My latest crazy drum kit. Crazy Drum Kit! 14" vintage Zildjian hi hats, 10" Remo Buffalo snare, 10" Agop Xist closed hi hats, 8" Remo Buffalo snare, 16" vintage mystery ride, 8" Ziljdjian Avedis splash, 4" homemade bell/splash, 22"x5.5" home made wood resonant head bass drum, 10" Remo Buffalo tom, 14"x14" vintage Majestic MIJ floor tom. Vintage Ludwig 1123-1 hi hat stand, vintage Ludwig Speed King bass drum pedal. A couple different configurations of the same gear. Only one stand… The hi hat stand.

Kent drops his bag by the front door on his way in, making his way into the kitchen. He scoops out the coffee grounds into a filter, adds water, presses the button. He grabs a protein bar from the cabinet he can barely reach above the oven, and shuffles through his apartment to his bedroom. He nudges the door open and kicks off his sneakers, glancing across the room to Kit settled comfortably on a pile of blankets. She stretches when she hears him enter, half awake and squinting at him in that way that cats so frequently do.

“Hey babe, what’s happening?” Kent mutters to Kit, taking a few steps to the bed before flopping down with a sigh.

Kit doesn’t say anything, because she’s a cat, so that makes sense.

“Practice was hell, none of the boys would listen to me, and Brenner was like, half an hour late. God, just because he’s in the pros he thinks he can show up whenever he wants!”

Kit doesn’t reply, but she nudges her nose under Kent’s arm.

“How was your day, though?” Kent asks, pulling Kit a little bit closer towards him, and she doesn’t protest. Kit meows softly. “I’m glad to hear it, babe.” He replies, and Kit purrs deeply.

Kit purrs, and Kent brushes his hand through her fur. He feels his eyes get a little bit itchy, and he regrets not taking a benadryl before he came home, but he can do that later.

“You’re a good listener,” Kent mumbles into the cat’s long grey fur, and slips into sleep.


“It is very difficult to make one’s way in this world without being wicked at one time or another, when the world’s way is so wicked to begin with “

I am pretty sure that young Kit Snicket would poison your tea or shoot you in the face if she had to. ( More of my ASOUE project here ! )


✨I bought those two DIY kit this afternoon. When I saw them I just fell in love with them! I simply decorated the pencil case with a piece of the blue and white fabric (I sewed it on because I didn’t have fabric glue ) and then I drew some cute arrows on it with sharpies. The design is very simple but I think it turned out really cute :3 and it was really easy to do :3 you should definitely
try it ! ✨


New Peter Lau builds. First up: Cajon with 14″ bass drum head and 8″ snare built in, accompanied by the low boy. Pic #2 shows a smaller prototype with 6″ snare and 10″ bass head. Awesome. Someone send me to Malaysia so I can hang out in Peter’s drum lab!

“We met at a fire place, in a lost farm two years ago, it was a happy encounter. And this time at Happy Valley our gathering would also be a meeting point of happiness and collaboration. In this area there are some spots to renovate, there are always some spots to remove and renovate. Remove, renovate, clean, build up. Come on this is Hong Kong, it’s a growing city following a golden goal.

Since I was a child I loved to find objects, to play and to mix with, turned them into new things. Cut and paste, I gave them life to jump around. But how come video and photo could cut and paste better than my hands, that’s the point. Owing to this, in this artist-in-residence project, Wai Kit Lam and I started the collaboration flow in both ways, we also tried to find any new possibility. This was not only limited in teamwork, it was also a new challenge for Wai Kit, she must confront some objects in her close reality, and found a personal way to film, to shoot and to fit those in her personal universe.

Residence influence, casual encounters, or maybe not. Our personal belongings messing up. We just find some treasures at the happy valley. A visual reward in a common yard.”

Marcos Vidal Font,
Happy Valley, Hong Kong, January 2017

視覺回報及珍貴成果。」-Marcos Vidal Font,香港快活⾕谷,2017年年1⽉月