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*Fires fifty pounds of mud at Myouren Temple*

Were it something solid, the projectile would have been easily repelled by the amazing head priest within the building. Instead, the shower of mud hurling through the window was met with a quick fist, only to flow over it.

“!!“ immediately afterwards, the rush of slick mud sent her to the floor in a surprised heap. She will need to find a way to protect her shrine from sudden fluids in the future.

statistically speaking, there’s no way the children of percival “i built explosive projectiles to flirt with my future wife” de rolo and vex'ahlia “i cherished literally every single one of them” de rolo aren’t prone to streaks of pyromania

  • [weird explosion in whitestone castle]
  • visiting noble: uh, what was th–
  • vex and percy: [making direct eye contact with each other] We Have To Go, Right Now Immediately
  • visiting noble: but what is it–
  • cassandra: this just happens sometimes. you get used to it. 

Avengers Facts:

  • everyone always makes a point to reiterate that Natasha could be wearing a full on ball gown and heels and not have a shred of tactical equipment or weaponry on her and still chase after and expertly assassinate u, but no one ever forgets that Clint has done the exact same thing to the tee. The teal made his eyes pop.
  • Tony is allowed to call Natasha, “Natashalie”.
  • Steve is wayyy smarter than people give him credit for and would totally fuck with people (read: tony) when they think he doesnt understand tech stuff, prank others using that tech knowledge, blame it on another avenger, and then get away with it and watch the chaos unfold like a soap opera.
  • Bruce has been caught reclining in the living room with tea while knitting and saying into a phone, “What do you mean she didn’t go for it? honestly, pepper, if u don’t start a lawsuit, i will.” No one has any idea to this day what they were talking about but they still tease him about it relentlessly.
  • Thor does something similar to the Steve thing where he’ll pretend he doesn’t know something so when someone tries to explain it, he makes them go into EXCRUCIATING detail about it no matter how awkward the subject is for like hours, mostly as a test to see how long his act can hold up. It’s been getting better with time.
  • Natasha Romanoff loves matchmaking but she’s not that smooth or completely sauve with her own love life when it really matters.
  • James “Rhodey” Rhodes is the absolute BEST FRIEND in the whole ENTIRE goddamn WORLD forEVER. everyone should aspire to be a Rhodey.
  • Bucky Barnes is a fantastic friend, but also an absolute SHITHEAD and will MERCILESSLY prank u or embarrass u in front of ur date or write on ur face while ur sleeping. the worst part is, unless u know him or ur Steve, u would never expect it.
  • Pepper Potts is the most capable, trustworthy woman in the world but when she’s drunk off her ass, she giggles a lot, embarrasses her friends (read: Tony) with hilarious stories about them, and voluntarily breaks into song if whatever ur saying is also a famous lyric.
  • Sam Wilson is fair, understanding, and supportive but if u eat his leftovers and leave the foil or takeaway box in the fridge afterward, all bets are off and u need to flee the country immediately.
  • For three weeks someone keeps anonymously sending emails and texts and tacking notes in places they’ll see with really dumb bird puns to both Sam and Clint. Immediately everyone assumes it was Tony. Who else could it possibly be?
  • It was not Tony. It was Steve.
  • Rhodey is always called when Tony has a Stupid And Potentially Dangerous Idea because everyone assumes he’ll talk him out of it. This is a mistake. Most of the time, he does, but sometimes you’ll catch Rhodey saying “it’s gonna WHAT? Hold on, I’ll be over in five do not start without me”
  • Steve once walked out of his room at 3am and when he was halfway to the living room and heard an intense screamo/electric pop music mashup playing, a thunderous crash that lasted for fifteen seconds, Clint groaning, Tony shrieking, and Thor laughing a touch too maniacally, he turned right back around in what he later describes as a tactical retreat.
  • Rhodey and Tony have a secret handshake they made up at MIT. when people find out, they assume they’ll be embarrassed or deny it. Not only are they wrong, they will be subjected to a demonstration of it and if they’re REALLY lucky, they’ll get to see the full version. I’m not saying it includes light shows and projectiles, but that is exactly what I’m saying.
  • Everyone helps out with team dinners at least once, but Bruce is always a constant. be careful not to piss him off though. he’ll get u back in such a way that if u confront him about it he’ll turn it on u until u start to believe u imagined the copious amounts of crushed ghost pepper in ur chicken.
  • The Avengers can sit through Titanic, The Notebook, and Up without crying, but they don’t stand a chance against Marley & Me. Thor and Clint will be openly sobbing, Steve will be curled in on himself with his face in his hands, Bruce will need to leave the room, Tony will have tears streaming down his face as he babbles about why no one should ever get a dog ever forever and why they’re getting one first thing in the morning, and Natasha will be clearing her throat and wiping at her eyes as subtly as possible.

