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Tumblr Crushes

  • tearingdownthestarss: Self explanatory. She’s my best friend. We share so may fandoms and whatnot it’s insane. So we reblog a lot of each other’s shit. Oh and did I mention she’s my best friend?
  • finnick-ing: This is quite funny because I’m pretty sure I only started following her either today or yesterday. So yeah, she blogs a lot of The Hunger Games as well as Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence so yeah. That’s pretty awesome I guess haha.
  • projectabernathy: She is quite awesome because she posts a lot of Game of Thrones stuff so I reblog quite a lot of that and every now and then she might post some of The Hunger Games.
  • lestarks: I just discovered her blog today and am obsessed with it already just because we share so many fandoms such as Game of Thrones, Skins, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries, heaps of attactive celebrities, Paramore, The Hunger Games, (500) days of Summer and more. So yeah despite the percentage I think that she is my absolute no. 1 tumblr crush at the moment.
  • sierrafuckerbeck: Well lets be honest here. I absolutely love VersaEmerge so therefore I love this blog. This chick blogs a lot of amazing bands so yeah… That’s about  it :3
  • levanzgerald: She posts a lot of skins stuff so therefore is amazing. She also ships Franky and Nick which is pretty awesome and why I love her tumblr so much :3
  • paramore-atthedisco: She is quite amazing because she mainly posts Paramore and Panic at the Disco hence the name but yeah. I reblog a lot of Paramore and Panic photos from her.
  • theeverlarks: She blogs a lot of The Hunger Games which is always awesome to see on my dashboard. So yeah if you love The Hunger Games I suggest you follow her.
  • failwhale-freakazoid: I started following her for The Hunger Games. The only warning I have for you is that she posts a lot of One Direction haha. But if you love One Direction go ahead. i like to see her posts on my dash.