project: empty space

This is Parker Cannon hugging me and it was the greatest night of my life. Parker and I have the same chest condition where our chests cave into a dent. It’s called pectus excavatum. Right after TSSF played Face Value during their concert in Bloomington on 10/30, I took my shirt off and hopped onstage to show Parker my chest. I was really nervous at first because he has a reputation as a kind of reclusive guy, but when I got up there and showed him what we had in common, he fist bumped me and hugged me. After that, I dove into the crowd and heard Parker say “See, I’m not the only one.” Then I pretty much just cried/sang all the way through Empty Space. Parker is the reason I’m not insecure about my chest anymore and to actually meet him and show him the confidence he inspired in me made it all the more special.

The Story So Far//Empty Space

(My edit,not my photo)