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my projectile/relative motion test was 2 days ago and we are moving on to dynamics. not particularly confident about the test though, because it had such a small denominator (not much room for little mistakes) and I’m not fully clear with relative motion so I only have my fingers to cross.

in other news, hurray that it’s officially fall season (even though it’s going to snow next week) I’m ready for the beanies, baggy sweaters, and black boots.

I hope you’ve all been feeling well, treating yo selves, and loving yo selves, and if you’re not then it’s okay because I think you’re pretty rad ♡

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i love the squirmy boys...... please tell me more about your time with them

I am so glad you asked! So these South American giants belong to the genus Rhinodrilus. They’re found in rainforests, which is so perplexing since one of the most outstanding features of rainforests is the utter lack of topsoil. I was astonished to see such gigantic earthworms in such a seemingly hostile ecosystem. Rainforests tend to have a thin layer of decaying leaf matter (just a few centimetres deep) sitting on top of solid, nutrient poor clay. 

Part of the reason why the soil is so… nonexistent is that incredible organisms like Rhinodrilus and many other detritivores eat up all of the forest’s biomass into their bodies as opposed to leaving much of it in topsoil. Worms in the Amazon are so powerful that nearly all the biotically useful chemicals in the forest are in some living thing. It’s the starkest line between biotic and abiotic I’ve ever seen!


So about hanging out with them! Rhinodriles are gorgeous worms! Their skin is a lovely light lavender and has this beautiful rainbow iridescent sheen to it, which you can sort of see in the above photo. In sunlight, their whole body glitters with many rainbows. I could thankfully tell they were vomiting and not pooping all over me (like every other animal) since they do have clitella, those bulges you see around small earthworms, which are located close to the head. If you’ve ever wondered what those bulges are, they’re the primordia of ring-shaped egg cocoons that the worm will shed once its fertilized eggs are mature. 

In addition to projectile vomiting, they are quite fast on land. They’re abundant, and surface during rain, so you’ll see their tracks in just about any patch of dry mud you find. They normally walk forward in straight lines, but can really get the hell out of dodge quick with serpentine maneuvers if some dipshit ape tries to catch one. You do sort of have to handle them like snakes if you pick them up, not because they’ll bite, but because they’ll climb and slither out of your grasp. I could actually feel their setae (these spines used to grip dirt while inching forward) gripping my hands like so many tiny claws! The big squigglies seemed to have rows of setae all around their bodies, since if pet in one direction they are silky smooth, and in the other feel like a cat’s tongue.

All in all, really good animal, 11/10 reason to support rainforest conservation.

Source This is a normal sized earthwodm with a really good image of setae.

Lup and Barry have definitely gotten married before, at least several times, but that was with old bodies in old dimensions. It doesn’t count, probably legally speaking. And if Abeir-Toril is going to be their last world they’re going to make their marriage here count. They have lots of experience in getting married, they’re practically experts, they can totally throw the best wedding ever. 

They plan for several years, scientifically analyze their past weddings to identify the best parts of each, invite half the continent, make denim themed invitations. They absolutely over-think things and it’s one part extravaganza one part absolute disaster. 

  • Carey and Killian and Hurley and Sloane have been pen pals for a while and are delighted to finally get to see each other at Lup and Barry’s Matrimonial Party Weekend. The only problem is that it’s cherry blossom season and it turns out Carey is horribly allergic. She sneezes fire onto several drapes, and then both couples spend half an hour staring wistfully at each other until Carey’s allergy meds kick in. 
  • Magnus brings all his dogs. Which, to be fair, he got permission to do, but it’s still a lot of dogs. 
  • Angus brings a date and the entire Bureau of Balance spends the whole time trying and failing at being intimidating, except Magnus who tries to convince them to adopt a dog. 
  • Despite being excessively coached beforehand, Merle still slips up and invokes the power of Pan at the beginning of the vows. Lup and Barry have to go sit in a side room until the holy aura wears off. 
  • Lup drops her bouquet in the rush to get away from the religion. Unfortunately she heavily enchanted it so that when she threw it at the end of the party it would go and bat Kravitz around the head until he grabbed it (Taako wasn’t about to propose and they needed a push, plus it seemed like a good drama note to end the reception on.) It interprets being dropped as being thrown. 
  • Their boss comes. Enough said. 
  • Avi builds a high speed catapult for throwing rice and nearly blinds someone with projectile grains. 
  • They’ve incorporated wedding traditions from seventeen of their favorite planes of reality, which is very cool but also means that everyone who wasn’t on the Starblaster has no idea what’s going on most of the time. 
  • Multiple people need healing by the end of it, it’s incredibly gushy and lovey, and finally Lup and Barry decide to abandon their own party on a Phantom Steed and go get a room at a seedy inn. They take the (five tier, highly decorated) cake with them. 
  • The reception still lasts until 6am without them. 

Context: two members of our party are a human fighter named Santire, and a half halfling/half tiefling five year old rogue nicknamed BM that rides around in Santire’s bag. They share a turn in initiative. The party was briefly split up, where my character (Mavine: tiefling paladin) and another PC (Willow, tiefling ranger) were facing four goblins outside the entrance to a cave dungeon. One was already dead by the time Santire and BM walk up.

