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I followed you because I used to follow you when I was still idroppedthespiritstick and had to shut that blog down because reasons. And you're funny I guess.

ah yes i think i remember the url

welcome back and thanks for staying loyal !!

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HAHA! This should be easier than RED. I hope.
green:four life goals

  1. Move to Japan! Find a job there and enjoy just being there.
  2. This may clash with 1) but represent South Africa in the Olympics for archery | alternatively, shoot at 75m instinctively (which is INSAAAANE)
  3. (Re-)achieve androgyny status.

blue:three fears 

  1. Losing either/both my colour vision and hearing. As in, I live for design and I love music. Take those two out and I might as well not be living any more. Fun Fact: I was on the verge of going colour blind a few years ago.
  2. Going back into remission.
  3. I snap one day and hurt those closest to me?

indigo:two weaknesses

  1. Physically, the right side of my body, is essentially weaker.
  2. Mentally, my brain really can’t handle too much information at once. I really just shut down and reboot into something else.

Many thanks for the challenge questions! <3

  • Friend 1:Any suggestions on where to eat?
  • Friend 2:There is a new Mexican place that has opened up in town?
  • Me:I can't eat mexican, I have to bottom this weekend.
  • Friend 1:...
  • Friend 2:*Leaves the conversation*
  • Me:What?
Mass Effect characters through the series
  • Mass Effect 1:Human men and women, Aliens and Alien sex with implied lesbianism.
  • Mass Effect 2:Human men and women, Racial diversity, Aliens, more different Alien sex, proper lesbians.
  • Mass Effect 3:Human men and women and children (rather, "child"), even more racial diversity, Alien men and women (where applicable), even more alien sex, proper lesbians, proper gays.
  • None of the Mass Effect games:SEX WITH WREX.