Yeeayeuhhhhh! These are our lovely girls. #FDX

Anddd, WE OUT, NJ! Arriving in bits to the 702 (LV) for the MegaCrew Division at Hip Hop International – the olympics of World Dancing, haha. Wish us the best of luck and keep up with the event through these sites:
Hip Hop International
Blogging Best Dance Crew
House of Crews (daily Video Coverage of HHI starting July 25th)


Our own John Baluyut doing RDT Thanksgiving Workshops!

It’s just another community workshop.

You know, something we threw back in 2008 to help the NJ/NYC community come together –with people from teams long ago like FR3SH, FLO, Phillanova, and SERCis (SiC). Nothing, too big. Probably one of the first inter-local-community workshops held in NJ that came alongside with Boogiezone NJ before the advent of the local dance community boom – but don’t quote us on that.

Well, its been 3 years, and we’re bringing it back for its 4th anniversary. August 27th, 2011. $5 all day, 3 to 4 classes. Different teams. Budding talent. Your Mind=Blown (together) that you never knew about this talent in your own community. 


Perspective. If you ever wondered about what its like to be in Project D for almost year, then you should probably watch this.


It all leads to this. 


It’s worth it.

SORRY GUYS! We know that a lot of you have been COMING BACK to 5:30-6:45 TUESDAY MASTER CLASSES since a couple of weeks ago, but we are cancelling class for this week only.

PLEASE KEEP UP TO DATE with the Project D Dance Company Fan Page and our tumblr and eventually pdstyle, to see our latest updates on our classes.


Meanwhile, check out one of our previous tuesday class videos: 

Remember how registering with us you had to remember this website: and you’d get some letters mixed up and then you couldn’t pre-register because the website was all wrong and you had to look for it in our facebook feeds back clicking though our history just to find the link we posted up last night? 

Well, we fixed that. And made it simple. All you need is a twitter or a facebook. Just shout us out on twitter saying something like, “Taking @pdstyle class today. Pure WIN.” Or (on Facebook) “With @Project D Dance Company” taking class with Steve Armendi. and it’s a new piece. SICK"

We check it and see if you're telling us the truth. And you save a couple of bucks for gas, turnpike/parkway, water, snacks, etc.

Details in the image above.

Cuttin the Fat...

We here at Project D are all for continued growth and learning for the community. A constantly growing community of dancers that take classes consistently create an ever developing community of dancers that continue to challenge the rest of us.

Unfortunately due to economical tough times and the lack of continued interest, we have decided to cut classes at Step By Step Dancesport, INC (24 New Bridge Road, Bergenfield, NJ 07621) starting APRIL 2012.

We will still hold our SIGNATURE FIRST of the MONTH classes featuring a local community dancer every first SATURDAY of the MONTH from 3 to 4PM, as well as special workshops from popular out of town dancers, and maybe a free dance day from time to time. However, unless there is a demanding interest in our classes, we will be eliminating our 5:30PM TUESDAY Master class with Project D Director, Steven Armendi, our 7:00PM THURSDAY Beginning Intermediate Class, and our 3:00PM SATURDAY Open Level Class from here on out.

If you and or anyone else think otherwise and would like us to keep our classes:

write us an email at 

leave us a message on our facebook:

tweet steve armendi at @stevenarmendi

P.S. We still hold private classes. Email us for rates and such! But join us this month for the last of our weekly classes. Cheers.

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