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Caught (stiles x reader)

Warnings- partial smut


You nervously made your way into your last class of the day, Science, and sat down in your assigned seat, which so happened to be right next to your crush Stiles Stilinski. You had had this crush on him for months now and you all talked nearly everyday, but it was just normal conversations and nothing special. You had already gotten your things out and you were ready to begin class, so when you teacher finally began the class she began to speak.

“Ok class! Listen up please!” Your teacher half way shouted until the room had fallen silent. “Thank you, now I will be starting class today by explaining to you all the new project that we will be doing and then I will assign you your partners.”

You got excited and began to sit up more in your chair. Projects were so much better than actual class work. “ With your assigned partner you will create an experiment to be presented in front of the class. I will also want a full page typed on how you went about this idea and a further explanation of the essay part will all be in the handout that I am passing out to you now.”

She walked around and distributed papers to every student in the class. Once she finished to reclaimed her place in the front of the class room and said,“ Now I will be telling you your partners. Please listen up, I do not want to repeat my self.” She went down the list until she finally reached your name and you heard her say,“… (Y/n) and Stiles…”

You had to stop and think for a moment, the words that she had said you replayed in your mind and then you finally came back to your senses and you quickly looked to your right to see Stiles leaned back in his chair as usual but now he was looking towards you with a sexy smirk across his face. He winked at you and you turned back around in your chair, you still could hardly believe what had just happened.

The class was nearing to the end and it had felt like it lasted an eternity. Finally, the bell rang and you quickly grabbed your things and ran out of the classroom and to your locker before anyone could speak to you. You grabbed your things as quickly as you could and then shut your locker door and nearly jumped out of your shoes to find Stiles standing right behind it, on arm against the locker next yours and he smoothly rested against it waiting on you.

“Stiles! You nearly gave me a heart attack!” You said. “Sorry, just wondering about the project, if maybe you wanted to come over to my house the Friday afternoon. My dad will be at work so we would have plenty of time to work on it.”

“Umm… Ok, sounds good! See you then.” You said somewhat nervously then walked away very proud of how you handled yourself during the conversation.

It was finally Friday and as you got home you struggled to find something nice to wear. You ended up just putting on a pair of jeans and a cute shirt. You straightened out your hair and put on light makeup. You then out your phone in your pocket, put on a pair of sandals, grabbed your books and went over to Stiles house.

Once you arrived you nervously knocked on the door. After only a few seconds of waited the door was opened to reveal Stiles in front of it, it hair as usual, but what he was wear was what distracted you. Stiles was in a pair of sweatpants without a shirt on, revealing his muscles. You tried to keep your eyes off him, but man it was hard! “Please, come in!” Stiles said kindly, as he stretched out his arm while opening the door, motioning you to move forward. You did and he closed the door behind you.

“So… We’re should we start?” You asked.

“Well we should probably try to just think of some ideas of things to do for it first then once we get that we can start to work on the essay first, that will give a guideline of how we will go about the rest of the project.” Stiles answered.

“Well someone really thought this through… Your pretty smart Stilinski…” You said smiling and grabbing on a folder and sitting down at a table next to Stiles.

“Thanks, but your totally going to be the brains of all this, you know that right?”

You laughed a little and nodded. “Yes, I figured…” He laughed a little and then you had began to discuss what you would be doing for the project.

After a moment of discussing it and thinking it over you and stiles had finally decided on a nice experiment to do. “So, do you want to start working on the paper now?” He asked.

“Sure, let me get my laptop out of my bag real quick.” You walked over to the door where you had set your bag down and you bent over to grab not even realizing the view you were giving Stiles.

You turned back around and briefly saw stiles trying to adjust himself without you noticing. You were both now turning slightly pink. This was it you thought… Now is your chance with Stiles, if you just play your cards right this could go well. You sat down a little closer to stiles this time, to were you were almost touching. You turned out laptop on and you and Stiles began to talk and type up the essay. You had gotten half way through and you looked a little towards your right, over to Stiles, and you noticed him shifting around a little. You stopped typing for a moment and you turned towards him a little and rested your left hand on his thigh, slowly moving it up.

“Wow! We’ve gotten a lot done already, and now I’m suddenly starting to struggle with finding the words and the right things to say. Maybe we should take a break…” You looked up into his eyes, that had until this point been staring at your hand but we’re now looking at you also. He face changed as soon as he realized what you were getting at, which seemed to be what he had wanted all along.

“You know, I might have an idea of what we could do in that time.” Stiles said moving his body closer to your and his face closer to your neck. He was now merely an inch away and you could feel his hot breathe against your skin, sending a chill down your spine. “What do ya say babe?” Said Stiles before planting a small kiss on your neck.

