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Quick sketch of what Decay!Sans’ childhood was like compared to the ‘Deccy’ you guys know. It’s not a topic I’ve ever talk about in the main story plot but Decans’ past had a pretty dark start along with Papyrus. Both are experiment from no one else but DR.Winding Gaster.

As a child Decans or officially titled (S01AS-P1) was mostly obedient and easy to handle until his ‘brother’ Papyrus (S02AS-K1) arrived in his life, ending up questioning Gaster’s action that would affect his brother in any way. There’s so much I could say about them, but I’ll keep it for myself until I decide to reveal more~

Art & Underdecay© @little-noko


February’s Featured Game: Aria’s Story

GENRE: Horror, Puzzle, Exploration
WARNINGS:  Blood, minor jumpscares
SUMMARY: Aria is a bookworm who loves adventure stories and always spends her free time in the library. One day she falls asleep while reading a book and when she wakes up the library is closed. Believing that they forgot to wake her up, she tries to find a way out… In that moment she becomes the protagonist of her own story.

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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when I hear someone talking about my favorite show
*Favourite character dies*

I noticed whenever I use Newt in game and people just jump over the Seekers, I keep throwing some more, get annoyed, throw some more, then use Seeker Rush on the jumper… so I’ll just give him that as the only thing that annoys him.

…And Sorrel seemed like the kind of guy who would unknowingly annoy him about it so that’s why he’s the victim here.

@tamarinfrog owns Sorrel.

And before some people say anything this is still Copy, just using a side blog.