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Animation tests with different lighting.

 I am currently writing and developing the story for a short. I have every main beat figured out, and so far the story has way more heart than any previous film I’ve done. I’m doing all I can to make the story strong, and I can say it’s sort of a spiritual successor to the previous three films I’ve done (Crayon Dragon, Woflsong and Tiny Nomad) Here are some visual explorations


Seb Janiak, is a French–American photographer, director and artist. Janiak has directed several music videos, which feature songs by musicians such as Janet Jackson and Draft Punk.

“Mimesis” 2012 – 2014 (Mimesis is a Greek word meaning imitation)

Mimesis is an adaptive imitation strategy.
There is a major difference between mimesis and camouflage in terms of evolution: camouflage capability, involving colour in particular, can appear and develop very quickly in a species through the interplay of mutations and selection, but mimesis by contrast is a complex co-evolutionary mechanism involving three species: the model, the imitator and the dupe.

  • Technical note: This serie has been created without any special effects or retouching, but using techniques of analog photography, namely superimposition and photomontage.

that’s idea XD omg!!!
i love Bendy in the beginning!
this a little demon! but very funny!
all team animation and production its a joke for bendy!

this idea is my and my beatiful friend! with a produce this proyecj! 
soy muy mala en el ingles /;____;/

[Mod. Eliana]

Bendy at the beginning likes to play pranks on everybody in order to entertain himself and not get bored in the studios.~ However, since Henry listens day by day the complains of the staff he decides to assign Bendy a “Punishment Corner”; when he knows he had got everybody mad he sits him there. The hat was a little addition after realizing Bendy didn’t take the corner seriously (Escaping a lot was his additional favorite activity after being scolded) 
AND! Boris is the whole key to have Bendy there until he “learns the lesson”, that obviously we know he doesn’t. 

Bendy is a little demon after all! But all he wants is to get some fun.

[Mod. Marie]


This is the reason why I haven’t been very active as of late. I’m currently working on two animated films, one about foo dogs and another about a bear. This is the major project because this is my senior film, or the film I need to finish before I graduate. These are just concept work before I really get into the full development of the film before actual animation; I’m so excited!

So the idea is basically this: A baby bear goes fishing to feed its sick mother.

If you’re wondering about the style choice, I’m taking inspiration from the Haida artstyle and trying to implement some of it into my film. C:

I gotta pitch this badboy to the school’s animation professors, so wish me luck!
This Short Film About An Older Queer Latinx Couple Will Melt Your Heart
"Our queer elders are rarely on screen, and less so if they are of color."

“I really wanted to see a strong, playful and complicated lesbian Latina elder on screen,” says the film’s writer and director, Adelina Anthony.

“Our queer elders are rarely on screen, and less so if they are of color. But I come from a culture that practices respecting one’s elders. So, in a small way, this film pays homage to the queer elders in our lives. And once I knew I was going to put a Latina lesbian elder and her female fiancée at the center of the story, I decided to imagine them in a senior residence home because in the U.S. it’s where many of our seniors end up living the last years of their lives.”


The Mothman Chronicles - a film by Chloe Kelsch