The Freedom Fighters never turn down people in need, not even in the real world!  As I’m sure you all know, the states of Texas and Louisiana have recently been hit with a Category 4 hurricane, Hurricane Harvey.  Among the affected areas was Houston, one of the biggest cities in the US.  Simple fact is, not everyone can escape from such a huge storm in time, and even if they can they’ll most likely have to leave many things behind.  The hurricane has since regressed to a tropical storm, but the damage has been done- thousands of houses destroyed, countless precious belongings damaged beyond repair, hundreds of thousands of people flooded out of their homes and stuck in overcrowded shelters.  As if that wasn’t enough, another major hurricane, Irma, is currently preparing to rage the Caribbean Islands and may even reach the East Coast.  For the affected areas to truly recover from these disasters will take many years, but in the meantime there are innocent victims that need our help.

So where do we at ASO come in?  This October, we’re planning to hold a Sonic gaming stream to raise relief money!  Hosted by a member of our staff, @ian-pk, watch us play Sonic games that you audience members vote for!  Of course, as this is still a non-profit project, 100% of the donations generated during this event will be instantly transferred to trustworthy charities that will ensure that the victims of both storms are given the proper care.  Our project may currently be small and humble, but we still want to do our part to help out a good cause.  We have no idea how well the stream will go, but it’s our hope that our beloved audience will do their best to spread the word and help this endeavor be as successful as it can be!  And of course, we do have incentive- we have some exclusive ASO previews for the more generous donors!

As of right now, there are still quite a few details that need to be worked out, but you can all look forward to some updates soon!  Even the Freedom Fighters can’t tackle this tragedy alone- we need your help!  Whether it’s through spreading the word or donating during the stream, every little bit helps!  It’s times like these when the true power of teamwork makes itself known, so let’s do it to it!  

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this 100% me projecting but i totally headcanon jake’s legs not healing correctly so he becomes a regular wheelchair user (@ the ppl looking to make this angsty: fuck off.) he can still stand but can’t walk for longer than 10 minutes and rich is always there to help him if he needs to get up steep ground and such (bc jake is strong enough to push himself anywhere else tbh.) 

7 things you need to know about the trans military ban

by L’lerret Ailith, Communications Manager for Black Youth Project 100 and a Black trans woman.

  1. We have to focus on the bigger picture. This isn’t about the military. It’s an attack on the dignity and humanity of trans people and our right to occupy space and navigate authentically.
  2. Politicians are ending the ACA with no viable alternative. They’re creating a faux complication of trans people’s healthcare costs being a burden to taxpayers and the government and moving bigoted legislation in order to seem like they’re helping American economy.
  3. With the military budget at near $50 billion and trans healthcare costs at only $9 million, this is clearly a rouse to get folks to attack the legitimacy and necessity of trans healthcare. I mean, they spend upwards of $40 million on viagra but that isn’t an issue, right?
  4. With the rise in violence and harassment of trans people lately and consistent picking at trans validity (bathrooms, pronouns, etc), we can prepare for a war on trans folks by the American government.
  5. This is less about choice and more about stripping away at resources and protections. Trans people will be scapegoated as the burdens of society.
  6. There is also a clear and present danger for current trans military folks and vets relying on resources to get the money or medical care or education they needed.
  7. This will extend further than the military. It will affect Americans on the large scale and we can prepare to continue to see rollbacks against our community. If the “burden” affects military budget, who says they won’t use it to affect federal budget. And then use that as a primer to a replacement of ACA that is shitty and shuts out all protection and accommodation of trans people and probably other marginalized communities.

BYP100 is an activist member-based organization of Black 18-35 year olds, dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people. They do this through building a collective focused on transformative leadership development, direct action organizing, advocacy and education using a Black queer feminist lens.

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Watching this season was really surreal because like... I'm still 100% convinced that Shiro is a clone. But there wasn't a single inkling in the season to contribute to the idea that he actually is. I watched the whole thing with the solid conviction that the Shiro with them is not the real Shiro at all. And if he is the real Shiro it's like... Everything I believe is a lie.

