project: brainchild

“Why are you doing this?” Lily asked, tearing her eyes away from the window and looking at him. “What did you want from me? What do you want?”

“I just wanted you,” he whispered, dropping his hands from her shoulders and looking at her with such longing that she literally ached. “What did you want?”

“I wanted—” Lily looked down at her hands and then back at him, torn between frustration, anger, sadness, and irritation. “—I wanted this.”

—  Lily Evans and James Potter in Prelude to Destiny by brainchild 
Who really made Internet?

I know Al Gore definitely did not invent the Internet, so let’s just cross him right off the list. Of course, where do I go to find the answer, other than, of course, Google and Wikipedia.

Turns out a lot of people invented the technology of connecting computers together, first starting with one-to-one connections and moving up in size, complexity, and distance to where we are today (that’s the super short version, it’s pretty interesting to read about though, ). This information lead me to another thought–what do I mean by “invented” ? Created? Developed? Cultivated? Coded? Personally, I think the technology behind our favorite tool of connectivity is just as important as the content that it has come to host. What we’ve put out on the internet, what we’ve made popular by visiting and talking about…I think the people who made that material, and the people that received it and spread it around, I think they also had an important role in the creation of what we have come to define as the Internet, in its total sociocultural context. So I guess, in a way, I feel that everyone who has ever used the Internet has played at least a small part in its continuing growth, development, or shaping. Maybe that’s why I care so much about the Internet staying free, open, and accessible–because it belongs to everyone and that fact has played such an important part in what a useful and brilliant resource its become. The Internet is kind of like the brainchild of the collective conscience of more and more of the world from the 80s until now…all in one place. How awesome.