projection art


My final part for the @dancetale MAP (link)

It’s done! Woop!

Took me long enough.

I need more practice with animating smoke. Also probably one of the laziest backgrounds I’ve made in quite a while, but meh, it’s done!

* Don’t use without my permission, and please do not re-upload/re-post this anywhere <3

Project for Awesome 2016!

As a lot of you know, Project for Awesome this year is on the 9th to 11th December. If you don’t know what the Project for Awesome is, check it out here and here.

Last year, @hanklerfishcomic did a wonderful thing by taking drawing requests in exchange for donations for the charity.

I will also be taking requests this year. I’ll be offering the following between 9th and 11th December:

1) Look into my eyes: (Anything over $0)

A while back I drew the eyes of several mythical beasts on tumblr. For any amount more than zero dollars for the P4A, I will draw the eyes of your favourite YouTubers / You / Your friends. I’ve been told that these work great as Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr header pic :)

2) Keep a straight face: (Anything over $30)

I will draw a pencil portrait of you / your favourite YouTubers for a donation of over $30 :)

3) From face to hand: (Anything over $60)

For a donation of $60 or more, I will draw a portrait of you / your favourite YouTuber and ship it to you :) (Please note that I will only be able to do a limited number of these)

Let’s raise a lot of money this year, Nerdfighters!

How it will work:

1. You message me on tumblr, or email me at with which of the three you’re interested in, and the amount you’re planning to donate. If you’re requesting your own drawing, I’ll be needing a reference picture. For YouTubers/celebrities I will source them.

2. I will reply back with a confirmation if I am able to take it up (depending on how many requests I receive in total)

3. I will make your perk and post it on my tumblr, and you can copy it and use it anywhere you want. (In case of the third one, I’ll ship you the drawing as well)

4. You may donate only after I post the drawing, and of course I will trust that you will donate the promised amount :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask anytime! Let’s do this wonderful thing :)


My headcanon for Jas’s parents. Its the first design I came up with so I might tweak it when its not 4 am lol Shane and David were childhood best friends and Shane had feelings for him but never confessed. David and Gabriella met, got married, and had Jas. :^) I have a knack for making Shane suffer