graphic design gothic
  • a font with weirdly generic names pops up on your computer. you don’t remember buying it. you don’t remember installing it. you don’t think it came installed with your system. SYSTEM FONT PC LT STD SANS. SYSTEM FONT PC LT STD SANS. SYSTEM FONT PC LT STD SANS
  • there are thousands of files on your computer titled design_name-FINAL. design_name-FINAL2. file_name-FINAL44. design_name-FINAL∞. there is no finality. the edits will never finish. not today. not ever. 
  • you delete an anchor point on an illustrator vector. nothing happens. you delete another. still nothing. with shaking hands, you click again. suddenly the vector warps out of recognition, but into a horribly familiar shape - something you remember from your dreams last night ………..
  • i want a design that’s simple yet ornate, the client says. modern but vintage. intimidating, but approachable. you block your ears but you still hear them inside your mind. they speak with many voices. black, but also white. physical, yet intangible. i want something unforgettable.
  • the menu uses seven different fonts with four different weights. nine different colors, each of them somehow complementary. clipart infests the page. there is no visual hierarchy. no negative space. you want to look away, but you cannot. you want to blink, but your eyes are fused open. in this world there are eldritch horrors your mind cannot comprehend.
  • my three-year-old nephew is a graphic designer too, says the unblinking, ever-smiling lady at the checkout counter. he has photoshop on his computer. he has photoshop. he h A S P HO T O SHOP HE  H AS  P  H O   T O   S H  OP    H P O STO  S SO P   T P PH P  HOP   PH O O T  O S H O    P



Happiness Project Survey

alright so for my final for English class, we are doing a “happiness project” and my project is going to be seeing how people view happiness in different places around the world.

The survey is super short, but I need as many answers as possible (especially if u are not from the U.S.) 

If you could take the survey here that would be super helpful!! Also (if possible), it would be great if u could reblog this so as many people as possible see it!!!!!

Thank you all so so much!