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Viking men were also heavily tattooed but their most striking and fearsome fashion statement was their gnashers.

They would file horizontal lines into the enamel on their front teeth and paint in red resin. Gareth Williams (curator of the exhibition, Vikings: life and legend) says: “That’s like your punk sticking a safety pin through his nose. It would have been very uncomfortable and it’s quite deliberately saying ‘If I’m prepared to do this to myself, what am I going to do to you?’.” (Source)

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Ragnar’s bedtime-story

“Now, Kvasir was a man of great wisdom. He could answer all the little children’s questions. The story of Kvasir’s wisdom soon reached the ears of two horrible brothers, the dwarves Galar and Fjalar. And these dwarves hated Kvasir for being so clever. So, they lured him into a gloomy chamber, and then they snuck up on him, and then they stabbed him, dead! And his blood spurted everywhere."