Final Project Update!

Hey guys!

I wanted to thank everyone who took the time and mailed me!
I received so many interesting, unique stories and I wish I could illustrate them all. But sadly I have to decide on one. 

Over the next few days I will decide which one will be the chosen one. 
You all will receive a message shortly after that. 

Thank you so much for your effort! It means so much to me <3

Caro :)

A leaflet I’ll be distributing very soon. I may be using this online as well. Feel free to use it too, if you would like to. Click on the image for a larger version; I can send a .pdf if people want it.

Additionally, I should mention the following: if you want to be counted as an official supporter of this campaign, please either email me (email is in the image) or message me / send an ask on here and let me know (anon is fine, but please give me a name to use for you!). I can’t do this without you guys.

The signs as excellent horror films

Aries: Alien (1979)

Taurus: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Gemini: The Shining (1980)

Cancer: It Follows (2015)

Leo: Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Virgo: The Exorcist (1974)

Libra: Goodnight Mommy (Ich seh, Ich seh) (2014)

Scorpio: The Babadook (2014)

Sagittarius: Black Swan (2010)

Capricorn: Les Diaboliques (1955)

Aquarius: The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Pisces: Misery (1990)


FAIRY TALE AU: TsukkiYama PT. 2

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3

I am not sure how long this will be, but eeh, it’s something different to try out and I’m all about trying out different types of comics! (^__^) It might go way over the previous bi-weekly period, but it can be a special short-term little project I’d update from time to time. I’m excited! ☆

Bi-weekly Theme: Fairy Tale AUs


Building the workbench!

Had to leave Douglas at the lumberyard to get the wood home. Sorry Douglas! After unloading all the lumber it was measuring and cutting till everything was roughly the correct dimensions. Had to use a wood carving wheel on the angle grinder to cut the 2x4’s which left them really uneven. I can’t cut straight apparently. Going to clamp the ends together and hit them with a flap wheel to make them flat and even. After that it’ll be on to assembly!

The Book On Fire Art Project Update 3

Read Update 1 Here.
Read Update 2 Here.

@ofpaintedflowers​ : Drawing Ashmore “Ash” Takashi and Kenji “Taka” Takashi.
~Art is Done! Check it out here~  
@spokenwithhands​ : Drawing Isaac “Ice” Emperia and Ajax “Dr. Jeckle” Valentine
~Ice is finalized, Jeck is in progress~

Both artists have been paid.

@kittykatzvillage : Drawing Loki/ “Chaotic” and “Bot”/”The Girl in Blue”
~Art in progress~
@kagedbird : Drawing Hana and The Alchemist Lockheart
~Art is Done!  Check it out here!~

Both artists have been paid.

@kinsara : Drawing Lene and Nara Silvereye
~Art in progress~
@amara-sessh : Drawing Sofia and Mikael
~Art is Done! Check it out here!~

Amara is paid and done, but Kin has asked to be paid on completion, and has not been paid yet. 

@geisterschloesser: Drawing Thirteen and a fashion sheet 

June (aka Golem Month)
Both are tackling the golem army. 

Not Listed:
@spe-vedit-ad-astra : Drawing City and Landscapes. Helped us world build A LOT and will be working during their busy schedule.

My friend A, who’s drawing Dmitri and Malia. They do not have a tumblr or a website. Art is ~in progress~ (though a sneak peak at Dmi can be seen here)

What’s next?
@geisterschloesser, the May artist, please send me your invoice! 

Want to get involved? Check out this post or hit us up with a message!

It’s the weekend! That means it’s almost time for the Supergirl Virtual Season.

Subscribe to the AO3 account for every update, including more fantastic artwork like this from @pinkrabbitpro and everyone else!

Just a heads up as well - months and months of work and planning and enthusiasm has been poured into this project. The writers and artists have given more than we even dreamed.

Please be generous with comments and kudos. This is going to be a big project with almost daily updates. Let us know how you’re enjoying it, what it makes you think and feel. It’s hopefully going to be a big community of Supercat and Sanvers fans that lasts all summer. The more you put in, the more we all get out of it. 

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support so far. We can’t believe how many people are following and subscribing. Please enjoy all the virtual season has to offer!

Who’s interested in tackling this monster shot? (UPDATED SHOT)

We have a dropout and we need animators to help reanimating this crucial last shot to fill the opening theme song!

Since this is a long complicated shot, we’re looking for several animators to help out! The dropout animator is also willing to hand over their WIP shot to anyone who’d like to continue from there. (UPDATED SHOT!)

If interested, email your reel to and please mention if you want to help out in “animating”/ “cleanup”/ “color” for this shot! If you’re interested to tackle this shot “alone”, you are required to have a strong reel.

| Submission Guidelines | FAQ

► The Anti-Circumcision Australia Podcast

My new microphone has arrived, which means I can finally start putting together a podcast. Episode one will just be a sort of introductory / test episode; I’ll publish it very soon. I’m thinking I’ll make each episode between 10-20 mins long for now, and I’ll possibly publish weekly or bi-weekly. If there is anything people want me to talk about in particular, please let me know! I’ll be covering opinions, thoughts, facts, myths and the current and / or recent medical research, as well as books and plenty of other things, and I’ll squeeze in some updates with the project, too. I’m really excited to get the ball rolling, and I hope you’ll find the series informative and / or interesting. 

My otome-style game "Vernal Ties" is officially under development.

There currently is not a ship date just yet because it will be taking a back seat to my current certification school work, preparation for going back to college, moving, and general life; however, I intend to keep regular updates as they occur.

You can follow the game on my side blog:

I know a lot of you are waiting eagerly for some of my projects to complete, especially ones that I plan to sell!

To help me keep organized, I made a quick project spreadsheet that anyone can go too and see what my project workload is (the link can be found on my blog page as well)! I plan to keep it updated in real time on what I am currently working on and will list my commission workload as well!

Thank you guys for being patient with me!


For those who don’t know, last year, my friend made a book with about 100 pages that consisted of fan letters and fan art dedicated to the boys. Shocking enough, we didn’t expect SO MANY people to participate in our small project. It made us extremely happy to receive so many letters filled with heartfelt words to be delivered to Bangtan. Because of this, we decided to create another fan book so more can participate! And yes, our last book was safely delivered to BIGHIT.

We just care about sharing the love from international ARMYS, so we’re continuing to make this project free and decided to cover the expenses ourselves knowing not everyone has money. All we need is your support, so please join! Please share! Thank you so much for loving and supporting Bangtan. ♥


Franxesca’s PERSONAL instagram: whispersjyp [x]

email: (updated as well as date and word limit listed in picture)

Kas’ tumblr: jhope-shi [x]
instagram: jhobies [x]

When sending your letter, set your title as “BTS LETTER PROJECT” so it makes it easier for us to organize everything. Also, I will be updating here on tumblr of any changes or updates to the project.