Ahaha I’ve been discussing this with friends actually. The Voltron execs have been saying pretty much since the start that they’re going for long story arcs, planting seeds early and taking their time to reap the results. We see this with how Pidge’s search has been a plot point since episode 1 and only really started becoming relevant in the second half of S2 and S3, before finally getting (partially) wrapped up in S4. We see it in how Allura’s magic was seeded in season 1 with the Balmera, and only became relevant again at the end of season 2, and then again at the end of season 4. We see it in how Keith’s Galra heritage and his connection to the BoM was seeded in S2 and only came up again in S4, etc

I am fully, 100% convinced Project Kuron will rear its ugly head again, my bet is S5, possibly S6 if they really want to drag it out (though tbh I think this is one plot point they want to wrap up a little quicker)

So yeah. Clone Shiro theory still holds, plus I think not mentioning it at all throughout S4 was a very deliberate choice to throw us off the scent and make us start doubting, thinking that maybe this is in fact the real Shiro

Don’t be fooled

Surprise (1/?)

Summary :  You die while being on a mission with the team. At least , that’s what you thought. What happens when you suddenly wake up alive ? What do you do now? & how will the team handle the news after thinking you’ve been dead for months?

Warnings : swearing, angst, violence , fluff( tiny, tiny bit for now).

Pairing, (so far) : Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader( No permanent pairing yet!)
* Bold is readers thoughts,  &  italics are memories. *

                                                       Chaper One
    The sound of constant beeping fills your ears . You finally open your eyes to take in your surroundings ;You see the clean white walls, the heart monitors next to you, and the IV pole that seems to be attached to you. Where the hell am I . How the fuck am I alive ? You think back to the last thing you remember . 

    You were standing besides Bucky , fighting off hydra agents. You two banter back and forth , about how this is out of you range. How you belong behind a desk back at the tower. He wasn’t wrong, up until 5 minutes ago you were just a lab tech/hacker  for the team, you were shy and kept to yourself mostly . You were good with computers, so they asked you for help on this mission to hack into a Hydra base’s security feed. One thing led to another, and the team ended up being  severely outnumbered. You grabbed a spare weapon out of the jet you  were hiding on , then made your way out to help Barnes. Everything went fine, until Steve came to you guys. You always had feelings for Steve Rogers, but your relationship was horribly platonic. You never bothered to act on your feelings, the fear of rejection stopping you every time.  Steve was leading you back to the jet, when you had an eerie feeling of being watched. You turned around spotting an agent on a low roof, his gun aiming right at Steve. Before you comprehend what you’re doing, you throw yourself in front of Steve, yelling out a warning. The agent made his move, releasing numerous shots but missing his main target. You feel intense pain  tingle through you, you look down , seeing several bullet holes through your abdomen.  You hit the ground next to Steve with a thud. Your hands fly to your wounds , you feel your blood coating them as you try to apply pressure. Steve is immediately at your side along with Bucky. Their words are barely registering in your head, you can feel the blood loss taking its toll . Steve has you cradled in his lap , hugging you to him asking you to hold on .

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You slowly lift your hand to cup his cheek, pulling his eyes to yours. “  I’d do it over again if I had to Steve. I -” he cuts you off.

“  Y/n, don’t you’re going to make it, the medical team is -”

“  I’m not going to make it , & that’s okay “ Your speech is slurring and your vision is fading to black . “ It’s okay because I Love You.” The blackness completely takes over your vision.

So how the hell am I alive? Please tell me Hydra didn’t frankenstein my body . Oh God i’m going to be sick . What if -

     Your thought are cut off by who you assume to be your doctor walking in , with a shield logo on his scrubs.

      “ You’re awake ! That’s great Miss Y/n, I thought it would take at least another month or two. You really are a fighter. “ he chuckles while scribbling something on a clipboard.

 “ Who the hell are you , and where the hell am I. How am I alive, this isn’t plausible -” 

 “ Miss , someone is coming to explain everything to you shortly now that you are awake. What I can tell you is that your are safe, in a SHIELD medical house that treats people with similar situations as yours.”  Similar situations? People that are suppose to be dead?

