projector cases

Have I mentioned recently how incredibly HERE I am for any and all headcanons that involve Tony Stark being like, the polar opposite of ableist?

Tony Stark who sees Fury’s workstation in the avengers and goes out of his way to make sure that all the interfaces he builds from that point on are accessible and easy to use for someone with one eye. 

Tony Stark who makes sure that everything that is equipped with Jarvis is also equipped with screens or projectors in case Barton’s lost his hearing aids (again). Tony Stark making it mandatory that everyone who works for SI knows sign language, and paying for their training.

Tony Stark who, even before he meets Matt, makes sure that there is braille on all of the signs in his building. Makes sure that Jarvis is capable of translating anything into audio as needed, who has a braille printer… well, it’s somewhere around here. 

Tony Stark who invests heavily in prosthetics research. Who takes Bucky to a hospital to meet kids with 3D-printed-limbs and sees him cry afterwards and sets up a foundation in Bucky’s name because hey, he doesn’t need the publicity but goddamn do those kids need limbs and Bucky is their hero. 

Tony Stark who makes sure that his building is accessible for people who have physical disabilities. Who makes sure there are panic rooms not only for y’know, actual attack, but also for when someone is having a panic attack and needs to remove themselves from outside stimulation. Who coordinates with Sam Wilson and the VA on resources for employees with PTSD. 

Tony Stark who makes sure that mental health care is just as comprehensively covered as physical health care in his employee’s benefits. 

Tony Stark paying careful attention to his friends, his coworkers, his employees, his fellow superheroes. Tony Stark making accommodations and addressing needs as soon as they arise. Tony Stark having a no-tolerance policy for abuse and harassment. 

Tony. Stark.

INDRID: get coffee.

Your eyes gleam behind your glasses as you get out of your chauffeured car, and instruct your driver to be back within a few hours. You don’t actually know how long you’ll spend with Nemmon! But you’d like to show him the city as well as get coffee.

You stroll into the place - it’s very nice, it caters to teals and above as a break place but also a meeting spot and minor work area, since it offers wifi and access to a small projector in case someone needs to make a presentation. The projector, occupying most of one wall, is first-class biotech - the screen gently pulses a soft illuminated gray, crystalline liquid common to most husktops integrated with microorganisms that can accept data intake from any organic source and analyze it.

Hm, you don’t see any seadwellers - he can’t be here yet. It’s just you, another purple, a few ceruleans, and a teal in the place right now, all the rest of them occupied with food, drink, or their phones. The smell of coffee wafts toward you, and you order an iced caramel-flavored drink with coconut milk along with a few pastries before sitting down, hands neatly folded in front of you as you sit properly upright, waiting.