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Prompt: The town is having a movie night at a park (giant screen and projector). Emma tells Snow that she will unveil her secret relationship at the event. Snow looks back during the movie to see Emma, Regina, and Henry all snuggled up together. (Extra bonus points if R is asleep)

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“Are you coming to the movie night?” Snow asks as her daughter munches her way through a bowl of Lucky Charms that were supposed to be for Henry. 

Emma looks up from her cereal internally wracking her brain before smiling, “Oh yeah I’ll be there.”

Snow looks at the smile and raises a brow knowingly. “What’s that smile for?” 

“Nothing,” Emma says with a slight blush. 


"Okay fine,” Emma replies, “You know how I’m dating someone?" 

Snow nods, “Yes your super top secret relationship.” 

"Well we decided to go to this movie night together and well basically come out." 

Snow claps her hands excitedly, “You mean I finally get to find out who your happy ending is?” 

"How did you know they’re my happy ending?" 

Snow smiles, “From your smile. You’re happy and clearly in love and you have that look of someone who knows they’ve found forever.” 

"I have,” Emma admits before looking down at her watch, “I better go. See ya later Mom!" 


(During the movie) 

Snow flickers her gaze away from the movie screen anxiously seeking out her daughter. Emma said she was coming and with her partner. So far though Snow hasn’t seen her.

She saw Henry and Regina from the corner of her eye sitting near the back armed with two blankets and snacks but no Emma. 

Snow frowns before looking around again. Then she sees Emma. Where there were two people underneath the big oak tree there are now three. 

Henry sits on one blanket watching the movie and stuffing his face with popcorn. 

On the other Emma and Regina sit side by side, hands linked and Regina’s head against Emma’s shoulder. Regina’s eyes are closed and a soft serene sleepy smile graces her lips. Emma’s other hand combs her fingers through Regina’s dark curls as Emma rests her head against the brunette’s. 

Snow smiles looking at the pair. She meets Emma’s gaze for a few seconds and her daughter sends her an uncertain questioning look to which she merely nods, grins and sends Emma a thumbs up. Emma smiles letting out a huge sigh of relief before resting her head back against Regina’s. 

Snow turns away before looking at her husband, “You owe me twenty dollars.” 

"Why?” he asks. 

“Look,” she says and he turns to see Regina and Emma snuggled up together with matching smiles of adoration and bliss. He smiles, “She looks really happy doesn’t she?" 

"They both do,” Snow replies knowing that finally her daughter and Regina have found the happy ending they were both so desperate to find in each other.