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Greetings! Your prompts are fantastic and I would love to get your input on something. Could you make some prompts about a villain being ordered by a king-like villain he views as a father to go find and kill a hero he used to be friends with? My apologies if it is a complex request.

1) “We could – we could contain-”
“I know this is difficult,” the older man said. “But I would not ask you if this was not of the utmost importance – look at me.”
The villain peeled their gaze up and resisted the urge to swallow.
“I loved him too, like a son. Have faith in our cause, as I have faith in you.”

2) “No.” The word burst out of them before they could choke it down, like projectile vomiting.
The man moved faster than the villain had thought possible for their age, and the next second they were on their knees, face throbbing from the force of the blow. They stared at the other in utter, foolish shock.
“Don’t disappoint me, boy. It was not a request. Look, see what you made me do to you? Think carefully whose side you want to take.“

3) “I’ve never asked anything of you.” The villain took a step closer. “I have served you well, without flaw or hesitation. But please, I can’t. Not them. Send someone else.”
The man was silent, expression impassive as he considered him.
“Please,” the villain said again. “I won’t ask you to spare them, I know you can’t, but…”
The man sighed, and his features shifted almost kind. “Listen, my boy.” He placed a hand on the villain’s head like a blessing. “You are not your own person, you are nothing, so don’t hurt yourself thinking. You are mine and you will do as I say. Do you understand?”

to add to this “humans are weird” thing
did you know that humans are the only species on earth with the ability to throw things with any significant degree of accuracy and force (apes can throw with about the force of a human ten year old, but cant lock their wrists well enough for accuracy)

and we just never really think about it bc its so easy and simple to us that pretty much all of our sports are based around the concept of throwing things accurately

what if the concept of projectile weapons takes most species FOREVER to get the hang of, or even come up with in the first place.
a human goes onto a ship and throws some trash into the nearest reclaimer, shouts “kobe!” and all the other aliens on board absolutely LOSE THEIR MINDS

To be fair, humans are some bullshit from a balance perspective.

“I’ll just outrun that human…any day now… any… day… jesus christ it’s the terminator.”

“Maybe I can outsmart it and hide. What’s that you say, its brain takes up 20% of it’s caloric intake? FML.”

“It doesn’t have any natural weapons. I’ll just turn around and kill it. OH GOD IT’S GOT STONE CLAWS THAT ARE UNHOLY SHARP!”

“Okay, fight number two. It’s squishy so if I’m careful and find the right time when it’s weak I can - IT HAS PROJECTILE SHARP THINGS!”

“I’ll try crossing the river. It’s too gangly to be buoya - IT CAN SWIM?!?”

“Okay nothing can swim and run and climb. I’ll just go up this tree… FML it descended from apes.”

“It doesn’t even have fur, I can run to a colder climate and escape. Welp, it’s wearing the fur of my loved ones to keep warm.”

“If the whole herd bands together and protects each other, we can trample it… it can CONTROL FIRE.”

“Fuck it. Might as well just follow them around and get domesticated.”

Prettymuch everything we did to animals comes out of a horror movie.

Historically, when humans have sought a reliable source of calories – particularly one that can be readily nabbed from an unsuspecting animal with minimal exertion and zero horticulture skills – we have often turned to eggs.

We’ve pilfered the ova of countless creatures since Neolithic times. But it is the nutritive and symbolic capacities of the humble bird egg, primarily that of the chicken, that we have most consistently championed: reliable nourishment, a hangover cure, an emblem of rebirth — when necessary, a supreme projectile.

Yet in the late 1970s, our egg appreciation soured. Doctors realized that excess cholesterol in our blood predicts a higher risk of heart disease. Cholesterol is a fatty substance necessary for digestion, cellular function and the production of hormones. When too much of it shuttles through our blood supply, it can accumulate on artery walls and up our risk for heart attack and stroke. By extension, many physicians of the day assumed that eating high-cholesterol foods like butter, red meat and eggs was probably disastrous for our health and should be avoided. Fat phobia ensued.

We now know it’s more complicated than this.

Unscrambling The Nutrition Science On Eggs

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How to spawn the three dragons: Dinraal, Naydra, and Farosh

Recommended gear:

  • Flamebreaker Armor Set**
  • Snowquill Armor Set**
  • Zora Armor Set**
  • Thunder Helm or Rubber Armor Set**

** indicates the armor has been upgraded twice by the Great Fairy to gain the set bonuses Fireproof, Unfreezable, Swim Dash Stamina, and Electric proof.

PLEASE NOTE: No matter which of the dragons and armor sets you are wearing to get the immunity to the projectiles they spawn around them for, if you glide into the dragon’s body you will catch fire, freeze, or get zapped.

The dragons spawn shards that have various effects when mixed with elixirs and are used to upgrade several armor sets and can also be sold for high amounts of Rupees/Mon.

