Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead Or Alive

One of my favorite tracks from 1986 goodie Slippery When Wet 🎶  

  • Band : DORO - Helden (Official Video)

Brand new song of DORO (2017, October)


李榮浩 Ronghao Li - 歌謠 Ballad (華納 Official HD 官方MV)


Am I the only one here who loves H!P’s ballads and mellows? TokiSora(oh yes!), Shouganai Yume Oibito, Summer Wind(another yes!), Aitai Lonely Christmas, Aa Susukino, Kaze ni Fukarete, Koi wa Magnet, Kobushi no Hana(yes pls!), etc. are so pleasant to my ears that I don’t get why people don’t like songs like these. Mellow songs are life… yeah, for me, it is. <3            

                                       !!!Mateus Server RP event!!!

Come on down to Gravity Song Ballad Night on September 30th from 6pm-10pm MST.
Ward 8, plot 25 of Goblet.

Share a tale, share a song, share a little comedy or even a little act or dance. Either way we hope you’ll enjoy the free food and drink along with all performers and fellow patrons. Please wipe your feet, weapons at the door. No fighting inside of the house or damaging company property. Other than that be ready for a wild night of exotic pleasures and sounds hosted by yours truly! — *signed* -Lenneth of house Gravity Song **pamphlets posted around all major city states**


“There is a certain kind
of sadness in her eyes;
A heaviness on her shoulders;
A coldness in her touch;
A looseness in the grip
of her hand in mine.

There is a distance that distracts me
from hearing her voice,
But I see the quiver in her lips
As they mouth ‘Goodbye.’

I cannot remember her face anymore
But I see the quiver in her lips
As they mouthed ‘Goodbye.’”

- muffliato, a ballad.

[170630 | little somethings from the anthology i made for World Lit]