Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram Projector

When you’ve finished making the lens for your smartphone projector, be sure to run the demo video and see your holograms come to life.


I wrote an extension for Google Chrome called “Minionify” that changes all mentions of the word “children”, “child”, “kid”, and more to the word “minion” in your browser.

I didn’t just write this to be the harbinger of death (as some of you would call me). I wrote this as a way to draw more attention to the work of a nonprofit that is focused on helping children all around the world dealing with education, illness, and poverty.

You should all definitely install it, and read more on why I wrote it by clicking here.

#make100portraits 53/100 // @delia_p

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100 instant film portraits of people I know, or sort-of know, or don’t actually really know all that much.

BLESS YOU for reminding me of the fact the British Library uploaded part of their collection on to Flickr for public use. I have a project due next week for my class on the Irish Famine and I’ve been scrambling for images from a reputable source. Seriously you just made my week for blogging that post!

And that’s why I make posts about resources in different formats! Sometimes I’ll post video, photographs from an exhibit, images from a database, or screencaps of an interactive map, along with or instead of lists of books or bricks of text. Because everyone learns differently, and everyone absorbs information in different ways. It’s my hope that as many people as possible can find something they can relate to in a way they can interact with the best. I try to use different post styles to show that diversity in education is important in practice as well as in content.


My Asexuality and Aromanticism Project

This was a project I did for school, about issues we care about. I’m sorry it doesn’t have everyone on the Ace Spectrum, I didn’t have enough room. I know I didn’t talk about everything, but this was an overview.

You know, when I was doing this presentation, in a classroom full of bigoted middle-schoolers, no one laughed or said anything “funny”. Everyone took it 100% seriously. I liked that.