Layerrr Monsterrr.

Haha this is awks. But I love it.

I’m not a New Yorker, so layering on this level during the winter is new to me. But seriously, I’m not used to the cold NY weather! I’m a SOCAL WUSS - spoiled by LA’s sunny, 70-degree winters. To give you an idea of how many layers I’m wearing (and this is without my coat and scarf and gloves) I am wearing Uniqlo heatteach leggings over tights, and a chunky sweater over a sheer shirt over a uniqlo heattech long sleeve shirt. IT WAS CRAY. Once I got inside the trade show venue, I was sweating bullets. Trial and error, I guess.

New York women layer effortlessly, though. Major props and much respect to you all!

On another note, the always AMAZING William Yan shot this on the first day of PROJECT NY, and it was a lot of fun getting to hang with him when he wasn’t busy shooting or blogging! Good times!

On another-nother note, peep my Le Specs shades. Favorite sunglasses of the moment! Did I mention that Le Specs just did a collab with Henry Holland? Definitely worth checking out.


Meanwhile, down the way taking over a substantial piece of @ProjectShow real estate is the artfully curated Project Wooster space.  I know you are familiar with #menswear so the man @NickWooster is already your biggest man crush. 

He is a master at celebrating clothing in a completely masculine way by showing the fellas how to mix and match patterns, textures and layer without over doing it.  It all comes off so naturally it is truly a joy to step in to this environment and pause to reflect of how clothing should inspire you to be inventive and free in expressing yourself. 

As I write this I am sitting on the camo couches listening to guys and girls ohh and ahh while snapping photos like they are in the Moma in front of a Rothko. 

It is a wonderful reprise from the intensity that is #ProjectshowNYLV

Thank YOU, Wooster!