“ You mean people that died on duty ? What the hell kind of place -” You’re cut off by a new ,familiar voice. Son of a Bitch .

“ Stand down Miss Y/n , the doctor only did as he was ordered.

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“ Fury, you son of a bitch.” Anger boils in your body .

“ I dont think the Captain would like to hear such language coming out of a ladies mouth Y/n .” 

“ You sick son of a bitch , who the hell are you to play God ! I was dead, I shouldn’t be here . What the hell did you do to me ?!” You shout at him .

  “ Calm down Y/n, it was the same procedure we applied to other agents that ‘died’ . You just happen to wake up a hell of a lot sooner, seems your body wasn’t as willing to die as you were.”

 “ That’s not a good enough explanation Nick . This is going against Nature, i want -“

 " You cant just say thank you, can you? ” he sighs before adding ,“ You received the same procedure Coulson had.” he confesses.  Anger starts radiating through you , you were part of the research team on that procedure, T.A.H.I.T.I . It was barely out of the experimental phase the last time you saw it .     

 “  You didnt have permission to do this Nick, what if I didnt want this , huh? You unwillingly brought me back , with a program that was still considered experimental!  For all you know I could have been in fucking Heaven !” You growl . You rip out your IV , and try to stand. As soon as one of your feet hits the ground, you know you’re not stable enough.      

“ T.A.H.I.T.I  is safer than it was when you decided to leave the project. It’s not 100% fixed, but its a hell of a lot better than being dead. We had permission from your emergency contact , no one was ready to let you go yet .” He gives you a hard look . Your emergency contact was your bestfriend, Giana, she moved to New York a year after you did . You’ve been bestfriends almost your entire life, she ended up moving in with you when she came to New York .

 “ Oh my God,” She didnt even cross your mind since you’ve been awake.   

  “ She’s being called down here now. You’ve been out for a few months Y/n , Giana had to sign a confidentiality agreement, but she gave us the right to revive you .” Tears are freely flowing from your eyes, How could I not think of her . What the hell is wrong with me. Then the team crosses your mind, specifically Steve. Sure you got along with the entire team , but you spent more time with Steve, Bucky and Sam . 

 "Does the team know?” barely a whisper slides through your lips.

Fury nods his head no , “ There is time and place to tell them ,and it isn’t now. Giana should be here soon, and there’s a someone else you should meet after you speak with her. Be grateful Y/n, not everyone is given this second chance.” You almost wish that he’d say you weren’t allowed to tell them . Well , this is going to be one hell of an awkward reunion.

    He goes to leave, but you stop him .“ Why me, Nick? I’m not a superhero with powers, or even a real agent. I’m a lab technician, and barely that . I was an intern Stark took a lucky chance on .” It really doesn’t make sense to you , you weren’t anything special, just a regular girl.

 “ You fit all the criteria, and according to Stark , you are one hell of a lab tech . Maybe now you can be something more. T.A.H.I.T.I only exists in SHIELD because of the risks, you are required to stay with us for the time being. You’re a liability until we perform the remaining tests to check your stability. When you are in full health , you will be assessed& trained as what is deemed fit, whether it’s a field agent, or lab tech . Things are about to change, hopefully for the better.”

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    It was almost 2 hours before Giana shows up , you spent the time in between thinking through things .What did they tell my family about what happened to me? This is so fucking unnatural. Fucking SHIELD.

 The door flings open, revealing  a distraught Giana . Her eyes are red and still leaking tears. You don’t hold in yours, letting them stream down your face as you lock eyes with your bestfriend.

    “ Hey Gi.” You whisper, before you know it , shes bolting towards  you on the hospital bed. You wrap your arms around each other , just crying . Tears are still dripping from both of you , but the loud sobs quieted down.

She breaks the silence ,“ What the hell were you thinking ?”

Oh God, here comes the yelling. Her voice is laced with anger, confusion, & sadness. She pulls her head out of your neck to connect her eyes to yours.

     “ I wasn’t thinking, I just -”

“ OBVIOUSLY YOU WEREN’T FUCKING THINKING..” she yelled. You wince at the tone, and the fact that she’s right next to you , but yelling like you’re across a parking lot. A sob comes out of her and she buries herself in your neck again.

