because you’ve technically stopped bleeding.

The First American Flag

Obviously, the thirteen stars are to represent the thirteen separate communes that federalized into the United Communes of America. The sickle and hammer symbolize the unity between the industrial manufacturers’ unions and the agrarian farmers’ unions within an anarchist framework being inside the circle-A. The red background is used to symbolize a bonding of all other symbols to the foundation of the struggle in honoring the blood of the proletariate spilled under oppressive regimes the world over. 

Face off between Tubbs the proletari-cat and Xerxes, the representative for the ruling class. Socks is a slave to industrialization and admires Xerxes from the choo-choo, Speckles hopes this feud won’t interfere with business.