If you know me outside of tumblr, you would know that I don’t really find myself attractive. I love to sing and create music. It’s my way of connecting with people, and hopefully affecting their lives in a positive way. That’s why you see me, because I have to put myself out there. I want that to change. I want to put myself out there because I want to, and am completely comfortable with it. Rather than do it just because it’ll help bring more attention to my music. So as of today, I’m going to start appreciating and recognizing myself more. If you were to look at my phone, you’d probably see about 1-2 pictures of me. They’d be of my artwork for Croix or some other promo picture. I don’t take selfies, and when I do, I usually delete them right away. No more deleting selfies, no matter how much I may think they look dumb. Anyways, enjoy :)


“she comes, she comes”


hunter, hounds, and horn

through haunted forest, bare
branches of winter, bliss

of brazing sun, and on
the horsecloth the emblem shines,
emblazoned: an eagle with
sharp beak, a lion, and
a serpent, squirming worm

on the blue edge she stood,
unarmed, disarming

there on the green rim, dim,
her hem is full of oleanders
and by her side a golden deer

she reappeared and disappeared,
since then I longed
since then I feared
to see my darling