The item you get from the dragons depends on the area you shoot them with an arrow. You can only get ONE item per encounter so if you miss or need multiples you will need to start the cycle again.

Item                       Body Part to Shoot

Shard of ( ) Scale  Body

Shard of ( ) Claw   Foot

Shard of ( ) Fang   Mouth

Shard of ( ) Horn   Horn/Crest (above the eyes at the top of the head)


There is a stable next to the Tabantha Great Bridge.

Sleep/wait there until night.

Throw on the full Flamebreaker armor set and run up the side of the canyon on the same side as the stable is on.

Between 9PM and Midnight the dragon Dinraal can be found flying through the canyon.

Glide down and shoot him with an arrow in the region specified in the table above.


After getting the item that Dinraal drops in the canyon immediately swap to your Snowquill armor set and warp to the Spring of Wisdom (Jitan Sa'mi Shrine) at the Top of Mt. Lanayru.

Run out of the door and to the left, climbing over a boulder or two to get to the trail that leads up the mountain.

Follow the trail up (noted by white line in the screenshot) until you see the second cluster of ice spires on your right.

First cluster:

Second cluster:

Climb this and jump off to glide down the mountain.

About 1/3 of the way down the mountain you will see a large ice spire sticking up as you descend (light green line).

Land on this and turn around to look at the top of the mountain.

The music will change and you should see the giant blue dragon flying up the left side of the screen to the top of the mountain.

Climb as far back up (following the dark green line) as you can, the dragon will circle the top of the mountain once before descending down the right (towards the Lanayru Road to the west) side, so you have a little time.

Then glide off the side of the mountain towards Naydra’s flight path on the south side of the mountain.

This is the hardest dragon to farm as the shards fly very far away and you must glide to the location to gather them.

The good news is if you glide near the dragon you can drop and glide again to catch her updraft multiple times to fly further.

Once you catch up to the item that spawns from Naydra swap to the Zora armor set and warp to the Shai Utoh Shrine directly behind the Lakeside Stable in the Faron region.


Run past the stable and up the path to the right.

Before the bridge you should see a small cliff outcrop.

Dive/glide from here and to the bottom of the waterfall directly in front of you.

Swim up the waterfall and glide to the ground on the right.

You should see Farosh on the far side of this and may even get caught in his updraft while gliding.

Pause and equip the Thunder Helm or Rubber armor set and then get closer to the dragon.

(Maybe not this close)

If you have any questions feel free to message me.

down to brass tacks

happy valentine’s day, everybody!! <3 canon verse, 3k+


They finally get a lead on Kelly Kline on a Saturday. Spurred on by guilt and probably a bit of cabin fever, Castiel turns right around from the hunt he just returned from with Mary to chase her down.

“Oh,” Castiel says, turning. He sticks a hand into his coat pocket. “I almost forgot.”

It isn’t like him to forget things, so the move has to be calculated. Then again, he loses his phone all over the place. Maybe he really did just forget whatever it is. Dean’s startled out of his musing by a shiny projectile hurtling towards his face, which he catches gracelessly in one hand. The metal, whatever it is, feels cool in his palm. He blinks up at Castiel.

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teach me wise master the art of dva

quick and simple guide to how to be a good dva:

1. SPRAY AND PRAY. your bullets do very little. so you need to ALWAYS be shooting. you dont have to reload, and all that happens is you slow down moving. rein has a shield up? constantly be firing. never stop shooting. get shields down. harass people from afar. people who are waiting at a choke who have to keep ducking/diving to stop taking damage can’t focus. always be firing.

2. YOUR DEFENCE MATRIX EATS ULTS. you can completely eat up projectile ults (hanzos dragons, meis blizzard, zaryas graviton) and in other ults (such as high noon, pharas justice) stand in front of them/block them with your body and hold down your defence matrix!! it’ll stop it from firing. you can save your entire team this way. if you feel like the enemy is saving ults, SAVE YOUR DEFENCE MATRIX. you need the full duration to eat most ults.

3. YOU CAN BOOP PEOPLE, JUST LIKE LUCIO. when you fly forward using your jets (i call it your bunny hop) you deal damage to the people you hit, and you can also push them back. TILT THE ENEMY TEAM. shove them off bridges, ledges, shove them off highground, make their day HELL. HARASS THEM!!

4. you do not need a zarya, mei or rein to get a good ult off. it’s good to have a graviton, a blizzard or a hammer down.. but it’s not 100% needed. you can still get 3-4 kills if you choose where you ult right. go onto practise maps with bots. experiment where to throw your ult. the bridges in lijang tower, for example, are GREAT. 

4.5. A STATIONARY ULT WITHOUT A ZARYA, MEI OR REIN IS USUALLY BAD. which is the only thing i’ll say abt it. if you don’t have one of them, FLY UP, ULT, and let your mecha fall back down. people won’t see it and won’t know where to run. it panics them. 

