Demonswapped Nevy and Gil finished ahead of schedule! (I’m really happy with Gil)

While Nevy, newly accepted follower, is a bit suspicious of TITAN’s motives, her demon wants her to rise in the ranks so that he can one day get his memory back.

Tuls and Maggie

Ava and Wrathia

Odin and Pedri

Bonus Maggies
Sega announces TGS 2015 lineup

Sega has opened its official Tokyo Game Show 2015 website.

The fully announced lineup includes:

Sega Games

  • 7th Dragon III Code: VFD (3DS) – Playable, Stage
  • Blade Arcus from Shining EX (PS4, PS3) – Playable (PS4), Stage
  • Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition (PS4, PS3, PSV) – Playable (PS4), Stage
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X (PSV, PS4) – Playable (PSV), Stage
  • Miracle Girls Festival (PSV) – Playable, Stage
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 (PS4, PSV, PC) – Playable (PS4), Stage
  • Sega NET Mahjong MJ (PC, Android, iOS) – Stage
  • World End Eclipse (PSV, PC, Android, iOS) – Stage


  • Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir (PS4, PS3, PSV) – Playable (PS4)
  • Persona 5 (PS4, PS3) – Stage

Nippon Ichi Software

  • Criminal Girls 2 (PSV) – Playable, Stage


  • YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World (???) – Playable, Stage

Warner Bros.

  • LEGO Jurassic World (PS4, PS3, 3DS, Wii U) – Playable (PS4, 3DS)

In addition to these titles, Games Talk has found what might be two unannounced titles in the source code of Sega’s Tokyo Game Show website:

Thirteen Mecha Soldier Defense Zone

The first is “Thirteen Mecha Soldier Defense Zone” for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. This is believed to be the new game from Atlus and VanillaWare planned to be announced this month. Back in 2013, the following artwork was posted as VanillaWare’s New Year’s greeting card, which features the exact title found in the source code (十三機兵防衛圏) in the middle of the image.


The second title is “LEXUS” for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. This one might be a new title from Yakuza Studio, which is known to be working on something else other than Yakuza.

Sega’s Tokyo Game Show website has since been removed. We imagine it’ll be back online shortly with the leaked titles removed from the source code.

The Tokyo Game Show runs from September 17 to 20.

Fire Emblem Fates Theory/Spoilers

So everyone probably already knows by now that some familiar faces return from Awakening right?

Odin = Owain

Selena = Severa

Laslow = Inigo

Rhajat = Tharja

Asugi = Gaius

Caeldori = Cordelia

I saw someone already comment on this by mentioning the fan service dlc (Aka the summer and hotspring scrambles) for Awakening from the “Most popular” character polls in Japan. Out of both the adult and child units. But they forgot to mention why Chrom and Lucina do not appear, sure over watching the kingdom of Ylisse would make the most reasonable answer but no. The true answer you were looking for was there all along, While everyone else went through the deeprealms to the kingdoms of Nohr and Hoshido or to the Kingdom of Ylisse and were causing paradoxes, Chrom and Lucina entered the Zone.

Hey everyone I’m not going to be posting on this blog for the next two weeks I’m in college and it’s the week before finals so I have lots of things to get done! Also to those of you who sent me questions yesterday I will be answering them later today so don’t worry. Till then here’s everyone a lizard kiss and if you are also getting ready for finals good luck! ^_^
A Look At Odin Sphere’s First HD Screenshots For PlayStation 4
Sato | Japan

Atlus and Vanillaware are working on a new HD project with Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir, an enhanced version with plenty of new additions from the PlayStation 2 action RPG. Amazon Japan provides us with a first look at some HD screenshots for the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

As previously reported, Atlus calls the Odin Sphere remake an “HD remake that goes beyond your average remasters.”

The game adds new battle actions, monsters, maps, animations, an enhanced battle system, and other features that improve the overall gameplay.

Pre-orders include an “Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir Art Works” art book, when the game releases in Japan on January 14, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

Evening Wirrudos.
Long time no #TutorialTuesday.
Today’s tutorial is about GETTING STARTED on a project.
(Please see full view to read all pen notes. Please scroll down to see extra notes.)

The beginning of a project is always the most terrifying and daunting, whether you are a beginner or not. But if we spend time to figure out the logistics of an outfit before even picking up any materials, we are guaranteed to have higher rate of success and a smoother costume crafting process.
I chose to use my most intimidating project, Odin (FFXIII), as the example for this tutorial to show you how achievable it CAN be.

