Sometimes simple ideas lead to amazing results, and Lucas Zimmermann’s photo series “Traffic Lights” is a perfect example of that. Lucas started the project in 2013 but now he’s back with “Traffic Lights 2.0” and all of the images are oddly satisfying to look at.

This Day in 1D History - April 17


  • Louis enjoys :) his :) holiday :)


  • outtakes from 1D’s SNL photo shoot are posted! 


  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Birmingham, UK #4 ;)))


  • Niall announces his upcoming charity match!


  • Louis enjoys a night out at the Libertine in London

DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 26: Floor Jansen
Born: February 21st, 1981 (Netherlands)

Bands/Projects: After Forever (1997 – 2009); Revamp (2009 – 2016); Nightwish (2013 – present)

Collaborations: In Memoriam (1998); Ayreon (2000, 2008, 2017); Star One (live 2002 – present); Nightmare (2005); Krusader (2009); Doro (2009); Mayan (2011, 2014); Devin Townsend Project (2011); Epica (live 2013); Timo Tolkki (2014); Soilwork (2015); Evergrey (2016); Sabaton (2016)

A versatile vocalist, Jansen can sing from ethereal, classical and operatic singing, to powerful belting, and aggressive, raspy vocals like screaming and death growls.
Floor started studying music at the Dutch Rock Academy in 1999, entering the Conservatorium Tilburg three years later. She studied musical theatre and a year of opera. Later, she started teaching performing in her own course called Wanna be a Star?!

Personal life:
As a kid, she wanted to be a biologist; coincidentally, she played the character “The Biologist” in the Ayreon album The Source.
In 2011, Floor suffered from a burnout (a state of emotional and physical exhaustion caused by a prolonged period of stress and frustration).
In 2017, Jansen and her partner Hannes Van Dahl, drummer of Sabaton, had their first daughter, Freja.
Nicholas Hoult Eyed to Play J.R.R. Tolkien in Biopic
Nicholas Hoult is in talks to star as “Lord of the Rings” author J.R.R. Tolkien in the Fox Searchlight and Chernin Entertainment film “Tolkien.” Sources say negotiations are…
By Justin Kroll

Nicholas Hoult is in talks to star as “Lord of the Rings” author J.R.R. Tolkien in the Fox Searchlight and Chernin Entertainment film “Tolkien.”

Sources say negotiations are still in their early stages, but Hoult is the top choice to play the famed writer. Finnish director Dome Karukoski will helm the movie.

The film’s script by David Gleeson and Stephen Beresford focuses on the author as he finds friendship, love, and artistic inspiration among a group of classmates prior to the outbreak of World War I in 1914. He served in the British armed forces from 1916 to 1920, then wrote the two novels while working at Pembroke College. Tolkien died in 1973.

Fox Searchlight and Chernin Entertainment have been developing the project since 2013. Tolkien’s epic novels served as the basis for the film trilogies “The Lord of The Rings” and “The Hobbit.”

“The Hobbit” was first published in 1937. Tolkien then wrote “The Lord of the Rings” between 1937 and 1949 as what was initially intended to be a sequel, but the story became much larger — and ultimately one of the best-selling novels of all time with more than 150 million copies sold.

Hoult will star as Nikola Tesla in “The Current War,” which will screen at this year’s Toronto Film Festival. He will reprise his role as The Beast in the Simon Kinberg-directed “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.” He’s repped by UTA and 42.

Trevor Paglen

They Watch the Moon


“Everything in the world–whether it’s a secret airplane or secret satellite–has to intersect the visible world at some point,” says Paglen. “With photographing the invisible, it’s about identifying where those boundaries and intersections may be.” Taking photographs of covert government institutions like the NSA and military bases may be Paglen’s way of highlighting that democracy is abstract, while invisible privacy invasion and mysterious organizations are concrete. Through exhausting research and patience (taking a photograph from many miles away is no easy task), Paglen finds those boundaries and intersections and makes them… beautiful. Or, at least, he makes extremely abstract concepts more digestible. His long-distance, blurry photos of secret military bases have been compared to impressionistic paintings.  
- From the creators project (2013)

Here’s a doozy for you guys.

A 24-year-old psychology student, Bruno Borges, disappeared on March 27th. He’d been working on a secret project since 2013, borrowing about US$ 6k from a cousin and more recently taking a year off from work to finish it. All he would say is that he was writing 14 books that would change the world.

His parents traveled on March 1st, leaving him at home with his twin brother and sister. During that time, he kept the door to his room locked and would not let anyone inside.

His parents returned on the 22nd. On the 27th, in all other respects a perfectly normal day, Bruno’s father dropped him off at the corner of their house and he was not seen again. His family opened the door to his bedroom and found that all the furniture was gone. They found the fourteen books, full of strange symbols and painstakingly handwritten in an unknown cipher.

The walls and shelves were covered in writing, which consisted of careful and precise handmade copies of pages of the books.

In the middle of the bedroom was a life-sized statue of Italian monk and polymath Giordano Bruno.

Nobody knows how or when he got the statue in the room.

Also, many have commented on Bruno’s resemblance to his Italian namesake:

Bruno also had a longstanding interest in UFOs.

Here’s a video of the scene:

The case of his disappearance is ongoing, and details are being kept secret by the police.

Tugendhat House, Mies Van Der Rohe

Today, a few renovation-related posts, since the reason I haven’t been on here much lately is that I’m adrift in a sea of paint tins, carpet samples, and Victorian cast iron fireplace inserts. While I’m resting a broken rib from an altercation with a four-poster bed frame, I’d thought I’d look at a few more modern (and esteemed) restoration projects.

HAUS TUGENDHAT (2013), chronicles the renovation of Mies Van Der Rohe’s iconic and historically fascinating International Style dwelling. Another Mies restoration is explored in DAVID CHIPPERFIELD: A PLACE TO BE (2015), which visits the British architect’s refurbishment of the Neue Nationalgalerie.

anonymous asked:

I know this is a weird question, but do you happen to know the members personal favorite songs/performances of theirs? Like I remember reading that nocchi loves glitter and stuff

I remember reading this too, but it seems they’ve changed opinions since then :)

As for Kashiyuka, her favorite track is “Baby Face”: “All of our love songs used to be for someone who is older, or at least the same age, admiring someone. But this one is for a younger boy and the lyrics are really cute. It’s fun to sing!”

“I like ‘Flash,’” Nocchi says. “If I perform it during a show, it uses up about 60 percent of my energy for the whole show—for just that one song.”

A-chan admits she likes the title track, “Cosmic Explorer,” because “it’s such a big song.” She explains, “It talks about generations and generations of watching the sea. It’s such a universal song. It’s an unknown adventure—like our dream and motivation syncing together with the lyrics.”

Ladygunn interview

Three of you make up Perfume. What are the three songs that you think best define the group?

: “Chocolate Disco.” It seems like everyone’s favorite wherever we go, everyone gets excited. It’s a very call-and-response song. 

Kashiyuka: “Star Train.” It’s like our history compiled into one song. We’ve had some songs where we thought, “Oh, maybe [Perfume producer/songwriter] Yasutaka Nakata wrote this about us?” but we were never really sure. This one it was just really direct, it was about us. It felt like he was with throughout the last 15 years. It’s about our past and our future in one song. It’s a very good song.

A-Chan: “Spending All My Time.” It’s a very simple song with a great melody and the performance incorporates vogueing. I really like that video. But what’s memorable about this song is that we performed this song with the projection mapping at the 2013 Cannes Lions [International Festival of Creativity] and we won an interactive award here. 

Fuse interview

Hope that helps!