New item: Mini Pillows are now live in the shop! You can get either a Project Box - fabric, interfacing, stuffing and instructions included (great for an intro into sewing!) - or as stand alone prints for your own creative project ideas. I can’t wait to make a pouch with one and pair it with the matching bones or witch print. Each are hand screen printed with water-based inks on 100% cotton.


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DIY weaving items by handmakersfactory

this melbourne, australia-based etsy shop has a ton of fun DIY project-related items, great for crafters and handmakers alike! check out this pair of weaving finds: a mini weaving loom kit for do-it-yourselfers, plus a collection of naturally-dyed weaver’s yarn! pretty.

Now Hiring! Volunteer for the Witchcraft Community!

I run a fundraiser where I create witchcraft supply kits to donate to witches in need of tools.

I am looking for fellow witches interested in running the project with me. 

Working for this project is hard work. I can no longer keep up with both the demand and the funds needed. I am also going to college in January and I will need to have all the supplies for the kits cleared out by then.

What I need is a group of extraordinary individuals who are interested in taking over the project for me. 

I cannot promise payment. It would be from the goodness of your heart and your desire to help the community. 

If interested at all message me @quintessablessings. Submit your questions to me in a direct message, not an ask. 

Eligible Volunteers 

  • Preferred that you live in the US 
  • Able to receive mail 
  • Able to go to the post office often 
  • Able to purchase shipping supplies 
  • Able to advertise the project and gain donations 
  • Able to communicate well with donators and recipients 
  • Able to create application forms, waitlists, and inventory lists 
  • Able to purchase items with donation money such as herbs and boxes
  • You must have a general amount of space to store the items. I have several large plastic tubs. 
  • Must have available time to dedicate several hours a week to the project 
  • Preferred that you have some basic art/crafting skills to make deity figures, pendulums, athames, tarot cards, etc. 

I am looking for as many people as possible to create a group working for the cause. I will supervise the group and continue to help from a distance. This is very important. 

If you want the witchcraft donation kit project to continue you need to reblog this. 

You need to share this on social media. I cannot continue without help. 

If you are waiting for a kit on the second waitlist or you are waiting to be on a waitlist, you need to reblog this or I probably cannot help you!

1/72 Jagd Doga Conversion Kit Project by Matt Mrozek From the modeler… Adapted from his Facebook Album: This is the 1/72 Jagd Doga conversion kit from G-System Shop. It uses the PG Zaku frame as a base. Everything you see with the exception of the power cables around the waist and the fin-funnels is resin. This took me around 200 hours and 5 months to complete. I think it’s one of my best kits so far. I am very happy with it and I hope my client enjoys it for years to come. (S… #mecha –


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indigo shibori DIY kit by handmakersfactory

experienced makers and DIY novices alike will thrive with one of handmakersfactory’s awesome indigo shibori kits — you get to make your own beautifully-dyed indigo piece in your very own mini-workshop. how fun!!

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I'm a huge GOT fan (book reader and all) and I can say that the actors of the show have never been disrespectful to any of their fans. Never. They seem to understand that fans are ones who PAY THEIR BILLS AND SUPPORT THEIR PROJECTS! Kit and Emilia have denied their relationship with humour and grace and Nikolaj and Gwen are the biggest shippers of their own fictional characters! Please LEARN OL CAST! Be classy! Be real! OL won't run forever and it's fan who will (or won't) follow you. LOVE YOU

I mean, this basically says it all. The GOT cast know exactly how to behave and how to make their fans feel appreciated. No wonder it’s such a popular show.

@lemonsharks​: I feel like we need 16 episodes of Utena and a cat of custard


vat of custard

Cat of custard would be…impressive for about 12 seconds

Me: Lacking key structural integrity

@lemonsharks​: It’s very… amorphous

….It could also mean a custard colored cat, which would be delightful

Me: Awww. I want to paint that

@lemonsharks​: Napping in a bowl

Its natural habitat

Me: It has a silvery kitten called spoon

@lemonsharks​: YESSSSSSSS omg

Me: New paint project


This is whats been keeping me from doing draws the past few months! Including you do voodoo ofc! Me and another artist on the course (Sean) have spent over 100 hours the past few weeks really polishing our Art assignment! Out task was to design and model a shop for diagon alley! Here are the results from start to finish! <3 I did the exterior and he did the interior, it was very much a combined effort!! We also added spellbooks from other artists on our course as an easter egg :3c

Download and walk through it here!!


“It is very difficult to make one’s way in this world without being wicked at one time or another, when the world’s way is so wicked to begin with “

I am pretty sure that young Kit Snicket would poison your tea or shoot you in the face if she had to. ( More of my ASOUE project here ! )

today i finally started on this kinda.. art project? art kit? of sorts. this was a part of my birthday gifts that my ex bought for me. i was too busy to work on it in korea and after we broke up, i especially didn’t want to open it. but it’s fun and you scratch the gray parts and this is a landscape of Florence, Italy and idk why he chose that location out of all of them but this was nice of him since he knew I wanted one of these.

it’s nearing October and my birthday is in November. just wild to me that last year November, I was spending my birthday with him and he gave me this present and we lived together and shared a life everyday together and how we are complete strangers now. life is really crazy like that. i’m not reminiscing or anything, i’m just sitting here thinking about how:

1. it’s scary how time really flies
2. someone so close to you can become an irrelevant stranger so quickly
3. i’m never letting a man live with me again unless we about to get married, and even then, idk lol #scarred

i’m trying my best not to relate this art kit to him, but it’s hard, since he gifted it to me. but i don’t want to think about him. so it’s just a paper scratching art kit that’s kinda fun to do in my spare time. done. he’s not in my life. he’s so irrelevant. he doesn’t have power over me any more. so i won’t allow him to taint the things i love, like a cafe we’d frequent or a song we would listen to together. because those places and songs and things are all great and i need to detach them from him because i should still be able to enjoy these things without a bitter taste in my mouth.

healing takes time and i’m good – i’m great. i’m so much better off and in a better place. but sometimes these things remind me of him and then i get this sinking feeling inside or i feel this sudden anger and rage, but then i remind myself that everything is okay and he’s not in my life and he’s not wasting my time any more, and i try to take deep breaths and stay in the moment and look towards the future, not back at the past. it’s not easy, living with this type of emotional and psychological trauma, but i’m trying.

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I tought Gunpowder was the project Kit co-wrote and is the executive producer.

Apparently that’s the case :)

Other stuff in my last answer still seems to be true though haha. My anon was asking about the plot so I spoke to that.

I feel so productive because I just picked out yarn from my stash for projects, and printed patterns for new yarn, and I made myself some kits for projects. 

I picked out three skeins of yarn that I normally wouldn’t have put together–a purple, a lime green, and a variegated purple that contains those lime green tones–for a shawl/wrap and I think it’ll be really striking. I really like this particular pattern and may hunt some specific colors for another kit for it as well while at New England.

I picked out one pattern that I’m going to treat myself by buying a huge skein of gradient.

I have the pattern I need for the cowl I want to make in PHU colors, and a pattern for a pair of dragon scale gloves. I have my Wonder Woman shawl kit. And I printed the pattern for the alpaca shawl in DK which is going to amazingly brilliant.

I really wish I could knit faster. I need to knit SO MUCH faster. That’s not even counting the two pairs of socks on needles, the shawl I’m almost done with, and the fact that I need to learn toe up two at a time socks next.