5. make sure you have the ‘is this easy mode?’ voice line equipped. you will win games.


Requested by @robo-dactyl and @electronicallyinclined

Yesterday we covered Grubbin and Charjabug, so it is only natural that we complete the family today with Vikavolt. Vikavolt is a stag beetle, specifically based on a member of the genus Cyclommatus, known for their long mandibles and metallic bodies.

A stag beetle’s large mandibles are used as weapons. They fight over food, territory, and mates. When they wrestle, they pick each other up with their pincers to flip their opponent vulnerably onto the back, or off the branch altogether.

Vikavolt is…different. Its mandibles are definitely used as a weapon, except they are a projectile weapon. An electric railgun.

A railgun is a projectile launcher that is made of two conducting arms, called rails. Vikavolt’s mandibles are the rails. Electric current flows inwards through one rail and outwards through the other, creating a “U” shape of current. Since moving electricity creates a magnetic field, a strong one grows in between the two rails and this magnetic field is a pushing force for whatever conductive material you want to shoot out. In Vikavolt’s case above, it shoots out a plasma ball. Plasma railguns are typically require a vacuum to be efficient, but the principal is still the same.

Railguns are able to fire projectiles with huge speeds up to 2,500 m/s (8,200 ft/s), which is about 7 times the speed of sound.

Vikavolt’s mandibles act as a railgun. Electric energy flows inwards in one mandible, and outwards in the other. This creates a strong magnetic field in the center, which propels projectiles at high speeds towards its enemies.

Felt like doodling between commissions today, and suddenly superheroes. Don’t have much for them yet, but Left to Right: 

Ray: Uses hardened light projectiles, can create platforms and shields out of them too.

Dia: Flight, Invulnerability, Super strength, Crystalline form

Ari: Nano technology engineer, made Ray’s flightsuit, mechanical arms can separate into smaller shards and can shape shift, or be used as projectiles.

Soh: Energy manipulation, specifically electricity and magnetics through that. 

Headcanon that Harley comes up to New York to visit Tony once every few months just so that he can tinker in the lab and talk to Tony again (he’s convinced he is solely responsible for saving the president. Tony is adamant he was only accountable for 8% of the rescue-mission. After three days, five pizzas and two wrestling matches, they decide on a solid 30%).

And then he meets Peter one night, who has also swung by to pester Tony and play around in his lab, and before Tony knows it they’ve set up a sort of Deadly-Science-Kids-Alliance which involves inventing various sorts of projectiles. That they test, of course, on Tony himself.

He wonders, briefly, how the hell he ever ended up in this situation.

Then he gets a foam dart fired at him from across the room for the fourth fucking time in the past hour and quickly drops his train of thought in order to call his suit and have it out with the pesky little bastards once and for all.


Arena (Арена) active protection system, the successor to the revolutionary but fundamentally flawed Drozd APS.

The system uses a multi-function Doppler radar, which can be turned on and off by the tank commander. In conjunction with radar input, a digital computer scans an arc around the tank for threats, and evaluates which of the tank’s 26 quick-action projectiles it will release to intercept the incoming threat. In selecting the projectile to use for defeating the threat, the ballistic computer employs the information processed by the radar, including information such as flight parameters and velocity. The computer has a reaction time of 0.05 seconds and protects the tank over a 300-degree arc, everywhere but the rear side of the turret. The system engages targets within 50 metres (55 yd) of the vehicle it is defending, and the ammunition detonates at around 1.5 metres (1.6 yd) from the threat. It will engage any threat approaching the tank between the velocities of 70 metres per second (230 ft/s) and 700 metres per second (2,300 ft/s), and can detect false targets, such as outgoing projectiles, birds and small caliber bullets.

1. Protective siloes
2. Radar
3. Protective ammo
4. Incoming anti-tank guided missile
5. Tracking phase

The relatively confined space of defense in which the warheads operate ensures any collateral damage is limited, but nevertheless the system still poses a threat to nearby infantry, albeit not in the level Drozd used to. 


—”In his ‘tainted’ state, Chuuya can manipulate surrounding gravitons, and increase the density of his own body. He can crush a tank with his bare hands. The projectiles made of compressed gravitons are voids that consume all matter. However, he can’t control that ability on his own. Once he activates it, he’ll keep on raging till he dies.” 

Making Tony Stark Eat: A guide by Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes

Steve: Come on, please. eating is so important. do it for me. look, I’ll even make you a sandwich and bring it down to your workshop, and you have to promise you’ll eat it.

Tony: Fine, okay, whatever Steve.

Bucky: *throwing metal arm @ Tony* EAT SOME GOD DAMN FOOD YOU FREAK




Bucky: *launching breadsticks across room like projectiles* I. CARE. ABOUT. YOUR. FUCKING. WELLBEING. EAT OR I WILL SHOOT YOU

Tony: *screaming*

Bucky: *also screaming*