Pidge: hey Keith can I borrow your phone?

Keith: sure just a sec



Nishikino-san Chi no Meidonikon - 西木野さんちのメイドにこん


The Best Family Ever!!! µ’s version is Best & NicoMaki sure popular now and their kid is yoshiko,hanamaru & riko are also there. 

Ask Meme: Send me an ask with an emoji to tell me which voltron character you think I'm most like
  • ❤️: keith
  • 💛: hunk
  • 💚: pidge
  • 💙: lance
  • 💜: dad, sorry i meant shiro
  • 💖: coran
  • 💕: allura
  • ❣️: space mice
  • 💝: random ally from this season (you choose)
  • 💗: zarkon using his magical seeking powers
  • 💓: space goop

when u havent seen ur mom in a while and u wana show her all ur cool stuff ur proud of


So many Preview on G’s Magazine!!

You-chan and Yoshiko on latest LLSS Manga

Kotori and Hanayo with Nozomi :D and My Fav NicoMaki having moments X’> also maki is so beautiful.

with You and Hanayo eating in their on spot, they are so cute and adorable in their on good  XD

電撃G’s magazine編集部‏

Rin and Eli wallpaper (requested by @a-qours)

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