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Forest Collective

Congratulations to Forest Collective for reaching their funding target with 45 days still to go!

Forest Collective formed in early 2009 as a collective of Melbourne based artists who aim at facilitating various inter-disciplinary performances and collaboration, the group aims to create works across disparate disciplines, aimed at freedom and expression.

(via 2013 Concert Series by Forest Collective)

Once upon a time (well, two years ago actually) Dahlia Ishak had a dream to create a new kind of space for Brisbane. As a freelance graphic designer, she was frustrated with not being able to find an affordable creative space to work outside of her home. She tried working in coffee shops, and while she loved them and their humming vibe, they didn’t necessarily love her hanging around all day. So she decided to create a co-working-space-come-coffee-shop that mixed together the enjoyment of being in coffee shops with the resources available in shared offices.

Help her Finnish the story and live happily ever after!


All over Australia, thousands of women and men are working for a better food and farming system. A fairer system, one that feeds all of us well and looks after the land, the farmers and the food workers.

They are Australia’s Fair Food Pioneers. Their stories need to be told, and shared as widely as possible.

Australia has never had a Fair Food documentary. With your help, the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance will make the first one.

This is how change – big change – starts. Be part of it! -

Toy to the World.

Launched in 2010, Toy to the World is a biennial charity art-event involving a custom vinyl toy design competition that raises funds for HIV research.

Toy to the World promotes Urban Vinyl and custom designed toys as a creative outlet, while also offering artists a unique forum to celebrate custom toy and character creation. 

(via TOY TO THE WORLD PROJECT by Matt L. Jowett on Pozible)


Why doesn’t all public transport have live music?

Meet Train Tracks, it’s an event which takes hundreds of people on mysterious journeys through the city where they participate and enjoy the collaborative efforts of the city’s creative community (including art, music and much more.)

Like most awesome projects, Train Tracks was born when a group of friends felt like being cheeky and tried to pull off putting a few bands on the train. Since then the Train Tracks Team has put on 3 events, each new one trying to be more delightfully outrageous, and attracting more people.

Not only do these guys enriche Sydney’s creative scene but they inspire the re-imagination of public spaces! What more could you ask.

Two Trees Coffee

Just six months ago Mim and Jordan (seen above) opened Two Trees Espresso Bar in West End Brisbane. With a cool indie vibe and some awesome beans these guys are breaking the rules and are set on creating the first ever cold press coffee delivery Bike!

What’s is cold press coffee you might ask…

“Our Coffee is coarsely ground and left to soak overnight where the water slowly seeps through the coffee grinds leaving all the bitterness and acidity behind. We then add a touch of vanilla, Maleny milk or soy and bottle it ready to drink! This process is artificial free, preservative free, natural and fair trade organic :) ” - Mim

(via Cold Press Coffee Delivery Bike by Jordan Lomas on Pozible)

An edible, biodegradable and recyclable performance space

Tanja Beer (Set Designer), Hamish McCallum (Permaculture designer) and Sas Allardice (Environmental Educator) have combined forces to create the Living Stage.Part theater and part garden, The Living Stage features vertical garden walls, suspended pots and portable garden beds with edible plants. The Living Stage will house a series of new theater and performance works that draw on the concept of regeneration, and interact with the unique design that surrounds them.

The result will be part experiment and part food growing demonstration; inspiring our collective optimism about the future and a ‘how-to’ initiative that reveals what is actually possible in a world facing increasing global food crises.

(via The Living Stage by Castlemaine State Festival on Pozible)