anonymous asked:

hey! do you have any advice for an entp guy and an enfp girl trying to work through a long distance relationship?

Oh this is super doable! One hard thing about ENFP + ENTP relationships that that both of them are literally the worst at keeping in touch. Like it’s just that you might forget, and your partner will too, and i’m sure you know it’s nothing personal, it’s just how you are. But you need to go out of your way to make sure you’re messaging her stuff, whatever. Given that she’s ENFP, she migghhtt not care about everything that happens in your day, and you probably don’t have much to say about it anyway, so it can be hard to find material to talk about sometimes. But if you just send weird projecty stuff or ideas that you have, that’ll be enough to get the sexy Ne juices flowing. 

Video chat, video chat, video chat. Both of you could suck at the texting and having full blown conversations because that requires focus and actually talking about something (which both of these types kind of suck at), but if you video chat, you can just be around each other while the other is making pasta on the stove. This way it’s way easier to have a nothing conversation and not forget what you want to say next in between typing and having a computer screen and all. 

But as I said before, this is a cute match and it’s super doable to keep this relationship going. My bffffffff is ENFP, (emphasis on the bffffff), and I just got back from a year away and nothing’s changed. If you two love each other and know it, you don’t even need to talk everyday, just remember how awesome you other half is. Since it doesn’t come naturally to communicate over the interwebs, you don’t have to worry about your other half freaking out about you not messaging every day and night, but make sure you don’t forget to message anyway because love (obvs best argument here).