project: uproot

Driving to Pittsburgh: Plan and Leap

While I was in Scranton, I hung out with my dad for a day. We see each other often enough, but usually in short, distracted intervals. It was a welcome and happy experience. With recent life events, stress has been wracking me, and seeing my dad helped.

Afterwards, I saw my friends. I made a decision on recent events shortly after arriving at the abode of breatheoutselah, gregoryboyd1, and sammeh, and the second and I basked in our own separate and particular contentments. Though our activities were simple, we considered it a celebration of the highest caliber. Spookycat was also there, serving as my Minister of Conflict. To say he served with distinction and valor is an understatement.

I then made my way to witchpete’s, where we discussed at length (and late into the night) every aspect of the unimaginably large change that we are about to encounter. We openly discussed what was to come, and through this I experienced a great calm.

As I drove back to Pittsburgh, I was unable to stop thinking about what I’d gotten myself into, and how I could possibly make working, moving, a campus visit, personal obligations, and a formative trip all happen in the brief period of time between now and the end of August.

And then I figured out how to do it, as drunkillustrationtuesday/ staticstrife can undoubtedly attest to. I have a plan. A good plan. We will succeed and thrive, and this next step is going to be HUGE.

But plans sometimes fail, and even a single oversight can cause major setbacks. Although I do not doubt that I will succeed handily, I will hedge my bets by strictly following the advice provided by John Burroughs for just such situations:

Leap and the net will appear.


I’m rooted in the soil
of the country I live in
though the earth under me
is rotten, from loss of loved one
the death of relationships
and a list of lengthy regrets.
Now fissures in the dirt
widen more each day
threatening to fully consume me
if I don’t embrace my freedom
so I’ll take a trip around the world
finding myself and a new place
for my roots to anchor.