    “ You left me Y/n, you were gone. You left me alone, and I didnt know what to fucking do . “ Her voice is soft, what she says brings you back to tears. You embrace her tighter, laying your head on hers.

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    “ I’m so sorry , im so so so sorry . I can’t imagine what you went through. I didnt think ,i just automatically pushed Steve out of the way . I just , I dont know .” You feel her nod before she speaks up,

     “ You know, you told him you love him”

“ Thanks for reminding me ,dick .” You both let out a laugh , not breaking your embrace.   The rest of her visit consists of her telling your what’s been happening the past few months. You’ve spent 90% of your life together so far, the thought of being apart breaks you. Your heart breaks as she tells you how it was while she was alone. In your mind, you find your relationship with Giana to be as indestructible as Steve and Bucks.   She tells you that your parents were informed them that  you were sent on a trip to Europe, to take care of some business over there last minute. You didn’t even want to know what they were going to say if T.A.H.I.T.I ended up not working. You push the thought out of your mind. When she leaves, it’s a painful goodbye. You reassure her that you’ll be right here when she comes back for another visit. When the door shuts behind her , you sink back down into the bed .You sigh, feeling exhaustion over take you . You let your eyes flutter shut, pulling you into a deep sleep.   

   When you wake up, you see it’s still dark outside . The light from the tv was illuminating the room, making you squint your eyes. Weird , I didnt turn it on who di-

You’re cut off by a blur of blue ,followed by gust of wind entering your room. Your eyes widen , and look to the chair next to your bed. Your mouth drops open in disbelief .NO FUCKING WAY . 

   Your eyes land on a guy about your age, with platinum blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes. You recognize him immediately from the pictures in Wanda’s room .

 He sends you a smirk before speaking, “ Well good morning sleeping beauty , i’m Pie-”

 “ Pietro Maximoff ?” It comes out as a question, mainly because you can’t believe your eyes. Wanda’s clearly not dead brother was sitting in front you, with a sly grin on his face.

Well , Fury is just full of fucking surprises.

