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Vela Supernova Remnant - 2 by Eddie Trimarchi
Via Flickr:
This is a little more of the huge Vela Supernova Remnant, a star about 800 light years away, that exploded around 12,000 years ago, creating a vast, intricate cloud of gas and radiation, appearing to us now as roughly the size of 16-full moons, but far too dim to see anything-of without a largish telescope. Bi-colour Ha-OIII 10 hours each RGB: 15 minutes 20.25 hours total GSO RC10 @ f6 Moravian G3-11000 Baader RGB and 7nm NB Synta EQ6


Puppis-A Supernova Remnant by Eddie Trimarchi
Via Flickr:
The Puppis-A supernova remnant is the small bluish blob near the centre. It’s an expanding shell about 100 light years in diameter and around 7,000 light years away, with the light first reaching Earth about 3,700 years ago, the star exploded around almost 11,000 years ago.. We see it through the Vela Supernova remnant which is four times closer and resulted from a Supernova in the neighbouring constellation of Vela, about 2,000 earlier. Bi-colour Ha-OIII 12 hours each RGB: 15 minutes 24 hours total GSO RC10 @ f6 Moravian G3-11000 Baader RGB and 7nm NB Synta EQ6

The False Vacuum Theory:

In short it is the theory that we are in a seemingly stable region of space but in reality we are in an unstable bubble of the actual universe. This bubble could collapse at any moment and create a vacuum, completely turning us into particles to be recycled back into the universe. What do you think? Do you believe it is possible?

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Remember when Terra was arrested and sent to prison without a trial?

Well, to be fair he was only to be detained for now until the Grand Councilwoman was able to decide what was to happen to him. She couldn’t talk to him right away since he was unconscious (other than Aqua who was able to talk to her). So if the Unversed hadn’t attacked her and Gantu, she probably would have returned to talk to Terra and they would have been able to resolve this matter.

…or the Grand Councilwoman would have decided to keep him arrested. I mean, one glance at sleeping beauty and

I mean, who wouldn’t want to keep him?!