“Absolutely…” You said pulling his face up and kissing him. He immediately kissed back and he had one hand placed on your lower back, the other behind you neck as he deepened the kiss, as he was now lying on the couch with you straddling him. You moved your arms down, running your finger over abs, you smiled never breaking the kiss. Soon Stiles moved his arms down to your lower back and he say up turned him self off the couch as you wrapped your legs around his waist. He stood up and began to walk you both towards his room. The kiss still never broken.

He laid you gently on the bed and the crowded on top of you. The kiss now broken and you both gasping for air. He gave you one more quick kiss before running his hands down and playing with the hem of your shirt before eagerly ripping it off of you. He then moved his mouth to your neck and he began to leave wet kissed and suck wherever he felt. He would continue to suck on that spot until he heard moan escape from your mouth. Once Stiles found your sweet spot he began to suck on it hard, surely leaving a mark, and making you moan loudly. He smirked against your skin as he left wet kissed from your next and to your bra line. He reached around your back and was just about to unhook your bra when you heard the door open and a voice loudly say,“ Stiles!” and another voice say at the same time,“ Oh my God!”.

Stiles jumped in fear and you quickly covered your self with the covers of his bed. You looked over to see Scott and Sheriff Stilinski standing in his doorway. “Dad… I-i can explain…” Stiles aid nervously.

“Scott, what the hell are you even here for?” Before Scott could say a word Sheriff Stilinski was back at it again.

“Stiles! I cannot believe you! I trust you to be home by yourself and then I trust you even more by saying you could have a friend over to work on a school project! Then you go and defy me by trying to sleep with her! You are to young, I want her out!”

You had now out your shirt back on and you began to walk over to Stiles. When you heard him say,“ No, dad! You cannot just make her leave! And I didn’t defy you we worked on our project, for a while and we got a lot done, we just needed a break…” stiles smirked over at you and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ugh… Whatever I have to get back to the station, I will be home later and we will talk about this. And when I get back I better not find you with her in that bed of yours!” Stiles father began to walk away.

Apparently Stiles wasn’t happy enough with the punishment he would be receiving later so as his father walked away he answered,“ So… Just so we’re clear here… No beds but the couch and floor are cool?”

Stiles father said nothing and just walked away. You turned to him and began laughing as did he and Scott as well.

“Well it almost time for my mom to be home, I better get going. I will see you later tho Stiles. Bye!” You said giving him a kiss. “Bye Scott.” You said as you left through the door.

You heard Stiles behind you saying,“ Hey, you should come over next week so we can finish our project… Maybe we can finish that second one too!” He winked.

You laughed and rolled your eyes then went home.

Meanwhile, Stiles and Scott continued with their conversation. “So you never answered me… Why were you even here?” Stiles asked.

“Well I came to see how you were doing… Clearly you were doing very well…” They both laughed.

“You know maybe next time you could knock…” Stiles said.

“Well i would have but once you dad got here and heard it all going on he was a little past knocking levels of anger.”

“Was it that bad?”

“Oh yeah…” Said Scott and he turned to look at Stiles who had now turned completely pink.

I used to think the green brothers stayed out of the shane dawson debate because of the control of higher ups in the youtube industry and of the money and fame that is attributed to the monolith that is Mr. Dawson. But seeing Zachary Quinton speak his full opinion on a project that took at least 850 Thousand Dollars plus 250k in prize winnings (that project being Starz’ The Chair) makes me realize what a better person Quinto is compared to the Green Brothers (not that i ever thought he wasnt) and how you can so easily speak out against terrible people. Zachary Quinto called Dawson’s offensive ass out on camera not some private interview.

Also, “But Zachary Quinto is more famous than the Green Bro he’s allowed to do that!” Wont fly anymore cause John Green is fucking dealing with 2 major movies with his third (even fourth?) movie planned for the future.


It is less difficult to breathe when the Director leaves, stepping away with such casual contemplation drawing down the corners of his lips.

T8 keeps his eyes low, heels together and back straight, as if the Shield’s screams are not still ringing in his ears, forcing a terrible sour fear in his gut. 

The surrounding personnel are unaffected, the technicians too, murmuring quietly as they unstrap the Shield from the chair.

They gesture and T8 steps near, steps almost uneven, a sickness in his very blood to see the Shield so lank and undone. He doesn’t let it show, just takes over the duty that docility has granted him, pulling the Shield away from the sleeping grip of electric pain, sliding beneath a mammoth shoulder to hold him up. T8 steps back, giving what support he can to take him to the showers, to wash away the stains of blood and sweat that the Shield will likely not even remember having.

He doesn’t look into his face, already too sad and sick inside to handle meeting eyes that may not even recognize him anymore.