Our lives now…
If any of us survive that is-
If revelations was the last piece of the evil powers that be (and have been since they landed)’s puzzle, then we can see that the same evils in positions of power today can cause all the events that were prophesied.

#haarp is deadly to our very existence

Stand up together! Resist and find your own truths! Let the spirit of light, love, and strength, work from within you! We don’t have to do what we’ve been ordered! Our free will, will point us in the right direction if your heart guides you. We must get off our knees and stand up to all this corruption and control. For it’s all the corruption and control that has brought us to our “end times”.

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The evil only exist bc of some crazies who worship and believe in it. Now they have all the power. It’s time to wake up and take it back.


Project MkUltra exposed.. Britney