Aries Descendent
The traits you have rejected in yourself and project onto others rather than identifying yourself with them are: aggression, egoism, directness, harshness.
Positive traits you could integrate are: initiative, drive, leadership, self-assertion.

Taurus Descendent
The traits you have rejected in yourself and project onto others rather than identifying yourself with them are: laziness, indulgence, being too traditional and routined, stubborness.
Positive traits you could integrate are: persistent, patience, stability, practicality, reliability.

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Augmented Book Prototype

Project from Convivial Studio is a publication which displays augmented animated content through a projector, and have produced an Instructibles page to show how you can make one yourself:

This tutorial is for an augmented reality book using a Kinect 360 and a projector. The Kinect is tracking the position of the book via its camera, so you can move it around and the projection will follow the motion of the book. You can for example project 3D elements that will appear complete with shadows and will be able to rotate and change shape, colour, texture.

We always thought augmented reality to be a great technology however it is always required to experience it while looking through a device. We wanted to try to use it in combination with projection-mapping to create a seamless and magical experience.

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Audio Visual art object by vtol is a homemade projector with a robotic controlled flexible lens which cam produce abstract light visuals:

The object works autonomously, by algorithm with many accidental events tied to feedback, with sensors defining the position of various mechanical elements in relation to the range of their movement. The sound part has up to 4 voices which depend on the activity of various elements. The sound is also in direct interaction with actual position of those elements, and basically is voicing the process of movement, brightness of light, and intensity of the piece. 

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It’s most awkward when they’re saying how much they relate to whatever assumption they are projecting onto me. I don’t really want to correct someone when they’re being so enthusiastic.



Promo for Japanese event organized by BRDG involved multimedia performance using holographic projection method:

It has been announced that the second volume of “VRDG+H” will take place on April 30th.
VRDG+H is an event carried out at DMM VR THEATER, a venue that makes full use of the world’s first and most advanced holographic technology. The event features various talented creators with the aim of seeking out a new expression from the collaborations of sounds and visual images. All the tickets for the first volume held in March were sold out, and the impact of the show and the visual experience that could not have be seen in any other place became a topic of conversation.

The same as the previous time, the second volume will be held as a collaborative project of INT, or the creative division started up this year by HIP LAND MUSIC, and BRDG, a platform for audiovisual representation centered in Tokyo.

Keijiro Takahashi x OBA x DUB-Russell
Daihei Shibata x FEMM x Lil’ Fang(FAKY) x Yup'in
Kezzardrix x Jimanica
Aqueduct x Katsuhiro Chiba experimental 9.1ch
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Meditations for Astral Projection

Astral projection is where your soul actually leaves your body. This is different from remote viewing where you enter into a trance and will yourself to a specific location. The following two meditations are just basic guidelines. I suggest for more in depth information to click on the PDF links below.

Meditation 1

This meditation feels weird. Just make sure you seriously want to project, otherwise, any hesitation can keep you in your body. You have to be relaxed, both mentally and physically. The first few times are the most difficult. Like with anything else, consistent practice will make this easier, until you no longer have to even enter into a deep trance, but can project any time at will. Some people find projecting easier than others, as they have done this in past lives.

  1. Get real comfortable and go into a trance. When you are so relaxed you can no longer feel your body, you are ready.
  2. Visualize your astral body inside your physical body, being held there by your seven chakras. The chakras can be visualized like colored knobs.
  3. Take each spinning chakra and stop it from spinning and give it a quarter turn in the reverse of the direction it was spinning, like turning a doorknob.
  4. Relax and let go and try to exit.

Meditation 2

This is more like a preparatory exercise. This one is not nearly as powerful as the one above, but less intense for those of you who would rather do this gradually.

  1. Lie down and relax, as above. Go into a trance. Relax to where you feel like you are floating.
  2. Now, lift your left astral arm up. Visualize this. You will need to imagine this, but energy follows where it is directed.
  3. Lift up your right astral arm and touch your face
  4. Touch both your astral hands together.
  5. Do the same thing with each leg and foot.
  6. Imagine your entire astral body floating above your physical body, or somewhere else in the room and concentrate on being there. Just lie there and focus on this for a while.
    Keep repeating this exercise often and eventually, astral projection will follow.

More in depth information:

Treatise on Astral Projection by Robert Bruce [PDF format]

CIA Remote Viewing Manual [PDF format]