EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Despite Paul McCartney 2012 campaign to save him – 14 yr old elephant remains in chains

Two years ago, former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney was moved enough by the plight of a 14-year-old elephant named Sunder, chained and beaten by his handlers at Jyotiba Temple in a city south of India’s largest city, to start a campaign for his release.

The story has the ingredients for a happy ending, but it didn’t turn out that way for Sunder. McCartney managed to make agreements with the Maharashtra State’s forest department, and Project Elephant, an Indian government organization, to move Sunder to a sanctuary–but an investigation in February found he’d simply been stuck in a chicken shack, shackled in such heavy chains he couldn’t even lie down to sleep.

Even worse, the investigation by rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals captured video footage of the animal looking malnourished and being beaten by its handler.

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Project Elephant

you guys know how the origami elephant represents good fortune. So I’ve decided to ’invest’ ten dollars in the world. I will be making little origami elephants and I’ll leave them around random places; book shelves in libraries, park benches store shelves anywhere unexpected for strangers to find. In addition of finding a little origami dollar elephant I will be putting positive messages around the little elephants trunk such as this one

 to make people happy. I know many people will think I’m an irresponsabble teenager who dosen’t know the value of money and I’m just wasting ten dollars I could use in my own benefit as many people do and  maybe you are right; maybe I don’t know the value of money yet but what’s the point of having money of you can’t use it to make people happy with it. Specially com pleat strangers who you have never met and you have no idea what these people are going through in their lives and how this simple gesture of love can affect them.

I hope this project brings a positive impact on people and hope that maybe some on the ten that will find this little guys may want to do the same for others. I know I have no way of knowing if the elephants made it into good hands that will cherish them or into people who just found money and will spend it. Which ever it is I just hope I made their day a little brighter.

By the way guys I don’t know what type of positive things to write on the cards so if you have any ideas PLEASE PLEASE message them to me. you will make some one smile :)

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I am completely nuts for these guys and for this song! Simon Svensson has amazing vocals and you’re just sucked into the simplicity of this acoustic video! Here is a little info about them and a link to their page. I just can’t get enough! -J

“Project Elephant is a new music act from Stockholm, Sweden, consisting of Christoffer Stolpe (vocals, guitar), Johan Svenlert (drums), Sebastian Lindahl (guitar) and Simon Svensson (vocals, bass). The band was formed in 2011, but the members had played together before in another band for several years.

However, in 2011 the members of the band felt that a new musical direction was needed and therefore went into the studio testing out various musical styles and sounds. The whole process resulted in an EP called “Exactly!”, which contained a sound that can best be defined as indie pop/rock with electronic elements. The idea was to create an alternative and distorted sound, while still keeping the catchiness of the songs.”

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What Did She Expect - Project Elephant
This is really good in a ‘raw talent’ kinda way.
Love it.
And throughout the video, I couldn’t help but think that the two guitarists have the best jawlines. They should be models or something.  And the ending… hahaha oh, Swedish people are awesome :D

♡ Summer Bucketlist  ♡

1. watch the sunrise – waking up at 5 in the morning is totally worth it!

2. watch the sunset – it’s just as breathtaking as the sunrise :)

3. go camping – or attend camp, or go to the mountains!

4. go to the beach with your friends and family – well, you’d be $quad goals, just like us!

5. make red velvet cupcakes – best recipe here!

6. drink fresh coconuts and the health benefits make you want to strive to be healthier!

7. have a pool party with your best friends!

8. have a morning hike, it’s fun, and you can do it when you watch the sunrise!

9. pick flowers along the way – I swear, it’s your adrenaline that’s going to drive you crazy mad!

10. get fit and get healthy!

11. find a sport – badminton, basketball, tennis, dance, whatever works!

12. make at least three new friends – It’s actually a really cool thing to do.

13. learn how to cook a decent meal, errr, maybe an almost decent!

14. try to paint. or draw. 

15. start a blog? or a YouTube channel!

16. read a book (I recommend anything on my book reviews. But for dystopian themes, it would be the Mortal Instruments, Rebel Belle, or Harry Potter. Definitely Harry Potter!)

17. watch a movie you swore you’d never watch ;) I did. errrr. It wasn’t TOO bad.

18. make a summer journal and write on it every night and it doesn’t really seem as if you have no life. I promise :)

19. go shopping for summer clothes, if you can! I did, it’s so much fun!! And go shopping for your first week of school #OOTD’s!

20. travel to a tropical place and get 50 shades darker (get my pun?)

21. walk around the crowded cities for a whole day!

22. have a program for less fortunate people :”>

23. have a romantic comedy movie marathon with your hopeless romantic best friends and cry your eyes out – Love, Rosie, Begin Again, A Walk to Remember, The Best of Me, If I Stay, The Notebook, That Thing Called Tadhana, One More Chance!

24. take photos of everything beautiful and everything you do

25. try beach volleyball!

26. go skating with your friends and be like the cool kids

27. tell a stranger she’s beautiful ;)

28. go to Church :)

29. cut your hair, must be at least 2 inches! Goodbye, hair.

30. try something you thought you never would – ride Asia’s longest zipline!

31. hang out with people you thought you never would, it’s not that bad. I actually had tons of fun <3

32. try to learn a new language, it’s an advantage if you love travelling!

33. ride an elephant, crazy, but not quite. ;)

34. start a TV series or book series – 

TV: How to Get Away with Murder! Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother

Books: The Mortal Instruments, Legend trilogy, to all the boys i’ve loved before, Harry Potter!!!

35. clean your room and redecorate, mhmm. Check it out here!

36. buy ice cream or gelato or a snow cone, every day!

37. go to a carnival, it’s so much fun!

38. ride a scary ride!!!

39. find great new music, oldies playlist hereeee :)

40. try to garden or plant a flower – it’s kinda fun, but it’s not for me. Definitely.

41. eat fruits for a whole day – you’ll feel so healthy :)

42. go surfing 

43. swim with the dolphins or fishes or whales – it was scary at first but they’re harmless, as to say.

44. go island hopping – again, 50 shades darker.

45. go beach or pool hopping – again and again, 50 shades darker.

46. go to a concert!

47. have a bonfire

48. learn to love and accept yourself :)

49. buy something you’ve always wanted – eeehp! Nike Airmax <3

50. travel when you can!

And overall, just make the it the best summer you’ve ever had with the opportunities and chances you’re given! Don’t sulk and get jealous of others. “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best out of everything they have.” :)


Practicin ma moves and gettin down to ma boo’s set the other night in Chico while he drops his and bleep bloop’s hot fiya collab <3 so crazy proud of him for still touring even tho he doesn’t feel so good these days >_< be sure to come out to yheti shows while he’s on tour this summer to show this dedicated man sum LOVE <3 =^.^=

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This is Fabric elephant. Web Fabric elephant. Website with more than 100 patterns for stuffed animals.
from Elephant This is an image that has been collected on Project Isabella’s elephant pinterest board. Our collection of pinterest boards help us gather inspiration and share the resulting elephant crafted royalty free fairy graphics - these can all be found at which is part of our safari themed graphics and vectors developed for schools, game programming and digital art.

Day 139 - Elephant Pacifier Clip

Hello Yearlings!

Who has two thumbs and read Divergent in basically a day? This girl! It felt really good to read again, as I’ve gotten so busy that I’ve actually gotten out of the habit of doing it. I miss it, so when April lent my her copy I decided to just go ahead and devour it. I’ve actually been wary of reading it because from what I had heard about it it didn’t really seem like something…

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