DM: Okay. Santire and BM, what do you guys do?

Santire: How far are we from that goblin on the left?

DM: 130 feet.

BM: Just throw me!

Some discussion. We thought it was a joke.

Santire: Okay. I throw him! *rolls a 13 with a +4*

DM: …….okay, you throw a fucking child at this goblin. He makes it 60 feet before hitting the sand.

Santire uses an action surge to try again after BM dashes back to him. He makes it 60 feet again. This process goes on, over and over each turn in initiative while my character protects Willow and helps take out the two other goblins. DM even granted multiple action surges so Santire could walk 30 feet closer and throw BM again. He just wasn’t getting any rolls higher than a 13 Finally, Santire is about 40 feet away and only needs a 14 to make the distance.

Willow: Wait, what if BM can’t do enough damage to kill him in one go? 

DM: get a nat 20 and he’ll do extra damage.

Santire grabs my d20 instead of using his phone dice app. He rolls and gets a 14 first try. There’s some cheers. But he has advantage and has been rolling with advantage the whole time. Rather than take the 14, he rolls again. He got a nat 20. We all absolutely lose our shit. The DM plays Naruto’s theme to really heighten the moment and had it pulled up in case they pulled this off.

DM: Okay, so you just launch this 5 year old like a fucking javelin at this goblin, and he pierces it with his rapier, killing it instantly.

Me: Mavine absolutely loses her shit and starts cheering. 

We end there because absolutely nothing would top that moment. The move is now called “Prashengan” as a mix of “rasengan” and BM’s player’s name. Part of their quest together is to perfect this move and create similar ones using this fucking demon baby as a projectile. 

The hull of a Swiss Panzer 68 being treated in an oil bath in the production lines at Thun, Switzerland in 1977.

Text following the procedure from an Oleg Sapunkov:

“The hull would have previously been cast, fettled (cleaned of any sprues/risers/runners/ etc.), and descaled (cleaned of oxide scales on the surface).

The cleaned hull would then be reheated, and kept at high temperature for many hours, to homogenize the metal. Homogenization allows additives and impurities dissolved in the steel alloy to diffuse more uniformly into the grains within the resultant component – since during the cooling of the initial cast, a high fraction of additives is segregated out to the grain boundaries, which weakens the metal. Once the alloy is sufficiently homogenized, the hull is tempered in an oil bath, to decrease its hardness (resistance to permanent deformation under compressive force), but increase its toughness (ability to absorb energy before fracturing).

Finally, following the oil bath tempering, the hull is face-hardened by quenching (rapid cooling). Face hardening produces a metal component with a hard surface, but a tough interior, so that the resultant armor has a higher probability of preventing an incoming projectile from penetrating the hard face (either by deflecting or shattering the projectile), but also will be more difficult to fracture entirely in case the projectile does penetrate the hardened surface.”

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Ever heard of American Ninja Warrior? It airs on NBC. Imagine Steve going on a celebrity edition of that show and running the course. Maybe with a few of the others (Sam, Nat, Bucky?) running it as well?

Steve had agreed because it was a celebrity charity edition of the show and he wasn’t about to turn down an opportunity to help someone in need.

He hadn’t realized that Rhodey was going to be his competition. He hadn’t realized how excited he was for it, either.  

Sam and Natasha would be competing against one another, and Bucky and Clint had decided that it was only fair they take one another on while dodging projectiles from one another. Because heaven forbid there be a situation in which they aren’t trying to one-up the other’s aim.  

Steve finished the course in record time (he was a little smug, supersoldier serum notwithstanding).  

Steve knew a lot about Rhodey.  That he was patient and kind and had rock-solid boundaries and was fearless. He had no idea that Rhodey was a complete and utter badass when it came to American Ninja Warrior.  He tied Steve’s time.  Without a serum.  And he was definitely older than Steve was.  Kind of.  Depending upon how you calculated.

Point being Rhodey schooled him.  Steve refused to accept that they’d tied.  He’d had the serum and Rhodey just had his complete and utter incredible self. He declared Rhodey the winner and wouldn’t hear otherwise.  

Steve didn’t even know until they were filming the award segment that Sam had beat Natasha and that Bucky and Clint stalled out for three minutes throwing darts at one another before scrambling ass-over-tea-kettle for the end of the course and they were still waiting to determine who’d won based on a photo finish.  

attention | jjk.
  • summary: “It’s like she got my attention for just a second, just one glance and that’s all it took. And now she’s all I can think about.”
  • genre: fluff, angst and some smut because it’s college! au.
  • words: 10,260 words.
  • warnings: drinking mention. smoking mention. vomit mention.
  • authors note: based loosely on charlie puth’s song attention. i had lots of fun writing this! sorry it took me so long to post again, but i’ve been trying for a long time. i hope you have as fun reading it as i did writing it. also jiimin is highly featured in this fic. - mo

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