1. Gather Reference pics.
I’m sure we all do this. The more the better. Front view, side view, back view, low angle, high angle, long shots, close ups etc. Observe footage of how the character moves (if the character has animation). Take screen caps.
The more pictures we have, the easier it will be to figure out how the outfit could actually work. Also it will help us achieve accuracy.

2. Break the design down into parts.
This means figuring out and designing how many pieces the costume is made up of, and where they go on the body.
We don’t have to be very good at drawing here. We simply need to make something we will understand when looking at it later.
A good way to differentiate parts is to use different colours for each different piece. Then, number and label the pieces.
This way, we will have a rough checklist of what we need to make.

3. Break each part down to simple shapes.
In this stage, we have IGNORE ALL the pretty details that the costume might have on it and concentrate on the largest simple base piece that is underneath.
Once we get used to doing this, all cosplay projects will simply become making a basic shape then decorating it.

4. Plan how each part stays on your body.
This is a very important step.
Afterall, a costume must stay on our bodies and we must be able to move in it.
Leave gaps for joints in the limbs, design straps for things that could potentially slip down, bolts and lace where things could fall apart etc.
My personal tip is to avoid using Velcro or glue for parts that require structure integrity.

5. Choose material.
So after all of that, we can get started on actually looking at materials.
While planning in the previous steps we should have developed some ideas.
Choose materials to compliment your design, preferred methods, budget and weight preferences.
Eg. For Odin, embossed leather have the best effect for the collar, worbla was quickest and easiest for most armoured pieces, fibreglass was cheaper for the large horse arm thing, and wood was strong enough to support my most weight for the platform shoes.
Again, colour coding sketches helps as a reminder throughout the project.

Now we have a good idea of how to achieve our project.
So we can buy some stuff, and make the bitch!

Good luck Wirrudos!

O is for Odin: Pagan Blog Project 2014

Odin by John Howe

Odin is the Norse father god, rules over Asgard, and is associated with war, wisdom, victory, magic, poetry, and prophecy. His Sabbats include Beltane, Lammas, Ostara, and Yule. His planets are Mars and Mercury, and Gemini and Virgo are His Zodiac signs.

Odin is well-known for gaining knowledge of the runes by sacrificing Himself; He hung from the World Tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nights, wounded Himself with a spear, and refused food or help of any kind. In the end, He understood the runes, which would enable Him to understand great secrets of the worlds’ existence.

A distinctive feature of Odin is that of a missing eye. Odin traveled to the base of Yggdrasil to Mimir’s Well, which was said to give wisdom and intelligence to those who drank from it. However, the price to drink from the well was one’s right eye; Odin did not shrink from this price, and so gained the wisdom from Mimir’s Well and left without His right eye.

You may ask Odin to be present for issues involving: authority, battle, clairvoyance, cunning, divination, intelligence, justice, knowledge, leadership, psychic ability, quests, shamanic work, strength, travel, and wisdom.

While I have never personally seen Odin, nor has He shown Himself to me, His story of sacrifice in order to gain wisdom struck a chord with me. As you know from my A is for Athena post, I was involved in an ill-fated infatuation situation when I was in my early 20s. The outcome inspired me to look at myself and what I saw was a clingy, desperate thing, totally brainwashed from society’s message of saying “You are not complete/happy unless you are romantically involved with someone.” That and the infatuation had me seeing the guy in a way that wasn’t him; I had created my own idea of him and fell for that. I was horrified and disgusted at what I saw and so deliberately avoided anything that had to do with dating or meeting guys until I knew myself and was able to completely through off society’s message and replace it with my own: I am happy and fulfilled on my own because after all, I am with myself 24/7 for the rest of my life. I also gained the ability to recognize guys who are no good for me in any way, shape, and form and to run away when before I would have not seen anything and just run straight into danger. I didn’t know it until later when I tried meeting and dating guys that something from before was gone. I just didn’t care about meeting guys and finding a potential boyfriend anymore. I couldn’t feel any of the “softer” emotions anymore. It’s still hard for me to feel anything related to romance. It’s been replaced by practicality and common sense, even though there is still a bit of a hole where something used to be but I can’t find it anymore. Like Odin, I gave up a part of me in order to gain wisdom. However, I’m not too bothered by the sacrifice; things have changed for the better, although I know some people would say otherwise.

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