#PROJECTFLYSF | Nike gathered 12 of the best Instagrammers, who’s total following reaches 1.3 million people, across the country and gave us all one hell of an experience to celebrate the launch of @NikeRunning’s Instagram. From the very beginning to the very end, it was nothing short of amazing. I flew first class from Chicago to San Francisco where a driver had been waiting for me to take me to my room at the Clift Hotel. After getting into my room, I found a WhiteICE Nike FuelBand sitting on my bed with instructions on where to meet up for dinner. During our private dinner, the Nike team gave us a briefing of our trip and why we were all here… we were here to run an ‘Epic Run’. Next came the tools (gifts). A new backpack, two shoes including the flyknit lunar1+ that hasn’t even come out yet, socks, shorts, a shirt, jacket, and gloves. 

The next day at 6:45am we gathered in the lobby of the hotel only to roll out of there four Escalades deep. We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and ended up on the beginning of a small path. Our day really started here. We started running about half a mile on this path until we saw and ended up getting in 4 Helicopters. We got an incredible private tour over San Francisco. Our pilot even flew under and over the Golden Gate Bridge. Shit was crazy. After the tour over the city, the helicopters dropped us off at Mavericks Beach where we went on an amazing scenic and refreshing four mile run. After the Epic Run, we got another helicopter tour back to SF were we had a chance to sit down, talk about the amazing experience, and eat some brunch. But even after all this, Nike had one last trick up their sleeve. They presented us with a challenge of going on an Epic 13.1 mile run. The date has yet to be set for the Epic Run but all I know is training for it starts now. 

I’m very grateful and honored to be one of the few that was able to go on this adventure. I feel inspired. Not only as a photographer but as an athlete. How will I #makeitcount this year? By running more, shooting more, and living more.