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Klance - Auto Repair Shop AU
  • keith works at an auto repair shop
  • he’s been working there for about three years now
  • while he doesn’t interact that much with the general public, over time he has gotten quite close to his colleagues
  • he has a wicked sense of humor that only those who know him well could get to appreciate it
  • he has a profound amount of respect for shiro (his boss)
    • his work ethic
    • ability to keep everyone in line
    • keep a professional environment where deadlines are being met and top quality products are being produced at all times
    • creating personal relations with everyone so that they want to come to work because they genuinely enjoy doing what they do
  • lance is a client
  • he was referred to the shop by hunk
    • he couldn’t take up lance’s request personally because he’s stacked up neck high with other projects
  • lance is a big ball of anxiety because he wants this to be perfect
    • anything less will not be acceptable
  • he and his siblings wish to repair the car that their grandfather had taken their grandmother out in on their very first date
    • it’s a 50th anniversary gift
  • lance’s older siblings had put in a lot of money to get the car (in its rusty, dilapidated state) imported from Cuba
  • the least Lance figured he could do is cover the expenses in getting it repaired
  • the anniversary is in about a month so while they have some time, lance doesn’t want any last minute mess ups to ruin the occasion
  • lance meets up with Shiro and looks over his portfolio and is quite impressed with the quality of work they have produced over the years
  • while lance is talking with shiro, keith is inspecting the car and is getting pretty excited
  • keith is a car fanatic and will randomly spout facts as a way of expressing his excitement
  • lance kind of gets freaked out seeing keith open the hood and take out a few parts
  • shiro assures lance that keith is one of the best employees that he has and he will give the utmost respect to the vehicle
  • lance acquiesces but is still not fully convinced
  • for the next month, lance comes by every day to make see the progress that is being made
    • on the weekends, he’s pretty much there all day
      • chatting away with the employees
      • bringing in lunch and trays of coffee
      • learning a few tips and tricks and shares some of his own
    • on weekdays, he drops by after work for an hour or two
      • he always brings coffee though
  • he spends most of his time with keith since he’s the one who spends all of his time working on the project
    • while the other workers have divided their attention and work load to to other projects, keith is invested 100%
  • lance initially got miffed when keith would spout facts about cuba and its economic history
    • especially how the automobile industry operated
  • lance didn’t need to be told his own cultural history from an outsider
  • they had gotten into a small fight over this for the first few days
    • it wasn’t a fist fight or anything
    • it was more of a taunting, condescending verbal kind
  • when lance and shiro were talking over the finances, lance questions shiro if keith truly is the right person to be working on the car
  • when shiro reassures him he is, he asks lance if anything had happened to make him think otherwise
  • lance tells him about keith’s factual rant, making shiro chuckle
  • shiro informs lance that keith is just like that; especially when he gets really excited
    • if keith babbles it means that he’s having a really good day
    • he doesn’t mean any ill when he was rambling
    • he just wanted other people to get excited/happy with him
  • lance takes all of this into consideration and the next day brings keith an apologetic gift
    • a box of doughnuts
  • keith doesn’t really know why lance did that (he didn’t get the memo that lance was being sorry) but he takes the box nonetheless
  • after the initial hiccup, their relationship takes a turn for the better
  • lance begins to share more cultural facts with keith
  • keith begins to look forward to coming to work every day more than before
    • mostly to work on the car
    • partially because of lance’s company
  • he loves hearing about cuba and lance’s family
    • keith feels like he is able to invest himself even more to the task at hand
    • it no longer feels like it is a job that he is doing for which he would be getting paid
    • it’s like he’s doing something for family
  • on some days, lance brings along his older siblings so that they know exactly what’s going on
  • while they go off to talk to shiro, lance finds himself being gravitated towards keith
    • it’s a natural habit by now
  • the siblings give each other a knowing look and holler to lance to get his ass in the car; they’re going on a mini road trip for three days
  • keith frowns not only at the interruption but at the fact lance will be gone for the whole weekend
  • lance tells him to cheer up
    • flirts that if keith can get the car in top shape, he will let keith take him wherever he wants
    • keith takes lance on for the deal
  • seeing shiro’s smirk, and then loud snicker, keith blushes furiously
  • lance comes in one day to find that the car is done well before the deadline
  • when shiro announces this, he’s a nervous wreck
    • his heart keeps squeezing and twisting into a knot
    • his hands are getting sweaty from his continuous wringing
  • when he sees the complete product, he’s in shock and starts crying
  • keith assumes the worst of it and thinks he did a bad job
    • stammering, he lists out all the things he can do to make sure that he lives up to lance’s expectations
    • lance shushes him up by giving him a tight hug
      • broken laughs, cracked voice but a heart heavy with gratitude, lance couldn’t have asked for anyone better to work on the gift than them
    • keith is unsure how to respond and just gives lance a tap tap on the back
  • lance asks shiro if they can keep the car until the day of the anniversary; shiro has no problem with it
  • now that lance is no longer a client, keith brings up lance’s former proposal
    • in a flirtatious tone, he asks if lance was serious about him letting keith take him wherever he wanted to
    • lance blushingly states yes
  • dangling the keys to the cuban car on his index finger, keith asks lance if he wants to take a spin
  • lance’s heart beats faster at the thrill of the proposal
    • “are you serious?”
    • “deadly.”
  • hand in hand, laughing, the two take a spin around the neighborhood
  • keith drives while lance claims the passenger seat and the music
  • lance is surprised when he finds that the radio stations have been preset to some classic cuban frequencies
  • with wind flowing in their hair, their eyes protected by their shades, and the sun providing golden halos to their world, they slowly fall in love
    • it’s not true love and they don’t know what will happen once the car stops
      • maybe they will go on more dates
      • maybe they will say their goodbyes
    •  but as long as they are in this car, they can appreciate each other’s company and be happy with the possibility of this becoming something more

8/100 days of productivity ❇️ ahhh, I’m overworked!! I have so much to do and so many people to meet this week, I’m going to go crazy. Lots of difficult classes and lectures today. I did my java homework for tomorrow, but I didn’t have time to finish my physics project :(