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MW Tuesday: CLOTHES!

Questions and tasks of the day:

  1. Describe/show us your favorite shirt!
  2. What’s your favorite Markiplier outfit?
  3. What would you love to see Markiplier wear?

Don’t forget to tag your posts with the hashtag “#markiplierweek”!

Have a wonderful day everyone! c:

Hi there guys!! Now that I’m back home and school has reopened, I don’t really have much time for real drawing. Have a quick doodle of Izumo being stomped by a giant can of anko.

PS: I actually wanted to put Seri in but… screw it, I’m lazy!!

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yooo maminuuue~ I didn’t want to upload this when I first finished it, because I didn’t like how Mamizou came out… But tbh I’m really pleased with the stars, and it was so fun to paint. Last thing I’ll upload before I go off on holiday.

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