These last two weeks...

have been physically and emotionally exhausting and nerve wracking. We had a gallery show of our projects today (which were Hockney joiner photographs and LTL drawings) in the fishbowl.

While the professors were not happy with our progress, I think it’s been pretty amazing. For a girl who never touched photoshop/ did any 3d modeling or arch related things before getting here, I’ve definitely come a long way… it’s weird to think that we’re about halfway through firstyear already! 

Anyways this is boring to read… so here’s fotos

Choosing le instrument

Choosing le site! (off Marsh & Nipomo)

Grayscale final study model

Final LTL drawing! (not quite sure what LTL means…something to do with layers and transparency I believe)

Taking a well-deserved night off! (: